Band: Contents Under Pressure - "New Pearl Harbor"

This is a fantastic song by a really fresh band with a lot talent, check it out!

Contents Under Pressure - New Pearl Harbor

Their post-Louderfest '07 performance at The Pub.

He was just another New York City kid
and he became a firefighter like his daddy did
And he raised up his own little boy
And he died in Manhattan because of a government ploy

She was a cop and she was good at her job
With two kids at home, you know she was a single mom
She was called to work on a September day
And when the towers fell on her it took her life away.

It's all cause they needed new Pearl Harbor
Just a filthy fucking reason to go to war
And they made a trillion dollars
And they killed Americans by the score

He was from small town America
Quit school when he turned 18 and then he joined up
He found the truth in Afghanistan

Name Your Price for Freedom

Cultural Relativity is a truly musical band for Truth. Their myspace page is decorated with all 3 Ohio groups, as well as Michael Wolsey's podcasts. This is one band that hasn't sold out.

"Name Your Price for Freedom" by Cultural Relativity This song captures the steady erosion of the bill of rights and the constitution, and asks "How many rights will you lose before you realize that you need them?" It was featured on Michael Wolsey's Visibility 9-11 podcast recently. It's some of the best music that the movement has to offer. It's at the very end of Michael's podcast. Give it a listen!

or Download it here FREE: