Name Your Price for Freedom

Cultural Relativity is a truly musical band for Truth. Their myspace page is decorated with all 3 Ohio groups, as well as Michael Wolsey's podcasts. This is one band that hasn't sold out.

"Name Your Price for Freedom" by Cultural Relativity This song captures the steady erosion of the bill of rights and the constitution, and asks "How many rights will you lose before you realize that you need them?" It was featured on Michael Wolsey's Visibility 9-11 podcast recently. It's some of the best music that the movement has to offer. It's at the very end of Michael's podcast. Give it a listen!

or Download it here FREE:

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes Matt Sullivan, member of and the publisher of the Rock Creek Free Press, a new newspaper published in Washington and focusing heavily on the 9-11 cover-up. Matt is yet one more example of the impact that one person can have and I urge all patriotic Americans to follow Matt's lead and use their talents and gifts to spread the truth.

Highlighting music from Myspace Music-
Intermission music by Ramon
Ending music by Cultural Relativity

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band here. I also have news that there is a September 11th specific song coming out soon so look for that on my program.

Thanks for your music and your activism V.