New Hampshire Presidential Debate First call to arms April 4,5 2007

Time to get the truth out boys and girls because you cant depend on the BBC to help us out, back to the grassroots. A bonus is that Ron Paul will be there. Cnn will be hosting Wolf Blitzer will be the modarator.

Saint Anselm College will once again take a leading role in the election of the next President of the United States, college President Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., announced recently.

NH residents..

In the Words of Nathan Hale, "Live Free or Die" Hey I guess Mr. Hale was a terrorist

go get these cowards... ask them to acknowledge our history, Pearl Harbor, State Sponsored Assasination of MLK, ISI/CIA connections in the Afghani/Soviet War, this stuff is undeniable, why should we believe ANYTHING they have to say with regardto 9/11 or Iran, tell them we don't see any difference between Republicans or Democrats, we want the truth. We want a trial.

In God I Trust, All Others Bring Data