What Reuters, the Washington Post and the New York Times omit from the Le Monde story

Still waiting for an official English translation of this Le Monde article. In the meantime, it has been noted that the English versions put online yesterday are only giving us a very edited version of the story. One important omission is that French intelligence knew that "al-Qaeda" was targetting American and United Airlines specifically. Over at www.democraticunderground.com user HamdenRice has posted some of the other revelations as he sees them, I have copied his rough translation below. -r.


Western media completely misinterpreting Le Monde Bombshell reporting

(Updated version here.)

I assume it's because so few Americans read French. I guess a wire service wrote a blurb about the French story, and American papers are summarizing the blurb rather than the original le Monde story.

I'm amazed at the Newsday "translation" provided by Drewl, in the other thread on this:

"But the French warning hinted at a plot in Europe, not the United States, and there was no suggestion of suicide attacks or multiple planes. One former official said al-Qaida may have leaked misinformation to divert intelligence agencies from the bigger, deadlier plot to come on Sept. 11, 2001.

The warning was another example of how intelligence agents sensed al-Qaida was hard at work in the months leading up to Sept. 11 but were unable to piece together fragmented warnings into a coherent plot.

Now compare that to what the Le Monde article actually says. I’ve tried to translate the French into idiomatic English so that it is easier to understand it. Words in brackets [] are either inserted to make sense or alternative translations of specific words:

Dès janvier 2001, la direction d'Al-Qaida se montre néanmoins transparente aux yeux – et aux oreilles – des espions français. Les rédacteurs détaillent même les désaccords entre terroristes sur les modalités pratiques du détournement envisagé. Jamais ils ne doutent de leur intention. Provisoirement, les djihadistes privilégient la capture d'un avion entre Francfort et les Etats-Unis. Ils établissent une liste de sept compagnies possibles. Deux seront finalement choisies par les pirates du 11-Septembre : American Airlines et United Airlines (voir fac-similé). Dans son introduction, l'auteur de la note annonce : "Selon les services ouzbeks de renseignement, le projet d'un détournement d'avion semble avoir été discuté en début d'année 2000 lors d'une réunion à Kaboul entre des représentants de l'organisation d'Oussama Ben Laden…"

By January 2001, Al-Qaida’s direction, however, has become transparent to the eyes - and the ears - of French spies. The writers [of the French intelligence reports] even detail the operational disagreements between terrorists about how they envision the hijackings. They [the French intelligence report writers] never they doubt the [terrorists’] intentions. For a while, the jihadists focus on hijacking a plane [en route] between Frankfurt and the United States. They draw up a list of seven possible airline companies. The pirates of 9/11 [ie hijackers] finally chose two: American Airlines and United Airlines (see facsimiled). In his introduction, the author of the note announces: “According to the Uzbek [intelligence] service’s information, the hijacking project seems to have been be discussed at the beginning of 2000 at a meeting in Kabul between representatives of Usama Bin Laden’s organization…”

Des espions ouzbeks renseignent donc les agents français. A l'époque, l'opposition des fondamentalistes musulmans au régime pro-américain de Tachkent s'est fédérée dans le Mouvement islamique d'Ouzbékistan, le MIO. Une faction militaire de ce parti, emmenée par un certain Taher Youdachev, a rejoint les camps d'Afghanistan et prêté allégeance à Oussama Ben Laden, lui promettant d'exporter son djihad en Asie centrale. Des livrets militaires et des correspondances du MIO, trouvés dans des camps afghans d'Al-Qaida, en attestent.

The Uzbek spies thus inform the French agents. During this period, Islamic fundamentalist opposition to the pro-American policy of [the Uzbek regime in] Tachkent, united to form the Islamic Movement of Ouzbékistan, the MIO. A military faction of this party, created by a certain Taher Youdachev, joined the [al Qaeda] camps in Afghanistan and pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden, promising him to export jihad to Central Asia [ie Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc]. Military records and correspondences of the MIO, found in Afghan Al-Qaida camps, confirm this.

