Jason Bermas talks about LC Final Cut on Lone Lantern Radio - MP3 Download


Jason Bermas talks with Gary Frenchi of Lone Lantern Radio about Loose Change Final Cut and their schedule out in California.

Thanks Gary for the heads up!

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Space beams?

Space beams?

Great Show!

Gave you the gut instinct level impression, that the tide really is indeed turning in our favour now.

Three cheers!
On the 11th day, of every month.

final cut release

If this movie isn't out by 9/11/07, that will be really...well, bad. That date needs to be the dead-line. Period.

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I've been trying to convince Dylan

to release LCFC as soon as possible.

If the guys wait too long, and another false flag attack occurs, the gov'ment may suspend the constitution altogether and then censor the film.

On the other hand, if its released soon, it could be a huge boost in waking people up.


it would be cool to get it out as soon as possible, but i would caution against rushing things...
i hope this turns out as good as it possibly can..

Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Release LCFC today. Let's not gamble with the crazy NWO.

I have seen two or three propaganda/fear stories of late about how "the terrorirsts" are going to set off nuclear bombs.

If the perps do this then I am not sure a large enough part of the public is informed enough about "false flags" to even question how the media/government would spin it. What then we'd get martial law and we are in deep doo-doo............

Let's not gamble, let's get the movie out today !!
You don't wait for a grizzly to attack you.
You deal with him as soon as you have him in your sight.

MI5: Iran and Al Qaeda Planning an attack on “a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

Noble Resolve 07: Four days of “simulated” nuclear terrorist scenarios in the US & Europe

this week Dick Cheney has also been warning of the “very real” threat of a nuclear attack on an American city. Could the Nobel Resolve drills be used as a screen for a false-flag attack to be blamed on Iran, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, or sheep-dipped Americans like Adam Gadahn?

September??? - that's way

September??? - that's way too long. This film was supposed to be out this spring or summer. Time is of the essence here not timing. If they really have a shot at getting a wide release and being somewhat quasi mainstream, then get the film out there. Well - it's frustrating but I still wish them luck. I hope their marketing is smart and viral.

As soon as possible

I agree that the film should be out fairly soon. It doesn't have to be perfect, just considerably better than the current version, which it undoubtedly already is.

The boys are being gamed

I hope to be proven wrong.

The LTW crew is a trio of bright young men from humble backgrounds. I have never doubted that they are sincere and mean well. LC2 was a huge contributon that awoke millions of people to truth. We shall forever be in their debt for that.

But here is what I fear is happening now. They have been neutralized. Not with something so crude as a bullet in the head or rendition to Gitmo, or even crass bribery. The enemy is resourceful and has the work of generations of psychologists to draw upon. The boys have simply been seduced.

They are now surrounded with eager, bright, helpful people who (given more time) will make them the coolest CGI ever. They are being treated as important historical figures and spending time being interviewed by the History Channel. Life is a disorienting blur of excitments and distractions. The days turn into weeks. The weeks turn into months. The urgency of the truth movement fades into the background as they vanish into the Hollywood bubble. But no matter, they are climbing a path to cinematic perfection. Meanwhile, the world outside keeps moving on. If LCFC ever is released, that will be because it is too late to matter.

These movie people are smart. Just saw "Shooter". On the face of it, it is positive in that it confirms almost all the things that truthers know. But the message is nihilist and aims to discourage would be activists. One character tells the protagonist that, "there is no head to cut off, it is a conglomerate, it comes from human weakness which will always exist". Another character says, "there are no Sunnis or Shiites, no Republicans or Democrats, only Haves and Have Nots". So our hero takes his girl and his gun and heads for his cabin in the hills to be a hermit.

Well, Aaron Russo would beg to differ. Human nature is a constant, but the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS are recent inventions. Ending these institutions would at least put the beasts on a diet. But Hollywood doesn't want you to know that. Again, hope to be wrong, but I am betting that even if LCFC is eventually released, that the Federal Reserve, IRS, and the dancing Israelis from Urban Moving Systems will NOT be mentioned.

