Democrats to Debate in Carson City, NV Wednesday: Good Time for 9/11 Questions

Wed. Feb 21 Democratic Presidential Candidates will participate in their first debate. This would be an excellent opportunity confront a few of the politicians about 9/11. For instance, Kucinich said he's open to holding hearings if presented with solid facts about 9/11.... while the debate is already sold out, Kucinich will be meeting with people at, Comma Coffee, just around the corner from the debate site.

The debate is from 12-3pm (rumored to be on c-span) and it'd be most excellent if a 9/11 truther got into the debate to question them on c-span, but even if that's not possible, Kucinich will meet people from 3:00-4:30 at the coffee shop, and Biden will be at the same coffee shop at 9am that morning.

Has anyone ever asked a politician about WTC 7? What are Kucinich and Biden going to say, "never heard of it?" No matter what their answer is, somebody ought to be there to ask the question, and film it for YouTube! It'd be super cool if you had a laptop and could show them WTC 7 fallling as part of your question :-D

Kucinich said he's open to information- so film yourself handing him an assortment of DVDs.... ignorance option sianora (sp?)

I think 911blogger ought to start a campaign to get every politician on camera responding to WTC7. Can we raise money for that? Offer cash rewards for politicians caught on video- collecting evidence to be used in their upcoming trial for treason.

debate info

Kucinich's 'meet and greet' at Comma Coffee can be verified on the schedule page of

ps- what's the best 911 site to send new people to?

Not a Laptop! Video ipod or

Not a Laptop! Video ipod or similar small non-intrusive , reliable device . I just had a vision of you trying to bring up the clip holding an awkward laptop in the politicians face and all he sees is " Windows has encountered a problem and needs..."