Alain Chouet a gardé en mémoire cet épisode. Il a dirigé jusqu'en octobre 2002 le Service de renseignement de sécurité, la subdivision de la DGSE chargée de suivre les mouvements terroristes. Selon lui, la crédibilité du canal ouzbek trouve son origine dans les alliances passées par le général Rachid Dostom, l'un des principaux chefs de guerre afghans, d'ethnie ouzbek lui aussi, et qui combat alors les talibans. Pour plaire à ses protecteurs des services de sécurité de l'Ouzbékistan voisin, Dostom a infiltré certains de ses hommes au sein du MIO, jusque dans les structures de commandement des camps d'Al-Qaida. C'est ainsi qu'il renseigne ses amis de Tachkent, en sachant que ses informations cheminent ensuite vers Washington, Londres ou Paris.

Alain Chouet recalls this episode. Until October 2002, he was the director the Security Information Service, the subdivision of the DGSE charged with tracking terrorists' movements. According to him [ie Chouet, head of French counter-terrorism], the credibility of the Uzbek channel originated in the past alliances of General Rachid Dostom, one of the principal Afghan warlords, who is also an ethnic Uzbek, and who was then fighting the Taliban. In order to please his protectors in the Uzbek security [ie intelligence?] service, he infiltrated some of his men in the heart of the MIO [ie the Uzbek jihadist organization being trained at Al Qaeda camps] up to the very command structure of the al Qaeda camps. Thus, he informed his friends in Tachkent [ie, the capital or government of Uzbekistan] with the knowledge that his information would proceed onwards to Washington, London or Paris.

La formulation de la note française de janvier 2001 indique clairement que d'autres sources corroborent ces renseignements sur les plans d'Al-Qaida. Selon un dispositif bien huilé en Afghanistan, la DGSE ne se contente pas d'échanges avec des services secrets amis. Pour percer les secrets des camps, d'une part elle manipule et "retourne" des jeunes candidats au djihad originaires des banlieues des grandes villes d'Europe. D'autre part, elle envoie des hommes du service action auprès de l'Alliance du Nord du commandant Massoud. Sans compter les interceptions des téléphones satellitaires.

The formulation of the French note of January 2001 states clearly that other sources corroborate this information within Al-Qaida. According to the well oiled [intelligence gathering] machine in Afghanistan, the DGSE was not satisfied with [information] exchanges with friendly secret services. In order to pierce the secrecy of the [al Qaeda] camps, it on the one hand, manipulated and “turned” young male applicants for jihadist [training] from the suburbs of large European cities, [ie Muslim and North African ghettos] and on the other hand it stationed [French counter-terrorism intelligence operatives] with the Northern Alliance commander Massoud [ie head of the Northern Alliance]. Not to mention intercepting satellite telephones.


The revelation here is the level of penetration into AQ. The French have Uzbeks posing as jihadists in the command structure of AQ; they have European born Muslims posing as jihadists in the AQ camps; they are listening to their satellite conversations.

They have such sweeping and deep penetration of AQ, that AQ had become “transparent” to French intelligence. They even listen in to the jihadists debates about which airlines to strike and which airline routes to hijack. Their eyes and ears are there when it is decided months before 9/11 to hit American Airlines and United Airlines.

This is almost the complete opposite of the English language description of the article, which claims that the French had some information, but couldn’t put the pieces together.

All of this information was passed to the CIA Station Chief in Paris, one of the highest ranking overseas CIA officers, one who is embedded in the heart of NATO’s intelligence structure – and incidentally who apppears to be a stand up guy who later would try to quash the Niger yellow cake hokum, a guy who thereafter retired (or was retired) from the agency, but is reluctant to talk to the press because his CIA “contracts” could be withdrawn in revenge.

Other aspects of the English language version of the French news story are laughable. The Newsday version is that "But the French warning hinted at a plot in Europe, not the United States, and there was no suggestion of suicide attacks or multiple planes."

The original French version is that "And initially a surprise: the high number of notes devoted only to the threats of Al-Qaida against the United States, in the months before the suicide attacks in New York and Washington. Nine reports/ratios entirely on this subject between September 2000 and August 2001.

