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They had Bonaduce on there, Who said Rosie should be hung.




I'm with JJJames

DON'T bury it. This speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes.

interns < internets

Interesting stuff

Listening now to Tarpley. He's got a guy named Robert Fisher who's an expert in numerology, saying that April 6, 2007 is a hot date. Pretty scary, actually, because he said that April 6, '07 is as hot a date as 9/11/01 was. Not that WE need to believe in numerology -- Tarpley makes it clear that we're in the REALITY based world -- but, the point is that the PTB (powers that be) apparently DO believe in this kind of mysticism, and therefore this coming date could very well be of concern, BIG concern, if the reports from Russia about Operation Bite are for real. Tarpley's article on Operation Bite is here:


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Scarborough and Danny

Scarborough and Danny Bonaduouchbag just got done attacking Rosie HARD and begging ABC and Barbara to fire her already. dont you love watching these false-patriots squirm?

Danny Bonaduce "Hang rosie"

Danny Bonaduce Said Rosie should be hung.

I am so so fulled with anger

Danny should be hung He is a pos asshole

i feel your rage man. and

i feel your rage man. and again, just like last time they attack Barbara Walters. they wont stop until she(or ABC) fires Rosie. i just tell myself its great exposure though. yeah, these clowns piss me off but they keep bringing the subject up. and yeah, Bonaduce(openly popped steroids, verbally abused his wife and nearly killed himself on a reality show. beat up a transvestite when he found out the hooker he bought had more than he bargained for, etc. etc. etc.) talking about credibility. wow.


Danny said Rosie should be hung because she happens to have concerns for america and the world we live in today. He said this on MSNBC and she was also on Fox news. Bonaduce should keep his mouth shut. Saing Rosie should be hung. Between Fox news and MSNBC and Danny Bonaduce with those type of words and threats we know who the real terrist are!!!

Just off the topic question i heard a show on GCN. And i heard someone say that if we attack Iran then Russia will back Iran. Did anyone hear the same news? If Iran is attack from the U.S then russia will jump in for the aid of Iran!!

Hannity suggested cutting

Hannity suggested cutting off gasoline imports in Iran, and doing a "covert op" to destroy their 1 refinery.

A true American Hero.

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Easter Bunny Says Inside Job


The Easter Bunny has recently joined the ranks of the diehard inside-jobbers. He fearlessly made his position known today at the intersection of Williston Road and Dorset Street and later on Church Street in Burlington, Vt.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

too much!

I love Easter, but Good Friday is 4-6-07 that everybody keeps talking about. What a day, huh? A Rosie day.

Mike Copass Interview San Diego Grand Jury to Investigate 911

This is an informal talk w/ Mike Copass about The San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury to Investigate the Crimes of 9/11. The Grand Jury will be convened on April 14 at San Diego State University. To attend or to participate as a Grand Juror, please see:
1 hr. 36 min.
128Kbps mp3 (43.95MB) Mono
direct download: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=22448

Hey folks, were once again

Hey folks, were once again getting tons of hits from Netscape: 


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Tarpley show

I missed the live Thursday show, and I really need to hear it. Does anyone know how to find the podcast? I can't find it anywhere.

You can find it on usenet on

You can find it on usenet on groups like alt.binaries.sounds.radio.misc or alt.binaries.great going awhile back . You can also find a torrent here along with other dates on that site , http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3650613/The_Genesis_World_Report_-_Webster_T...


I'll check that out.