If that's the case

then it would be no different from the government's approach to the rest of 9/11: delay, delay, delay. They delayed the formation of the 9/11 Commission 441 days. They delayed release of essential documents. They delayed release of the first responders' oral histories. They delayed scientific study of the towers (we still don't have that WTC7 report). They delayed compensation for the first responders, so much that most will be dead by the time proper compensation arrives, if it ever does. They delayed release of intelligence reports (where is that CIA report?).

The tactic seems to have worked. By the time LCFC arrives many will say, "Why are you still harping on that?" Many say that now. The progressive community gave up long ago, even though the Commission Report was a fraud.

Normally, I would have thought the best way to coverup a crime is to sweep it under the carpet as quickly as possible. With 9/11, it's the opposite: they have capitalized on cultural ADD, and the longer the crime stays visible the less chance there is anything will be done about it. Witnesses die, evidence disappears. Rage subsides. Hail the new boss, same as the old boss.

David Ray Griffin

Just heard an interview of DRG on Deadline Live hosted by Jack Blood. In the second hour DRG is welcomed as guest and talks about his new book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking". It's Mondays show which you can find in the archives at www.nw0.info.


I hope above link works fine for everyone.

Can someone help me? I'm quite new over here and I was wondering how I can rate comments. Also is there a way to arrange the comments?

Rating comments

" I'm quite new over here and I was wondering how I can rate comments. Also is there a way to arrange the comments?"

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I don't think there is a way to arrange comments.

What I miss is an easy, effective way to search for comments by a specific author. I know there are several ways to search for comments here, but I don't consider them very easy or effective.

I can't find this History Channel doc

Jason refers to. Does anyone know of a home page for it? Or is it still in production?

I guess regardless, it's a true testament to the 9/11 Truth Movement that they're even making this doc. I'm sure it will be a hit piece focusing on the usual set of contentious topics (let's start with the Pentagon, shall we....); but again it's remarkable, given where the country was just a few years ago, that the History Channel (!) is even touching this material.

Let's hope it's not as dishonest as the BBC and other msm.


Thanks for your help Vesa. Very much appreciated! ;-)

Serious Doubts

I've got my doubts as to if LCFC will ever make the big screen as have been all of our hopes for quite sometime. I'll believe it when i see it. As far as marketing? How? Where? What network will allow this? They won't even let us have any discussion about WTC7 or 911 on mainstream without ripping the 911 truth movement. What makes any of you feel they will allow advertisement on their networks about LCFC? I don't see it. Hope im wrong.

i dont think they ever

i dont think they ever expected it to be advertised on big networks and stuff or even on tv at all. personally though i'll be surprised if it makes it into wide release in theaters. i hate to say it but i dont see it getting into anywhere that isnt independently owned and as far as movie theaters go that doesnt leave much.

History Channel Already

The good news is they are getting nervous when they pull out the History Channel Shills. The govt. must be readying their rebuttals, they will not let Loose Change come out, without some kind of Hit Piece.

If I were the LCFC crowd I'd screen for Listening devices and other survalence. The govt. will not be taken by surprise they will know exactly how to refute your claims before you even hit play on the first DVD.

They are probably setting you up for an obvious Movie error, which will easily be refutted publically, which MSM will use to invalidate the rest of the movie. Be on the look out for any piece of info. that surprised you or you received through suspect sources.

If you really believe 9/11 was an inside job, then you would need to believe that they will have this movie's impact controlled. Inside information, plated moles, planted dis-info, I'd check it for subliminal messages, in the "Production" versions.

The history channel did this before, they produced a series of movies called"The Men who Killed Kennedy" which was basically red herring type stuff and chracterized all witnesses as crazy or stupid.

The very fact that it is getting their attention is a sign that a cover up operation is very much in place.