Do they think that we're that stupid? That everyone in the United States is too lazy to look at Le Monde's website, and that even if we did, not one of us can read French?

Now for my own speculation about why this Le Monde report is so important. If both French intelligence and the lowly Uzbek intelligence service and a Northern alliance warlord, Rashid Dostum, have penetrated al Qaeda up to the command structure, and if other friendly middle eastern intelligence services also warned the US of the 9/11 attacks, is it reasonable to believe these other intelligence agencies also penetrated al Qaeda so completely?

Is it reasonable to assume that Egyptian, Jordanian, Saudi or even Palestinian Authority intelligence might also have slipped some operatives into the Afghan al Qaeda camps to keep an eye on what was going on there? Might the Mossad during the closing era of good feelings between the Barak administration and the Palestinian Authority have slipped an operative or two into the al Qaeda camps?

Considering that even the American, John Walker Lindh, was able to walk into the training camps and get training, can we conclude that prior to 9/11 al Qaeda recruited indiscriminately and that its counter intelligence capacity was pathetic?

If Uzbek intelligence was so good, and the Uzbekistan was in the tight embrace of the US, what intelligence might the US have been receiving in Tachkent?

Also note that the French story completely discredits assertions by both the Clinton and Bush administrations that they had no human intelligence on the ground, in the camps. Apparently, the west did. This makes sense as disinformation: of course both administrations would not want to disclose to the enemy that they had intelligence sources fairly high up in the al Qaeda structure, because such operatives might have been outed and killed, and al Qaeda would have taken counter measures to avoid such infiltration.

This might explain away one of the raps against the Clinton administration -- namely, that when they had bin Laden located in the camps, the military had to get clearance at the highest levels (ie the president) in order to launch cruise missiles. The Le Monde reporting explains why: a missile could easily have killed friendly intelligence operatives within the camp command structures. If my speculation is correct, an errant cruise missile would have slaughtered a virtual United Nations of friendly intelligence operatives.

The Le Monde report does not disclose what is in the French intelligence reports closer to 9/11. So, I suspect that there will be follow up reporting by the author, Guillaume Dasquiéfrom, the 328 page dossier.

Also of interest is why someone in French intelligence leaked this dossier now. A post in the other thread asks why the mainstream media is picking up on this old news. It's not old news. Someone in French intelligence has decided to drop a bombshell now.

The set up of the French article is almost funny: Guillaume Dasquié walks into the office of Emmanuel Renoult, private secretary of the director of French intelligence, plops down the 328 page dossier, and the private secretary deplores this breach of intelligence and refuses to comment. Dasquie then confronts the former private secretary of the director of central intelligence with the 328 page dossier, who (presumably gulps hard first and) blurts out something to the effect of, but of course no one could have imagined that hijacked planes would be used as missiles ... The western press duly reports in English that the Le Monde news story confirms that prior to 9/11 no one in French intelligence suspected that planes would be used as missiles. My capacity to grasp French irony in print may be limited, but I don't think that's the meaning Dasquie had in mind.

I wonder if someone in French intelligence finally smells blood in the water across the pond in Washington.

When we can get to it...

I for one would like an investigation into whether Al-Qaida is a branch of the CIA or not.

Personally, I think it is. Even now. Didn't it start out that way, even by official accounts? If so, when did it supposedly switch over as an 'other side'? Or did it at all?


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Al Qaeda a CIA Asset?

Regarding whether Al Qaeda is a CIA asset:

J. Michael Springman, former career Foreign Service Officer with the State Department, who served as a Consular Officer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he supervised the issuance of visas, told the BBC, "In Saudi Arabia I was repeatedly ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These were, essentially, people who had no ties either to Saudi Arabia or to their own country. I complained bitterly at the time there. I returned to the US, I complained to the State Dept here, to the General Accounting Office, to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and to the Inspector General's office. I was met with silence. ... What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets."

See http://www.PatriotsQuestion911.com for statements by more than 300 credible, newsworthy individuals that question or contradict the official account of 9/11.

