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Truthers Running for Congress

Catch the Terrorists!
Ensure truth seekers are running for office in your state.

The current Congresspeople are no better then Hitler's enablers. They are not merely 'incompetent', they are complicit in the murder of 1 million plus Iraqis and 3000+ US soldiers, complicit in the 9/11 coverup, complicit in the looting of our treasury and the destruction of the Constitution.

It is imperative that they be removed from office and tried for their crimes.

What if 9/11 truthers ran for Congress- not just Bob Bowman and Carol B., but 435 truthers in every state and district. Nobody would have to quit their day jobs as this could be an internet/ volunteer movement a la 9/11 truth and Ron Paul's campaign. We could generate internet noise until the MSM was forced to cover us.

What do you think?
A. Crazy idea- we should leave politics to the politicians
B. Great idea- let's ask 9/11 blogger and every other 'end the war- stop the fascism' site to post a link
C. Hell Yeah, I'm going to run
D. other- explain

Democrats to Debate in Carson City, NV Wednesday: Good Time for 9/11 Questions

Wed. Feb 21 Democratic Presidential Candidates will participate in their first debate. This would be an excellent opportunity confront a few of the politicians about 9/11. For instance, Kucinich said he's open to holding hearings if presented with solid facts about 9/11.... while the debate is already sold out, Kucinich will be meeting with people at, Comma Coffee, just around the corner from the debate site.

The debate is from 12-3pm (rumored to be on c-span) and it'd be most excellent if a 9/11 truther got into the debate to question them on c-span, but even if that's not possible, Kucinich will meet people from 3:00-4:30 at the coffee shop, and Biden will be at the same coffee shop at 9am that morning.

Has anyone ever asked a politician about WTC 7? What are Kucinich and Biden going to say, "never heard of it?" No matter what their answer is, somebody ought to be there to ask the question, and film it for YouTube! It'd be super cool if you had a laptop and could show them WTC 7 fallling as part of your question :-D

Kucinich said he's open to information- so film yourself handing him an assortment of DVDs.... ignorance option sianora (sp?)

Will we still be here in 2008, passing out DVDs etc?

Is it possible that 911truth is not the only way to achieve our goal (which i presume is the same for all of us, to restore our gov't of, by and for the people - 911 truth being just an avenue towards that goal.)

It goes without saying that all 911bloggers are also anti-war - since we know the 'war on terror' is a scam - we're just the most informed of the anti-war crowd.

Are you absolutely positive that handing out 911 dvds and blogging is the most effective way to reach our goal? What if it's not? What if the masses are not ready to march on DC re: 911, but they would be willing to march on DC to end the war.

This is a bit dis-jointed, sorry but the mojo is not flowing today- but i'm posting it anyway because I really want y'all to consider what i'm saying.

Everyone here knows about cointelpro right? When the Downing Street Memo came out in May '05, (I think it was) World Can't Wait announced their next major march for October... ie World Can't Wait says 'wait til october' ha ha...

Anyway, now UFPJ has announced their next big march for Jan 27th. Another Saturday afternoon march which will accomplish nothing. BTW- it's the Saturday after the State of the Union... anyone else think 'they' are afraid of a Mosh like event occuring?

Why isn't there an Open Ended Protest in DC? They did it in Ukraine & Lebanon

Lebanon’s Saniora willing to talk after protest

By some estimates there were 2 million protesting the US backed gov’t

Giant loudspeakers blared out nationalist songs and drummers thudded a relentless beat on the 10th day of a round-the-clock protest aimed at forcing Siniora and his Sunni-backed majority to set up a government of national unity.

The noise was clearly audible inside the nearby government headquarters where Siniora and most of his ministers are holed up.

from the first link:
“…during the tenth day of an open-ended protest to force the resignation…”

Why don't we have anyone organizing that in DC? I know some "leaders" of the anti-war movement won't allow 9/11 truth, of course many of these fools are the same agents that are diverting the anti-war movement. They are the ones pushing for the next UFPJ march in the spring, or the next WCW march in the fall... why can't WE, those of us that know about the Cointelpro agents and their tactics, organize a "stay as long as it takes march"?

Antigovernment protesters seize 12 private radio stations

Protesters including striking school teachers in southern Mexico seized 12 private radio stations today after unidentified assailants shot up a government-owned station already under the demonstrators’ control.

Why aren't we organizing this kind of action in the US? ... And I'm really talking about our public radio stations, but the Mexicans took over both Public and Private stations. Damn!

I tried to organize citizens in my hometown to protest the 'public' National Propaganda Radio station run by agents and/or useful idiots- but the anti-war 'leaders' (who have been in this small town for years longer than me, and they know everyone) who "know about 9/11" - yet all they want to do is organize a useless Saturday afternoon march!

When I brought up the importance of the radio and reaching more people than the 50 at the march... they told me: "never going to happen." And the rest of the crowd was all too happy to follow the leaders... the republicans aren't the only sheep in America.

How about 911bloggers? How about us? Do we have it in us to take the message to the next level, by marching on and possibly taking over tv and radio stations? If nothing else, we'd be informing/shaming the tv news crew, etc.