Manuel Valenzuela on Kevin Barrett's radio show tonight - 9-11pm Central

UPDATE - DOWNLOAD SHOW: Barrett-Valenzuela-MP3 (28MB)

Sorry about the short notice. Barrett sent out an email and mentioned that Valenzuela will be his guest on the debut of his new Tuesday radio show, "9/11 and Empire". (The show changes changes hosts and names and shares the 9-11 Central Time slot).


"We The People Forum" airs week nights at 9-11 PM Central Time. On Mondays Carol Brouillet Co-founder of 9-11 Truth Alliance. Tuesdays will feature 9/11 scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett, founder of MUJCA. On Wednesdays, Peymon Mottahedeh founder of the Freedom Law School. Thursdays and Fridays Randy Kelton, a longtime Judicial activist instructing and forcing Prosecutors and Judges to follow the law.

Call-in number is 888-202-1984

9-11pm... just a coincidence, no doubt.


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Netscape'n & Digg'n

Sleepy. Keep up your work with Digg and Netscape. I always follow the posts you make and appreciate the opportunity to spread our message on sites other than this one. Thanks.

This music is killing me...

the "9 11 was an inside job" song is tight. I could breakdance to that, if I could only find my cardboard box.

I gotta find these songs.

9/11 Was an Inside Job mp3

Here you go!

Lyrics for 9/11 Was An Inside Job
in case you never noticed
don’t matter how you voted
ya freedom’s been eroded
since them towers were exploded
and you can prove it just by lookin’
at the footage that was broadcast
it’s conclusive
that the only way to do it
was with demolition charges
strategically placed
inside the buildings
days before 3000 people were erased

9/11 was an inside job

mike rivero says a boeing
others claim a global hawk
i don’t care if it was one of rense’s
fuckin’ flyin’ saucers
don’t need to know just how
the pentagon got hit to demonstrate
the neo-cons and zionists were in on it

now’s the time and now’s the hour
to smash this 9/11 ring
it’s do or die
it’s them or us
let’s teach the world to sing

9/11 was an inside job

9/11 was a fix
the official explanation
is an insult to the intelligence
of the population
any other day those airliners
would never have got through
but fighter aircraft
were stood down
‘coz somebody wanted them to

9/11 was an inside job
the public need to know
that what they watched on television was a
snuff video

9/11 was an inside job

how come bush was left at booker
while america got whacked
because the neo-nazis knew
that he would never be attacked
i’d love to ask the president
how come he saw the first plane hit
before the film was ever broadcast
that’s some clever shit

now’s the time and now’s the hour
to smash this 9/11 ring
it’s do or die
it’s them or us
let’s teach the world to sing

9/11 was an inside job

Wasn't there another one as well..?

Thanks for posting that btw! Made me LOL!
On the 11th day, of every month.

Debate - Uncensored.

I've been debating and spreading information like crazy over at the Democratic Blog. If we can convince those guys that 9/11 was an inside job we'll be much better off. Let's work at. Peace. (my posts start at 7:30 pm)

Have a go. We should get familiar with that crowd over there.

Alex Jones

He's still going on an on about the VA Tech shooting as being a black op!

I don't get it..?

Why would he do that? What, all he cares about are ratings or something..?

What a shame.
On the 11th day, of every month.

in all fairness to AJ

What I think AJ is trying to drive home, is the point that there is a big discrepency in the shooting story. people want answers and they are not getting them. Just like 911.
After a previouse shooting and multiple bomb threats w/ swat teams scrambled, how can a double homicide be swept under the carpet for over an hour before students arrive on campus to meet ther fate.

The key to ending the first amendment is to end the second.

I get your concern, RR

Here's mine: just as I personally have no reliable evidence to suggest that al Qaeda is really a threat to me, here in the US (and I have a lot of evidence that suggests that the people I should really be afraid of are trying to divert my attention) I have no evidence to believe in the phenomenon of the spontaneously self-generating crazed loner spree killer. OTOH, I can't listen to AJ rant about the cops being too estrogen-poisoned to do their jobs. (He better hope he NEVER pisses off Col. Jenny Sparks.)

Alex makes good points on how we don't really know what happened

& why do state & local authorities now need to wait until the Feds arrive, takeover, & give the go-ahead for action & subsequent investigation? (Is it because the Feds did such a fabulous job protecting us on 9/11???)

Furthermore, it's not unreasonable that Black Ops Feds could groom an unstable "Manchurian Candidate" guy to go berserk to further the growing police state we find ourselves in!!!

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