Peter Lance - The King of LIHOP??

I have been watching this guy on C-Span Book TV for the past 30 minutes.

Talk about a man who's working for the government to do his best to allow them to weasel out from under the complicity of 9/11.

He is discussing his new book "Triple Cross" A book which is written around
the involvement of Ali Mohammed in Al-CIAda and terrorism directed towards the
United States.

Here is a review of this book:

"Triple Cross covers 1981 through 2001 and tracks the rise of al-Qaeda, focusing heavily on former Egyptian army major and al-Qaeda operative Ali Mohamed, who successfully infiltrated the FBI. Perhaps the most intriguing part of Triple Cross is the appearance of Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor investigating the CIA leak case, who plays a leading role in Lance's book and is featured prominently on the dust jacket and in the subtitle: How bin Laden's Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI - And Why Patrick Fitzgerald Failed to Stop Him. In the 1990s, Fitzgerald was the Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York directing the FBI's elite bin Laden squad.

How did this guy infiltrate all these agencies? Come on Peter?

I just want to know how you can research all this information and still not see
behind the curtain. You seem to be a very smart guy. I don't understand.

You are worse than Michael Moore. You let yourelf go 75% of the way but
you can not put it together as to how Ali Mohammed penetrated our highest
levels of intelligence.

He is trying to push the theory that the reason that our 911 Commission and
members of our government want to script the investigation into 911 is to protect
those who made all these mistakes. He is contesting that the reports we are
getting are designed to cover these mistakes.

He is going on and on about Al-CIAda and the Blind Sheik. He speaks about
the World Trade bombings in '93. He knows where they wanted to place the bomb
but he has not run accross any alternate information. He has no info on the fact
that the FBI cooked that bomb? Wouldn't that info alone make a light go on?
Combine that with the info he has on Ali Mohammed?

I don't get it.

He's seen all these documents. He had an insider on the 9/11 Commission whom
he met with every week during the duration of the Commission. He has all this
information. He wrote the foreword for Paul Thompsons Timeline and read 10,000
of his found stories. He's a big supporter of the Jersey Girls.

He's certainly doing his part...... but for whom?

Here is his home page:

great blog JJJames

Peter Lance is pure disinfo, i dont care if that term is played out, it fits too well for Lance. lots of good info mixed in with just enough bad info and ALWAYS makes sure not to go down the rabbit hole too far. he worked for ABC News. nuff said. i cant believe i wasted a few hours of my life reading his ridiculously titled book "Cover-Up". HA! actually, i guess the title fits quite well for him but not in the way he intended. this man is a part of the cover-up, no doubt about it, and people like this should not be tolerated and should be called out at every oppurtunity. and dont even get me started on "super prosecutor" Pat Fitzgerald. that dude had EVERYONE fooled.......

It astonishes me

that he has so many pieces of the puzzle but can not get over the hurdle.... to realize how Ali Mohammed was able to infiltrate all the upper levels of our intelligence and military. Like this guy was some super genius. Wake up people!

God himself couldn't have gotten as far as this guy.

I have to admit that I will be getting this book. Only because I have been looking for more details on Ali Mohammed. The history of this guy blows my mind and I'm sure there is some quality information in the book.

It's good to read these things with while being fully aware that this is an attempt to divert blame.

Why do people believe that the fact that Ali Mohammed was allowed free reign was some kind of mistake?

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

no doubt, and the blind

no doubt, and the blind sheik and KSM couldnt possibly be lying or be agents or patsies themselves right? everything they say is gospel to this guy. based on what? that alone should be a red flag. Lance is a tool.

If he's pushing incompetence

If he's pushing incompetence theories then he's not LIHOP. If he's pushing LIHOP then he's working to expose US complicity in 9/11.

how did i know you would

how did i know you would stick up for Lance? :)

Read what I wrote again.

Read what I wrote again.

you never surprise me.

you never surprise me.

Hence the ???

This guy is totally pushing the How, Incompetence, Cover-up, Cash, Cow, Underhanded, Passivity Theory

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Literally speaking, his idea has nothing to do with "on purpose"

Lance is useful for the details he brings out. Of course it's ludicrous to think Ali Mohamed successfully infiltrated all of these agencies - and then magically arranged for a disappearance after plea bargain - the only rational conclusion is that he was an agent himself.