It didn't end there

But if I'm not mistaken, they were still giving out visas at Jeddah to such individuals in the years and months immediately prior to 9/11, well after the Soviets had withdrawn from Afghanistan.


My step father is French, sending link to original article to him to see if he could at least find key points in the article, will post back what he says later.

What he has so far....

They gave them a list of 7 airlines that could be targetted, and the terrorists chose American and UA.
Also said that as od Jan 2001 AQ became transparent to French espionage/intell agency, when they saw a plan to hijack a plane in Frankfurt...(all this I read in a US article yesterday, so far don't see a whole lot different. Will look at it to see if anything jumps out.


If I understand correctly, one interesting paragraph states that Abou Khabab, one of Bin Laden's key men(Egyptian explosives expert) was detected particpating in information exchange between him, the Mossad, CIA, and Egyptian security Oct 25 2000 and Jan 9 2001.


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You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

wonderful controled media by Bill Moyers

I would take that article from reuters with a grain of salt it could just be damage control. 95% of all intelligence is disinformation. Watch this on the topic of our wonderful controled media by Bill Moyers

f'ing right

Bill Moyers: Kicking ass, taking names.

and now that the Bush lackey

and now that the Bush lackey Thompson(i think that was his name) is gone Bill Moyers is actually coming back to PBS again. though hes not gonna host NOW unfortunately. he used to work for LBJ so i think all of the good work that hes done in the media has been at least partially out of guilt, haha.

Yes, Moyers helped LBJ set up the Warren commission.

He has some good things to say, but apparently he's afraid to speak on the topic of the JFK assassination.

I didn't know that

about Moyers and the Warren Commission.

LBJ's press secretary

Moyers served as LBJ's press secretary, up until some time in 1966 when he decided to resign.

i dont know how much he

i dont know how much he really had to do with the Commission though. i cant imagine much.

Merde, Clouzot lost the alquaida file and le Monde found it…

I'm french, and even i'm little short in english, your translation seems perfect to me. Im lazy, so I repost from the original thread…

This "accidental declassification" from french intelligence is very interresting… The origin of the release of the 326 pages is not clear, but I don't think that someone from la piscine ("the swimming-pool", french intelligence headquarters) just lost the complete file by driving home...

For the records, French intelligence could easily imagine terrorists plans to blow up aircrafts over cities because algerians islamists intented to do so in France in 1994.

"No one could have imagined..." French intelligence did not need a great imagination :

In december 1994, an Air France Flight 8969, bound for Paris from Algiers, was hijacked by the Algerian terrorist organization Armed Islamic Group (GIA).

The four hijackers boarded the aircraft disguised as Air Algerie security staff. Authorities delayed departure, but were intimidated into giving the go-ahead when the hijackers killed 2 of the 227 persons on board.

The French government decided not to allow the aircraft to approach Paris because its consulate in Oran, Algeria, had received an intelligence warning that the hijackers intended to blow up the aircraft over Paris.

The flight crew convinced the hijackers that refueling in Marseille was required. After the aircraft touched down hours of negotiations ensued, whereupon the terrorists demanded fuel. French police commandos (GIGN) stormed the aircraft and after a 20 minute gunfight successfully rescued the 161 remaining passengers (some had been released during negotiations) and 3 flight crew. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_France_Flight_8969

About Dasquier, he is a specialist in geopolitique and intelligence questions, for those who read french, you can check out his websites here : http://www.geopolitique.com/ http://www.guillaumedasquie.net/

By the way, La tour 7:

I would be interested in your thoughts about the two frenchmen who really dug into the Sibel Edmonds story. I've found them to be frustratingly "hot, and then cold", much like Sibel... when it came to synthesizing a more cogent overview of her material along with the general (but vastly more sold) overview brought forward by the populist 9/11 truth movement.

I consider Matt and Jean dear friends... and always will... but I will never hesitate holding their feet to the fire if need be.

It's the least a good friend should always do.

Your thoughts?


