When Loose Change Comes Out...

When Loose Change Final Cut comes out we all need to become leaders.

Anyone who reads this blog: when this films come out and us truthers flock to the theaters we need to reach out to the average public. After every showing of this film we need to actively engage the audience and build a giant grassroots movement. I know people are doing this now but if this movie is shown in even 100 theaters across the country we could reach critical mass.

Imagine if after every showing of this film, readers of this blog, posters and lurkers, stood up and organized with their fellow countrymen before they left the theater. Turn the last show each night into a town hall dialog.

It would be a great chance to organize people against the roguish 2-party system (I guess I don't want to inject my own politics, but I'd leap at any opportunity to get an independent/upstanding non-partisan citizen into office) and the current administration. Great time to get a groundswell for a new investigation too.

By no means should people not be organizing/demonstrating now. I just think that if Loose Change gets some kind of theatrical release we must not hesitate to engage moviegoers or pass out local truth group info.

Maybe I'm thinking way ahead, but I just saw the trailer and it was dope!!!

Limited Theater Presence


I've heard that after Mr. Moore produced and screened his very tame (to say the least) Fahrenheit 9/11 Doc., the Carlye group spent billions of dollars purchase major movie theater chains in order to prevent such incriminating films to play. Thus, the coverage may be less that we expect. Despite this, you're correct and we'll see. Peace!

Wouldn't it suck

for the Carlyle Group if everyone boycotted theaters owned by them for a year.
Together in Truth!


A small 1/4 page flyer could end up on every movie seat:

Discuss the movie at 911Blogger.com.

A list of other (GOOD) 9/11 sites could also appear.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at-- yahoo.com.


surprized if it hit theaters in full force. I would expect limited theaters with no advertizing like Aaron Russo's
Freedom to Fascism. I hope i am wrong.


let certainly hope not. i had to travel 400 miles to see that movie!

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