Email exchange with NTSB

I called the NTSB yesterday regarding a general inquiry into how they produce their animations for investigation. I did not intend to ask any question with regard to Sept 11. It was a general inquiry...

This was their reply...

Subject: September 11 products
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 15:56:44 -0400
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Mr. Balsamo:
I understand that you have recently contacted Mr. Doug Brazy of our staff to inquire about work done following the September 11 terrorist attacks. As you well know, we supported the Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation into those attacks. Our work product was done on their behalf. Under the Freedom of Information Act, we have released some of that work product, and it can be found on our website. Because this work was done to support another agency, we are not commenting on it, and would refer all inquiries to the FBI. Any future contact with our agency on this matter should be conducted through established FOIA procedures. Please do not contact any NTSB employees directly on this matter.

Ted Lopatkiewicz
Director of Public Affairs

My reply back to them...

Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 13:28:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Pilots For Truth"
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Subject: Re: September 11 products (NTSB)
To: "Lopatkiewicz Ted"
Mr Lopatkiewicz,

My request was not an inquiry into the investigation of the Sept 11 attacks (we already hit many brick walls in the past as I'm sure you are aware), rather an inquiry into the work product itself used in any investigation the NTSB produces. Such as a description of the different grids used on the animations that are regularly produced by the NTSB regardless if it were used for Sept 11. If this is something that is bound by red tape and needs an FOIA to get an answer, what has this country become? We have tried time and time again to get answers from the NTSB and the FBI for the products your agency has produced which do not support the govt story. Neither agency is willing to cooperate. Why is that Ted? Your American 77 Animation based on what your agency claims is from the AA77 FDR released through the FOIA does not support the govt story (see our webpage for press release), and now it appears your UA93 Animation does not support the govt story in many areas as well (report will be forthcoming, unless you would like to address the conflicts prior to print?). The american people want answers. Remember, the govt serves the people, not the other way around. Unless that is the ultimate goal.

Rob Balsamo
CC: members of
Several media outlets.

Very Well Said

Your reply makes some excellent and completely irrefutable points (attacking them with the results of their very own study) and leaves little room for obfuscation on their part.

This needs more attention

The NTSB report needs to be seriously questioned. People need to know the fact that a plane apparently flew over the Pentagon (according to the report). Which begs the question: where did they get the data from? Obviously not the Pentagon crash site if it flew over... unless of course, they just did a very bad job of faking the evidence that a plane crashed there.

I have to admit I wondered about this question myself.

Keep up the good work.

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It is Amazing

Just amazing how there are so many different approaches to finding significant contradictions in the official theory.


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9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

"As you well know, we

"As you well know, we supported the Federal Bureau of Investigation's investigation into those attacks."

Nuff said.

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My aren't they defensive...

Me thinks he doth protest too much.

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He can request all he wants

"Please do not contact any NTSB employees directly on this matter."

It's funny that he would even send a message like that. What a joke.

Perhaps he thinks that, because he's "from the government", that you will kowtow to his "supreme power and lofty status".

Typical of some GS-14 government employee paper-pushing idiot. (they're not all like that, but way too many are -- and I only picked GS-14 because he's probably somewhere around that level, although he could be as low as a GS-9)

Obviously he's worried that someone will either say or write something that "they" do not want them to, or perhaps someone will finally whistleblow on their shenanigans. They need to keep their people isolated from "the truth", because it has a way of infecting people's souls, and then all Hell can break loose.

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How to talk to federal employees

I was talking to an ex-federal employee who knows the rules and regulations because they helped people with EEO complaints and other issues like that, and they said that the person (of course) doesn't have to talk to you, but they can if they want, but they may "get in trouble for it" if their supervisor(s) want to give them a bad time about it. All they have to say is something like, "Unofficially, as a citizen...." That technically protects them. And they can legally do that from work on a work phone or through work email. You can also ask the person if you can talk to them when they aren't on the job, on their own time. And you can also get them to speak "off the record", which you are then technically not supposed to tell anyone what they said, but they might tell you some good info that you can then use to get other good info. Like they might tell you that you need to talk to a certain person, or inquire about a certain event, or they might point you in a certain direction, etc. So asking them if they have anything to say "off the record" can be valuable.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent

9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)