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Political theorist Anne Norton on the 911 commision report.

Political theorist Anne Norton gives a brief talk on the roots of the Neoconservatives and how it influenced the 911 commision report.
Author of the book Leo Strauss & the Politics of the American Empire.
This event held on Cspan was organized by Cynthia McKinney (Rep D Ga)

Weekend Watching - The Amero & NAU

In my opinion: There will be one more huge black flag operation, to ring in the fear of a one world government.

U.S. to seek death penalty for 6 Gitmo detainees

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United States will seek the death penalty against six Guantanamo Bay detainees who are suspects in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, an Air Force general said Monday.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is one of six Guantanamo detainees to be charged, a general says.

1 of 2 The government will submit criminal charges against the detainees, who include alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Brig Gen. Thomas Hartmann said during a Pentagon news conference. The government hopes to try the men together, he said.

All six have been charged with conspiracy, murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, attacking civilian objects, intentionally causing serious bodily injury, destruction of property in violation of the law of war, terrorism and material support of terrorism, said the general who is serving as legal adviser to the military commissions trying the detainees. Four of the suspects will also be charged with hijacking, he said.

The 169 charges allege a "long-term, highly sophisticated plan by al Qaeda to attack the United States of America," Hartmann said. Watch how the trials could prove to be difficult »

9/11 terror suspect extradited to Spain

MADRID, Spain (CNN) -- A Moroccan terror suspect held in Britain was extradited Friday to Spain, where he faces possible charges of conspiracy in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in the United States and membership in a terrorist group, a Spanish court source told CNN.

Flanked by Spanish police Farid Hilali arrives in Madrid on Friday to face terrorism charges.

The suspect, Farid Hilali, 39, was arrested in Britain in 2004 on a Spanish warrant but had been fighting extradition, eventually losing his legal battles to stay out of Spain, a Spanish National Police statement said Friday.

Hilali was due to appear later Friday in Madrid, the court source said, before Judge Baltasar Garzon, who named Hilali in a 2003 indictment of suspected members of a Spanish cell of al Qaeda.

Twenty-four of those suspects stood trial in Madrid in 2005, including three key defendants charged with conspiracy in the Sept. 11 attacks. But the court acquitted two of them on that charge, and convicted only one, Syrian-born Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas, on the conspiracy charge.

General Hameed Gul says "9/11 Israeli-engineered attempt at a coup against the government of the United States"

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The attacks on New York and Washington were an Israeli-engineered attempt at a coup against the government of the United States"

General Hamid Gul

General Hameed Gul was director general of the Pakistani Intelligence Services ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and a close ally of America, working hand in hand with the American CIA. Gul was also a great supporter of the "American Way Of Life" and Western democracy. General Gul turned against America for betrayal and countless broken promises.

He is, "still today very influential in Pakistan" according to the German daily DIE WELT (Sep. 28, 2001, p. 7).

Another 9/11 animation from Purdue engineers

The goal of our team was to produce a visualization of the September 2001 attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. The immediate motivation for the project was to understand the behavior of the building under the impact. The longer term motivation was to establish a path for producing high-quality visualizations of large scale simulations. The first challenge was managing the enormous complexity of the scene to fit within the limits of state-of-the art simulation software systems and supercomputing resources. The second challenge was to integrate the simulation results into a high-quality visualization

Project Website -

Remember all the way up to the 1990s there were still scientist say smoking cant hurt you.

Let's organize radio ads in New Hampshire to force the issue of 9/11 truth during the election season. Please give input!

During the local elections in Vermont, Craig Hill (running for Senate under the Green Party) ran radio ads in support of 9/11 truth. While stating his political motivations, he also did a great job of spreading the word surrounding the inaccuracies of the common understanding of the events surrounding 9/11.
At a time when Guiliani is asking New Hampshire for their support, it would be a great opportunity to get the truth out there about 9/11 and Guiliani.

For only a few hundred dollars, we could bombard them! With the way the internet and other means of sharing information are set up, one would have to search for the truth. A wonderful quote I once heard was "Keep them asking the wrong questions and we won't have to worry about the answers [sic]" The radio is on and people are listening.

Any ideas are welcome. We could accept donations into a Paypal account or try some sort of fundraising. I think it is time to stop sitting here bitching, and start getting out there!

Tom Cruise's $6,250-A-Head Dinner who suffered breathing difficulties after 9/11.

Tom and Katie booked it to New York City yesterday to push a Scientology detox program with a pricey dinner.