Lance totally flunks with me on TWA 800. All those people saw a missile, but he thinks it was an intentional bringdown... by a bomb? Ordered by

So yeah, he's a) in great denial b) unwilling to draw conclusions that would see him run out of his privileged position c) chanelling disinfo. Some combination of one, two or all three.

LIHOP -- the term the well-known Nico Haupt invented to, as he now says, intentionally split the 9/11 truth movement (along a false dichotomy) -- does not literally correspond to Lance's position, which is negligence or provocation/blowblack theory at most.

Lance rates no higher than a 4 on the following 9-pt. scale (option 10 is "don't know").


"LIHOP" starts at 5.

Regardless of which option you like best, I believe you will agree the scale at the above link represents a fair description of the actual positions (without strawmen).

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

oh yes, i forgot about his

oh yes, i forgot about his linking TWA-800 to al qaeda. now THAT is a red flag. Lance is a world class tool. hes not in denial, he knows exactly what he is doing.

No way

Lance is really good.

It's pretty clear he thinks Ali Mohamed had some ongoing arrangement with the CIA.

I've got to disagree with you on TWA 800. How would a missile put traces of explosives on the plane? The missile people have got eyewitnesses, but Lance has got forensics and the documentary evidence of the 302s, so he is a long way in front of them.

Triple Cross is just about the best book ever written about 9/11. So he emphasises some aspects and downplays others - big deal. We attack people like Lance and Trento, who are great writers/researchers with one foot in our camp, whereas we should be saving our ire for the likes of McDermott, Coll and Wright, who are all half-decent authors, but don't really deal with the issue the way they should.

Go to Perfect Soldiers and check out the footnotes. There you'll find most of the information McDermott came up with that contradicts the OCT - Jarrah's stop in Dubai, the hijackers' calls the NSA intercepted, the CIA's knowledge of the Hamburg cell. These things get like a line in the main text, but then TM buries them in the endnotes. When Lance finds something good, he doesn't bury it, he gives it a chapter to itself. That's why I like Lance - he understands what he's writing.

Or take the Looming Tower, Wright claims the CIA did receive the Phoenix memo - a huge piece of information that would be a real scandal because the CIA swore blind it never did, but he gives this an incredible single solitary one line in the text (on page 350). I have to ask myself whether he was awake when he wrote that.

Or take Ghost Wars. It's quite useful in some ways, but on the last page Coll criticises the 9/11 CR for being generous to the Saudis and Pakistanis. He then points out he hasn't addressed these issues because it's "too early". Too early for the truth? I absolutely fell off my chair when I read that.

So Lance and Trento aren't perfect, but are way, way ahead of the competition.

Hey, I have no trouble agreeing with you...

(Except on TWA 800 - so many people saw a missile and the naval exercises were happening right then and there. That's a *hell* of a red herring, if in fact it was a bomb on board the plane.)

One is not obligated to accept Lance's interpretation of the big picture. He brings out many, many useful facts that others bury, and he does emphasize the right finds. Interpretations can differ. I also like him better than Wright (sadly have yet to read Coll). I also agree with Orangutan, below.

None of this conflicts with my comment above.

"Truth is not measured in mass appeal."

The Good News.

I saw some of Lance on C-SPAN and the good news is that he is opening the door for more people to question the official conspiracy of 9/11. There are a lot of goofballs in our movement, but in the end, the facts speak for themselves. Hopefully more people end up at sites like this.


For a big piece of shit.

Disclaimer: Do not buy this book if you have any common sense!

I have read the first 40 pages and I am blown away at how he makes the information so readily available but can not make any cohesive connections.

Lance works for the FBI... he did prior to to his fictional writing career and now he's back working for them again...... do you feel safer?

I could easily fill 10 pages of commentary on his first 40 pages of text. Talk about mind blowing incompetence..... it's beyond unbelievable......

At one point he tries to explain that the FBI created several walls and compartmentalization in order to cover their asses.... instead of expending far less effort to just do their damn jobs!

They instead of revealing their mistakes allowed Ali Mohammed to continue to do whatever he was doing without surveilance so that he could do something even worse in the future.

It's so F'd that it comedy. I couldn't stop smiling at the fact that he honestly expects people to buy this. He is painting a picture of our intelligence that should cause a call for their entire dismantling.

and I'm only 40 pages in.... I can not imagine where this is going.

Did I put a gun in my mouth at some point and pull the trigger?... is this some strange plane of hell?.... Can I just move on to the fire and brimstone?

absolutely unbelievable

Ignorance is NOT Bliss