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David Lynch

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David Lynch Questions 9/11 On National U.S. Radio Iconoclastic director of upcoming Inland Empire, Twin Peaks & The Elephant Man says there's "more than meets the eye" to what people saw on September 11

Iconoclastic film director David Lynch has publicly questioned the official story of 9/11 on national U.S. radio, joining the Alex Jones Show to reiterate views that he first raised on Dutch television in December.

Lynch has directed a host of popular movies and television favorites, including Eraserhead, Dune, The Elephant Man and Mulholland Drive. He was also the creative force behind the Twin Peaks television series in the 80s. Lynch is currently enjoying rave reviews for his latest release Inland Empire.

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When asked about his controversial and courageous comments during the Dutch TV piece which can be viewed below, Lynch stated, "I knew they were gonna bring it up and you saw what I said, we are all light detectives, human beings are all light detectives - we look at our world and we keep looking at it and we get these feelings that there's more going on than meets the eye."

"As far as 9/11 goes there's things we saw that conjure questions and wondering and something doesn't seem quite right so it makes us wonder and the next step is we need answers," said Lynch.

Lynch noted that there were numerous inconsistencies in the official story in stating, "There's questions arising from each of the events of that day and I don't have the answers."

"When you see that does it make you wonder about things, does it seem that what we were told actually happened - it just makes me wonder - I see things that don't add up, I have questions," said the director.

Lynch characterized 9/11 as just a surface problem, a symptom of a deeper fault the solution of which lies within us all.

"The ocean of solutions is within," said Lynch, "enliven that."

"It's a world of clues, a world of mystery but the mystery can get solved, you can find a lot of answers for these things within."

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anyone listen to this yet?

anyone listen to this yet? bout to check it out..

thanks to everyone who submitted this as a blog entry, wasn't around tonight.

I did, yes.

Classic Jones, when pressing Lynch to say something concrete or wether he supported others who have publically questioned 9/11 he would shift to metaphysical mode and say that meditation and full brain activity were the key to solving the world's problems.

All the same, it was a very good interview, I expect the flood of other celebrities to avoid being the last on the record on this to begin right about now.

It would be fairer to say

It would be fairer to say "less than meets the eye" as opposed to "more than meets the eye" as from my standpoint. 

Like I said

on the other blogpost on this subject.

While it is good that Lynch sees the light about 9/11, he is of no value to the 9/11 truth movement.
The man is a religious zealot and in that interview sounded like he was being interviewed in a rubber room while in straight jacket.

We don't need anymore Fetzers & Woods.

If the Mainstream Media would ever bother to "report" the 9/11 truth movement just who do you think they would go straight to?

Fetzer, Woods, Lynch, and the Nico Hupt-esk type loons, they also might put someone like Steven Jones up in front of the firing squad to look like a deer in the headlights so they can attack his credibility.

Since Steven Jones is so soft spoken, honest, & well-mannered then he is perfect fodder for these FAUX news hit-pundits.
Even though he is telling the truth backed up with facts he will be demonized by the MSM.
Now imagine Lynch being interviewed by Hannity and going into that insane psychobabble he was spewing on Alex Jones yesterday, FAUX would keep him on for 15 mins or more.

They thought they could do the same to Barrett because he is fairly soft spoken, however he turned the tables on them and ate Hannity alive and notice how they couldn't get Barrett off the screen fast enough.

People like Barrett, Alex Jones, Robert Bowman, etc are who we need to present to the Media.

Lynch's comments are less

Lynch's comments are less than useful. He rambles on about "oceans within" and various synonyms for self-awareness. He barely concedes his skepticism over 9/11. Lynch is all about meditation and avant-garde filmmaking. He is not a very useful advocate, though he is a famous person.

The real bombshell here would seem to be Alex Jones' implication that Emilio Estevez is also a 9/11 skeptic. Listen to the interview. At one point, Jones tries to transition into a discussion of 9/11, and he mentions Estevez. That wouldn't be surprising, if true, of course; but I suspect Sheen and Estevez have more "Hollywood" friends than David Lynch, and are in some sense more useful because of that.

We need hollow fame-seekers more than inward-looking transcendentalists, I would guess. It's all about publicity at this point.

There are plenty

of celebrities who are aware of our fight..... that is why it is imperative that we continue to amplify out efforts. The more people who know.... the more support that we will gain.

there will come a breaking point when the dam will burst..... and all will be revealed.

This point is near. We must reach an obvious majority.
when we do we will be fighting with the momentum.

We have met a time when we are seeing the greatest effort to quash our movement... but we are in full stride.