TomKat made an appearance at a benefit for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a rehabilitation project based on the teachings of, guess who, L. Ron Hubbard. Tickets for the dinner went for $6,250 each, with the money going toward helping city workers who suffered breathing difficulties after 9/11

I dont know why I blogged this these guys Tom and Katie suck

Who Is the Third Parties In the NIST Building 7 Report

We Need to find out who this third party is so we can E mail them because the are going to be responsible for the NIST report and the Identification of events
and data from photographs, videos, and witness accounts. I dont Think NIST is going to give them all the evidence we should try or best to influcene there
conscience and send them our evidence

For all tasks included in this solicitation, the models, assumptions, and analyses will be subject to
review and approval by NIST. NIST will arrange for third parties to conduct independent
reviews before final approval. NIST plans to retain a third party expert in structural system
behavior, structural stability, and failure criteria for members and system failure. The third party
expert will provide expert technical assistance to guide and assist the Contractor’s work, but it is
the Contractor’s responsibility to conduct the work described in this SOW. Third party experts
will also review Contractor reports for: (1) appropriateness of the models for their intended uses,
including modeling assumptions, level of detail, model geometry and material properties, and

Rudy Pledges Protection If President

Rudy Pledges Protection If President
March 15, 2007

New York - Rudolph Giuliani pledged last night in New York that as president, he would make local communities better prepared to deal with terrorist attacks but faced withering accusations from 9/11 families that he failed to prepare the city as mayor, and cost firefighters their lives.
Giuliani spoke at his presidential campaign's first major Manhattan fundraiser, where guests who paid $2,300 a head heard how he gained strength from firefighters and police on 9/11 and that Hurricane Katrina showed too many communities aren't ready to confront disasters.

"Just like we have to do everything to prevent another Sept. 11, and to handle it better, if, God forbid, it should happen again, we must never ever again have another Katrina," he said, giving no specifics of how the 9/11 response might have been better handled.

Outside the event, more than a dozen relatives of people who died that day gathered for the start of a "Stop Rudy" campaign, -- to expose what they call Giuliani's failings leading up to 9/11, which they say contributed to the deaths of 343 firefighters.

Allianz in Mediation with WTC Developer Silverstein

I hope this insurance company is waking up from the scam we can only pray. We should e-mail them and try to wake them up on at least building 7

Allianz in Mediation with WTC Developer Silverstein
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Allianz (ALVG.DE: Quote, Profile , Research) said mediators would seek to determine how much it owes the developer of the World Trade Center, while he led a demonstration against Europe's biggest insurer for withholding funds.

"We're going to make you pay!" Larry Silverstein shouted in front of a crowd of about 200 cheering construction workers at a noon rally in midtown Manhattan on Monday.

Kevin Ryan & Prof. Steven Jones debunk the fraudulent NIST report concerning the collapse of the WTC towers on 9/11.

I found it interesting that they are trying to find an engineering company to make a scaled building of the WTC to do experiments in a controlled environment. Same structures etc, smaller scale. Discuss...

Lincoln Vermont Voted 34-17 in favor of a New Investigation on 9/11

[George Washington's comment: given that at least 34 towns in Vermont have voted for impeachment, this is an interesting development]

Lincoln is one of those beautiful Vermont town you would die to live in. The ski area surgarbush is there and I try to ride as much as possible. But anyways there was a discussion at the end of town meeting at Lincoln about a new 9/11 investigation in which people talk in favor of one and no one talked there that was against it. I dont know what the rest of the states have for there town meetings but people should model the efforts of us Vermonters ( Wake up the masses and get em off there asses)

If anyone is thinking about doing some activism during this next Presidential election or just wants to get the hell out of the city
e-mail me We have 6 1/2 feet at Sugarbush pack up your ski and snowboards and ride.

E-mail NIST on Prior Knowledge of media. How Did They Know??

There report is coming out soon so come on all you keyboard commandos lets smack to them

1 How did the news Media have Proir Knowledge Building 7 was comming down.

2 Who is the person who made the determination that the building 7 was going to have a total failure?

3 How can any human being predict within minutes of a total colapse of a 47 story stuctual steel knowing that no building have ever fell from debris or fire in the history of mankind.

4 The likely hood of building 3, 4, 5, 6, falling do to fire debris has much greater chance then building 7.

Here is just a start with some questions that they should considerd in there Report before they Finish it.

Please Please Email Them it will make a diffrence

( send photos) Contact BFRL
Ask a question or request additional information
BFRL Headquarters
(James E. Hill, Director) currently serving as NIST Acting Deputy Director

Sivaraj Shyam-Sunder, Acting Director

New Hampshire Presidential Debate First call to arms April 4,5 2007

Time to get the truth out boys and girls because you cant depend on the BBC to help us out, back to the grassroots. A bonus is that Ron Paul will be there. Cnn will be hosting Wolf Blitzer will be the modarator.

Saint Anselm College will once again take a leading role in the election of the next President of the United States, college President Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., announced recently.