Rosie O'Donnell poll

Hey everyone,

I just found out we lost the AOL Poll, did we overlook it?

Someone has stated here that the Bill O'Reilly poll is over, but it seems to still be running, so if you haven't voted on whether Charlie Sheen will hurt his career by narrating Loose Change Final Cut, here's the poll. Remember to take a deep breath, and get quickly in and out, before you vomit:

Oh, well , if you can't beat them, don't join them, beat them some more!

So I'm looking out for other polls related to 9/11 truth and I just found this one. 34 people have voted and the poll stops at a thousand votes, so what do you say, should we stop this poll right now? I think it's fair to flood it, afterall it's a popularitycontest. Here it is:

Entertainment: Will rosie O'Donnell still have her job after her contract is up? (I'll admit the question is not really saying anything, unless you think they are implying she will be fired or not renewed)

Sorry, this is the correct

Sorry, this is the correct link to the Rosie poll:

This makes me so utterly sad

to read these posts.... I can't even respond. Sometimes I think that this country is a lost cause. How do you get to these people.

Nationalism is a real American Dillema... what feeds this?

These people actually say that Rosie is the one spewing the hate. I really want to throw up.
Together in Truth!

Well, you know, it's fascism

Well, you know, it's fascism and it happens because first everybody need the same rights, but then at some point, these rights only benefit a minority, because the majority don't use these rights and then this majority wants these rights taken away. But in reality it is another minority,the ruling elite, that has convinced the majority that these rights are not worth anything to them.Once they are gone, this majority will regret it, because now they need them against the elite, but then it's too late.
Some people just don't understand danger until it hits them in the face.

So is the purpose of the Imus affair to fire Rosie too?

Just to see Rosie compared to Imus makes me wonder:

Imus has been saying crap for years, so why call him on it now? It looks contrived to me. So is it being used to get Rosie instead?

This is what we're up against, JJJames. Get the sheep whooped up with Imus, and then sic them on Rosie.

their were some cases before

their were some cases before Rosie, Mel Gibson , Michael Richardson, but yes, of course they will try to exploit the Imus case..