Sibel Edmonds

I guess you're talking about "Une femme à abattre", the documentary... I have'nt seen it yet… Found it on daily mo. I'll tell you my feeling...

La Tour 7 - Red pills for French

A thought

Let's find Peace

Al-Qaida : Corporation's Gang? made up of intelligence operatives of the world?

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Irrelevant diversion

The whole story is entirely irrelevant since 9/11 simply wasn't the work of Al Qaeda. Period.

I just dont understand why people keep on entertaining themselves with such nonsense. Pnac, the US military, Dick Cheney, Dov Zakheim, the CIA perhaps with the help of Mossad did 9/11. Not Al Qaeda whatever that really is.

Al Qaeda very definitely didnt implode the 3 buildings. Especially not with such perfect mastery..

The planes that flew into 2 of them were most probably drones. (If you were to organize a plot like 9/11 would you leave the task of flying jetliners over a long distance precisely into narrow targets to "pilots" who couldnt even successfully fly single engine propeller planes?)

There were no recognizable plane parts nor damage consistent with plane crashes at the other 2 "crash sites". So there were no hijacked planes and therefore no hijackers.

Pre-warning / Al qaeda plot -stories are just disinfo.

Ya think?

The interesting al Qaeda discussions here START with the premise that all that information forms the building blocks of a very elaborate patsy backstory (that may very well have included the two or three members of al Q who were not Western Intel thinking they were going to carry out a spectacular attack.) The question becomes, who authored the patsy backstory? 'Cause they're guilty as hell.
Secondly, the idea that someone in French intel deliberately leaked this info NOW is significant (blood in the water?) -- because it was someone's way of trying to fuck with the US' OCT -- for good (to undermine it) or for not good (to amplify the patsy mythos preparatory to rolling out a Plan B.)

Double distraction

The point is that all this Al Q talk only reinforce the official story (and I believe, that's the intent.)

Plus this leaked (dis)info apart from its naming of UA and AA as subject to possible hijackings says nothing specific about 9/11 anyway and doesn't provide anything truly incriminating either. Otherwise Le Monde would never print it.

Is anyone still needing a

Is anyone still needing a translation of this? Could whip one up no prob.

Someone is working on one...

But I'll tap you if necessary. Thanks!

Too late!


Hope it helps in any case.


Every intelligence service had probably penetrated Al Quaeda so thoroughly that there actually were no legit members - just agents of various security services spying on each other. Needless to say, it was the CIA guys that were in charge...

Some argument.

"that when they had bin Laden located in the camps, the military had to get clearance at the highest levels (ie the president) in order to launch cruise missiles. The Le Monde reporting explains why: a missile could easily have killed friendly intelligence operatives within the camp command structures."

Clinton did not refrain from attacking bin Laden to save the lives of foreign agents. That is bullshit.

The UK Observer's investigation showed that the Clinton State Department REFUSED to accept large intelligence files on bin Laden from the Sudanese government. If then FIRED CRUISE MISSILES into Sudan's only medicine factory, when the Sudanese government pressed the extradition issue.

Clinton's generals (including Wesley Clark) were training and arming Al Qaeda in Bosnia and Macedonia and Kosovo. They illegally bombed Serbia and committed war crimes for the benefit of radical Muslim opium running KLA, with DIRECT connections to bin Laden. See Chossudovsky.

They didn't attack Al Qaeda, because Al Qaeda is a protected organization, a decade in the making. They are the grand strategic boogey man that was decided to replace the Communist Threat with the Terrorist Threat. This is bigger than Clinton, bigger than Cheney, bigger than Bush, bigger than Kerry, bigger than McCain, bigger than all of them. Al Qaeda will endure because that is the "new world order."

You did see how the Pakistanis were allowed to airlift thousands of Al Qaeda fighters out of Afghanistan (included in Press For Truth)?

This "war on terror" is bogus. Very, very bogus. We are now told how "Al Qaeda" even attacked the WTC in 1993. They never mention how the FBI gave them the explosives to make the bomb!


70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.


if they had operatives close to him, couldn't they have slipped some cyanide into his falafels?

interns < internets