Demolitian Experts highly overrated

Until 9/11 in 2001, we believed controlled demolitions, especially so-called "building implosions", required highly-skilled demolition experts.

But on that very day we have all been proven wrong. When severely damaged, buildings have no choice but to fall straight down due to gravity, as Jonathon Moseley clarifies. Although he is not a phyicist, all he needs is just some common sense to prove many scholars wrong. Ask yourself! What happens when you drop an apple from a building? It falls straight down. And buildings, when falling, have to obey the same rules. It's a law of nature, after all.

Still, many people and even some demolition experts believe that "there are only a handful of blasting companies in the world that possess enough experience—and insurance—to perform these true building implosions."

If 9/11 is not convincing - remember, 3 WTC buildings (the 2 towers and building 7) went down symmetrically, in almost free-fall speed, due to asymmetric damage and fire - nothing will convince them!

Face the facts: All you need is enough damage in, say, the upper third of a building and some fires that burn for roughly an hour. Actually, even small fires with low temperatures will do.

Now isn't this covered by the media? What are they hiding? I can only tell you, if I were to bring down a building: Just give me some explosives, gasoline and I don't need an insurance either.

So if you need help in demolishing a building, don't spend a fortune on so-called "demolition experts", just send me an email and I'll take care of the rest.

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I've been trying to get investors in this venture for six years now. I guess it's a classic case of 'double think' on their part. They believe kerosene & small fires brought down buildings on 911. Yet they laugh when I suggest investing in a controlled implosion company founded on this very idea.

doublethink - Reality Control. The power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.

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