We continue to prevail. We do not need Hollywood.

The TRUTH will stand on it's own.

This is our time!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

right on JJ

You've nailed it. Support from celebs can't hurt in most cases, but it's just a small part of something much larger that no one can control--believe me when I say that the powers that be are well aware of this and nonetheless will be using every trick in the book. The important thing to note is that they are not necessarily at this point interested in quashing the truth, but in managing and if they can limiting it. The word from on high, as Í've mentioned before, is that what concerns the elites most is the chaos that could result from the truth coming out too hard and too fast. In this they are playing the "noblesse oblige" card, which is to say they are telling themselves that softening the blow, if that's all they can do at this point, is a noble intention and important to the well-being of the world. Of course it also means they will try to get as many of their friends off the hook as they can, but even they realize that some people will have to take the heat.

Our job, then, is to level the playing field and hasten the process by informing the public in advance of the "official confession" as it were--thus ensuring that that confession is as complete and accurate as possible. The ramifications of mass awareness of the truth surrounding 9/11 will be huge, and will have to be taken into account by those who like to think they determine the course of world events. We can, by continuing to push and never ceding the moral authority we as early truthers have, push these would-be world leaders off their high horses and force them to realize and accept that we are going to be making a new world, better than theirs, and if they can't deal with that they had better get out of the way.

We are the new superpower. Get used to it, embrace it, and use it to make the changes we know are possible. The world belongs to us! Let's start acting like it.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


I'm all about the

I'm all about the trancsedental and the cosmic in life. I'm an advocate for it. But the way this guy seems to (at all cost) avoid the subject of 9/11 makes him look a little like a coward. His appearance on the show was esentially useless. Unproductive (tho not "counter-productive"). Sort of a waste of time, really.
It's also strange how Alex seemed timid about re-directing the conversation back to relevant matters.

Probably you know this already...

But it's not clear from your comment.

Estevez and Sheen are brothers; I'd think the odds are very high that they agree on 9/11. But for the same reason it wouldn't be such a bombshell (Sheen is bigger).

But if their dad gets into it...

I once wrote (in 911Truth.org) that Charlie and GWB have a lot in common. For example, both have a father who played the President on television.


This guy is like Hollywood royalty...... If he knows something..... there are several people who know

they juist have not let us know that they know
Ignorance is NOT Bliss

of COURSE, more than several!

It's not a secret in certain circles, it's just something people know they're not supposed to admit to knowing. So much of the elite way (and I say this from firsthand experience) is the joy they get from knowing things other people don't. Elites are pathologically insecure and relish any knowledge that gives them an edge or even just the feeling of superiority that comes from being among the "chosen" who can be trusted with "privileged knowledge". What we're seeing with 9/11 is that as more people become aware, the elite face a choice--keep pretending you have no idea, admit that you knew all along, or pretend that you've just found out. Of the many many people who know, tehre will be a fair number in all three camps, depending on how much of their own interests are vested in the secret. Just watch, there are MANY shoes left to drop in this whole twisted tale--but drop they will!


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Show "How about some engineers" by 911truthiness

How about these?

Hugo Bachmann and Jörg Schneider, Professors of structural analysis and construction, ETH Zürich. Both say they believe WTC7 was imploded.

Let's Troll!

"Dude, I'm a Light Detectives!"

"Only stupid 20 something pinheads use the word DUDE...."


Thanks for confirming his

Thanks for confirming his age/age-range. I hear over at the Screw Loose Change forum this pretty boy is looking for love in Truther places.


Show "Funy but these guy don't" by 911truthiness

MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition

MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition

Jeff King goes into detail why the WTC Towers and WTC 7 were brought down by explosives.


haha silence from the

haha silence from the troll
Poor lil guy, proved wrong again!

Show "Are you referring to" by 911truthiness


You ARE Giving Colbert a bad name!
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Colbert gives himself a bad name

By playing dumb on 9/11. He knows. Please, of course he knows. Why is he silent is the question. Two possibilities--doesn't have the balls or doesn't want people to know the truth. He's as big a fraud as Franken, Obama, and the Clintons. This whole tapestry of fake BS is starting to unravel.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

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Yes, no balls.

Least Colbert is useful for what he is doing. But he has no balls. I am ashamed he is from NC. I will put Stewart, Mendes, Black in the no balls bucket as well.

In the sixities, there were at least musicians, poetics, comedics razing the elite. These times are the sign of the NO BALLS movements. Making these times even more DIRE!

I can not tell you the number of musician friends I have(had) who have NO BALLS! The Damn NotSees!
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Biggest band in UK -- and 9/11 truth

At the minute, Muse could be considered the "biggest" band in the UK.

