Calling All Australians - On May 11th Let's Take it to the Streets

Face the reality: a hidden criminal network is in charge of the so-called "democratic" industrialised nations.

In the the video at left you can see 9/11 Truthers being harassed and threatened in classic mafia style outside the newly reconstructed WTC Building 7. Are these brutal looking men wearing suits cops? I don't know.

They accuse the protesters of being terrorists, sarcastically saying that they can see wires coming out of their bags. Later the Port Authority Police arrive and the video camera is snatched from the hands of the camera man.

The kind of society in which we live is properly called cryptocracy. The word comes from ancient Greek κρυπτός (kryptós) = hidden and κραττείν (krateín) = to rule.

Educate yourself about the cryptocracy while you still can! In China the Google search engine filters out information which is deemed inappropriate for the general public. This "enhanced" version of Google could soon be rolled out globally. All that is required is a massive terrorist attack somewhere in the world. We would be told that, in order to protect us, the goverment must take away a few more of our freedoms - a fair trade-off they will say!

The "cryprocrats" responsible for 9/11 and other ongoing crimes against humanity intend to enslave us. They intend to merge the "first world" with the "third world". They intend to reduce the global population. This is their plan. Their main tools to achieve this are the creation of worldwide:

  • War
  • Famine
  • Disease
  • Poverty, Mental Illness, Drug Addiction

A study published in The Lancet found over 650,000 dead in Iraq as a result of the U.S. led war of "liberation". Those figures are more than a year old. The population of Russia is declining at a staggering rate of around 1 million per year. The population decline in Russia has occurred in parallel with the destruction of the free press through the probable murder of 220 journalists, state-sponsored terrorism, and an epidemic of alcoholism and mental illness. 

It is vitally important to get this message out on the street now - before the next false flag terror attack ushers in the full blown New World Order.

When the crackdown comes many people will be taken by surprise. They will be horrified at the routine way in which the authorities trample on the rights of citizens. They may see people being beaten or capsicum sprayed for no reason at all and be unable to do anything about it without risking the same fate. They may witness friends being detained only to disappear indefinitely and be expressly forbidden ever to tell another soul what they have seen.

They may look back nostalgically at the relative freedom we now enjoy, and say "if only we had take some action when we had the legal right and the opportunity to do so, we might have been able to prevent this..."

Join us on 11 May at the Sydney Town Hall or in a suitable place your own town. Stand up for truth - at least then you can say you did something.


Let's do our bit in the "LAND OF MURDOCH" and help yourself ..

to some freedom and liberty.

Australians you live in the lucky country, but one day soon we will pay the price of neglecting our democracy!

I did a search at the Australian Broacasting Commision recently and there was not one story about 9/11 truth!

It is time we made the news, see you on the 11th.

Regards John