In Response to the Fox News and MSNBC Editorial Attacks on Rosie O'Donnell

I'm upset that they would stoop to the lows that they did.

Danny Bonaduce: "she should be strung up for treason". . "she's offering aid and comfort to the enemy"??

Come on, man. . .

Get a grip.

I thought that most of the "Analysts" on Fox News and MSNBC were hateful, innacurate, and opposed to freedom of speech. (minus the female personality on Hannity and Colmes, and O'Reilly's male guest - only during his final statement about our right to not watch the View if we disagree)

O'Reilly: "they are spitting out the worst propoganda that is fed to them by far-left Americans on the net. . that's where they're getting the "false flag", "Gulf of Tonkin", and all this other business"

O'Reilly's male guest: "the real danger, is that they're mainstreaming this hateful nonsense"

Hannity's male guest: "she has no right to speak [because she's] a clown, a fool, a deranged activist"

Hannity: Equating 9/11 Truth to disrespecting the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Ignorance at it's best!

I thought that the majority of the nation decided a long time ago that anti-war and unpopular messages were protected by the freedom of speech, and that, barring non-fictional threats of violence, they contributed to the democratic ideal. [the World War 1 Sedition Act is a sad part of our history].

Suggesting the British soldiers' capture was a false-flag event is not treason. Equating it to the Gulf of Tonkin is a logical idea, given the nature of our neoconservative Executive Branch's affinity for pre-emptive war.

Our republic would be ruled by tyrants, and we would not be free, if we were not allowed to speak out against the leaders of our great country.

Rosie O'Donnell is questioning the POLICY of our government. It is clear that she does not want to see our country engage in another war in the Middle-East, and she does not want us to be afraid of terrorism. She raised good discussion points regarding the demonization and generalization of Middle-Easterners as terrorists, and she questioned the government's push for us to fear terrorism.

Fox News and MSNBC responded to her questions and discussion points with an asymmetric response attacking her credibility, focusing on ABC's responsibility for her removal, and inviting guests who can spew Donald Trump-like insults towards Rosie O'Donnell's physical appearance.

They remind me of junior-high style bullies.

And they still don't understand the implications of WTC 7.

We all know

That if Rosie looked like Paris Hilton... she'd be much more respected..... LOL

Don't worry about Bonnaduce.... he needs to take a week off from the roids... I guessing that the only person giving him any credit is O'Lieley.
Together in Truth!


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Im a big fan, I watch you everyday. You do a great Job.

I was just Wondering/Suggesting, If you can Make "Danny Bonaduce" The Worst Person In the World, For saying Rosie Should Be hung.

Heres the Full Clip Again:

Thanks Again and Keep up the good Work.

Hope it's the right contact info...

I just wrote the same sentiments. Keith is a hero, ever working to keep the record straight.


.......Oh ! You mean the lil loser from the partridge family.
I thought he OD,or was it that he was in rehab?
He must be excieted to be back on tv.I think in a few years he might even be on America's most wanted.

he's the best they can dredge up

to go on TV and lie through his teeth. clearly they're paying him in some way, and he looks like he needs the money. the big cross he wore is kind of like the american flag lapel pins that politicians wear--it's called COMPENSATING. It's a good sign in any case that no bigger name is willing to stake their reputation on denying 9/11 truth--we're about to win big time...


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Yea Danny B. Is Pathetic

I want to see more of him. I hope he is on the Tele every single night talking about 9/11 Truth and such. Telling America why not to pry their eyes open after 6 years of denial and fear.

The question that remains is "Where is the 'al mighty Keith Olberman on 9/11 Truth? I find it hard to believe that someone with his influence would barely get passed whispering "911 truth" after almost 6 years...

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I appluad rosie but...

She's not a daisy. I will hold judgement until this 'thing' pans out and I can see how she handles it. If she avoids the 'fued' bs then I think we have something.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Only someone who knows the truth, is able to lie.

"And they still don't understand the implications of WTC 7."

They know exactly the whole story !
No reason, to allow them the innocence of stupidity.
Only someone who knows the truth, is able to lie.

"... a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind." (mp3)
Albert Einstein

Write to ABC in support of her View

Please "BURY" This Garbage