Though I don't regularly read Kerrang Magazine, I know it's a damn popular read for a large number of music fans. I was suprised to hear that Matt Bellamy, lead singer of said band has been interviewed and is featured in one of the last issues of the magazine talking about his awareness of the 9/11 issue.

If it hasn't been posted before, i'll get a scan of the article and post it up.


sounds great man, thanks. i

sounds great man, thanks. i heard the lead singer on Alex Jones show one day talking about how he was promoting Terrorstorm at his shows and stuff. sounds like a good guy.

Alex Jones, the creator of

Alex Jones, the creator of TerrorStorm, commended Bellamy [2]

Bellamy also commented:

“ Are we really supposed to believe that a man in a cave in Afghanistan managed to orchestrate the most unbelievable attack on the United States of all time?
"I think 9/11 was definitely an inside job done by a group of high-powered people looking for an excuse to invade the Middle East for oil and other natural resources.

"I think America needed another Pearl Harbor-type event in order to invade Iraq. It gave the US and UK governments the perfect excuse to go to war.[3]

In an interview with Alex Jones on KLBJ-AM Radio in September 2006, Bellamy revealed his interest in terrorism, its cause and the conspiracy theories surrounding it stemmed from the death of his uncle who was killed by the IRA.

did you see him question

did you see him question Kristol on PNAC and ask him "so hows that new american century going?". of course he knows. that said, i think you are too harsh on Colbert. he doesnt have the same responsibility the other people you listed have. thousands of people voted for them(except Franken). Colbert does a comedy show. is it politically based? yes, but its still just a comedy show. he isnt sitting on MSNBC or CNN willfully ignoring information or sitting in congress and willfully ignoring information and the will of the people. hes doing a friggin comedy show. honestly, lets put it into context, how does Colbert even begin to bring up 9/11 truth on a show like his? have you seen it? again, a COMEDY show. and your comparing his silence on 9/11 to that of politicians that were elected and are supposed to be upholding the constitution? i would love it if Colbert brought up 9/11 in a more honest and open way on his show but im not gonna be surprised or even bothered when he doesnt. he is what he is. a comedian. my anger isnt with comedians, its with politicians, the NEWS media and those that control both of them. i usually agree with most of what you say on this site, but the anger at Colbert is kind of puzzling. fraud? the guys just a friggin comedian man, hes not Wolf Blitzer,Noam Chomsky or Joe Lieberman. remember when Stewart blasted CNN(and in particular Tucker Carlson) for not actually covering the news but for just spinning and Carlson used the same argument you are? that Stewart was doing the same thing basically by not being tough enough? i thought Stewart put things in perspective well when he said something like "you have a responsibility to the public as CNN, as a NEWS channel. i have a show whos lead-in is puppets making dick jokes". as far as Fanken goes, hes a politician in training, so of course hes a fraud. he does a "safe" progressive radio show. again, Colbert plays a characicature of a conservative talking head on a comedy show. fraud? i guess, if you expect someone like that to be a leader in our news media.


Comedy is the ONLY way actual facts about such subjects can be spread into the public airwaves today.

Comedians can get away with many things that others such as Olbermann can not.

while thats true it also

while thats true it also holds less weight coming from a Colbert or Stewart. i guess thats how they get away with it in the first place. but remember, its still comedy and that is always a comedians first objective. to make people laugh. 9/11 isnt exactly funny. i know its a political comedy show but the real anger should be at the MSM and our so called elected officials, not a comedian. if Colbert wanted to speak fully and seriously on the issues he would leave his COMEDY show and go to CNN or start a radio show or something. he obviously is happy enough just being a comedian. lets get pissed at the news media that fails us daily, thats all my point is.

and I am in total

agreement with that.
Myself I think that the Mainstream Media is THE main problem, because it is the Media that is covering up these crimes, without the full complicity of the MSM there is no possibe way these Neofascist War Criminals could get away with all they have.

These politicians BOTH Rethuglican & Demospinelesscrats could not get away with what they so easily do IF it weren't for the complicity of the MSM.

Even the uneducated masses in the US, right down to the ones that are clearly insane & delusional would finally come around sooner or later IF we had a REAL, honest, Centrist media that told the truth based on true investigative journalism.

But that is only going to happen ONE way, 10s of Millions of Americans mad as hell in the streets absolutely demanding it and if need be making it happen by force.

They all operate on "Public Airwaves", we need to make them realise that.



This is the enemy.



no doubt about it, check my

no doubt about it, check my profile, ive been pissed about the media since i was old enough to know better. seriously, you dont know how many times ive started a 9/11 discussion/conversation with "5 companies own everything we see and read". it cant be said enough. 9/11 activism IS media activism. great links by the way, thanks for that.

colbert is a hope sinkhole

colbert and stewart go after guys like kristol not for 9/11 truth reasons but because they are republicans.

meanwhile they roll out the red carpet for kissinger and hart and clinton.

any hope, any time, any effort expended on them is completely wasted.


Brolin, and David Lynch both have projects with James Murdoch . David Shayler appeared on Sky News about 911, owned also by James Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch's son). Brolin, at least, directed viewers to 911Mysteries , which features Hufschmid, who has recently come out as a Holocaust Denier. Hufschmid has a half sister who is married to James Murdoch. So it sounds like a set up to discredit 911 to me.

"Class Traitors" are essential

The entire ruling class is intermarried. As long as the ruling class is united behind the 911 fraud, nothing will happen. For 911 truth to succeed, we need some Murdochs, Rockfellers, Rothschilds, Schiffs, Silversteins, or at least their cousins and in-laws to cross over to our side. Now that the wars for oil are going so badly, a little of that might be starting to happen. Better late than never.

So you're saying the bad

So you're saying the bad guys have to transform into good guys? You're saying that what it's gonna take for 9/11 truth to come out is for these bastards to suddenly have an epiphany? You can't be serious.
It's up to We, The PEOPLE.

Wisdom Here!

Yes it is up to WE! But it would damn sure be nice if some of those rich bastards would step up to the plate on the side of morality and the sake of humanity. To live in the world the elite are creating and be a happy person. You have to have no conscience. i.e. be a sick fuck.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

you're right Alex

There is no question but that 9/11 is dividing the elite class as we speak. And you know what comes after division! We conquer them, plain and simple. Of course, all the old style revolutionaries these days are wittingly or not working for their enemy, so they are useless. It's our program-less, dogma-less movement that is the real force for revolutionary change. WE are going to upset this til now hidden order by exposing it, dividing it, and making it irrelevant. We have the energy, we have the cause, and we have the power. As long as there are enough people out tehre who want to see this happen, and who understand why it's necessary, the elites will just have to accept that they no longer will be above the law.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


To expand on my point, the

To expand on my point, the elites come in all shades of gray. I knew the daughter of a famous elite figure at university. She was one of the most honorable and courageous people I have ever met, a tireless fighter for human freedom and dignity. She certainly would not have approved of 9/11. But she also would know that early opposition such forces would be futile and fatal.

Then there are the run of the mill profiteers. Aaron Russo states that Nick Rockefeller told him that "an event" would occur that would enable wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, nine months before 9/11. So Nick had some prior knowledge that a false flag was in the works. But even Nick might have been expecting something more like the low casualty 1993 WTC bombing. I suspect the inner circle that knew how bloody 9/11 was going to be was very small, everything on a need to know basis.

What I am saying, is that probably all the thousands of members of the CFR and their friends knew something was coming up, another fake event brewing to spark wars for imperial profit. And they were willing to look the other way, just like they did for the Gulf of Tonkin fraud, as long as the wars went well. But the 9/11 false flag was unique in the extravagant loss of American lives, including Cantor Fitzgerald bond traders with six or seven figure incomes who went to elite universities. (The reason the Concorde failed is that half of the Concorde frequent fliers died on 9/11 and the plane flew half empty after 9/11) And then the wars haven't gone well at all, neither continued dollar hegemony nor secure access to middle east oil are assured.

So the elites are getting restless. Some are restless for reasons of conscience and principle. Others are restless because the spectacular strategic failures of the neocons are threatening to abruptly end their century of economic dominance instead of ushering in a "New American Century". In the endgame, some elites will emerge to join the truth struggle. We need their money and knowledge. No peasants revolt in history has ever worked. Real change happens only when an elite splinter faction alligns with a popular movement against an old corrupt elite. The help of King Louis XVI of France was required so that the wealthiest man in the colonies, the greedy real estate speculator George Washington, could beat the British. The American revolution led to a plutocracy rather than utopia, but it was still progress. When the elite turncoats come to 9/11 truth, one need not love them or trust them, just struggle against a common foe.


This is an interesting note.
“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Show "Lynch is more smoke and mirrors" by Concrete man

Lynch is a genius

Hopefully Lynch will inspire otherwise-intelligent people to take their blinders off.

Spirit Award

David is getting honored at the Sprit Awards on IFC right NOW!
Ignorance is NOT Bliss