Waking Up The Neighbours

It was about a month ago when I saw Richard Gage's online video. After looking into his credentials, I said to myself "he's the ticket". The whole plan came to me in an instant. If we could get Richard Gage in town to speak to a group of his peers, we could then take those awoken architects and engineers to the first responders. The architects build the buildings the firefighters fight fires in...the firefighters would have a hard time arguing the simple physics with a bunch of architects and engineers.

Dr Hawkins came over and wanted to do even more 9/11 activism when I showed him Mr Gage's video and I said "we need to get this guy here to speak to his peers and some firefighters"....his response was, "ok, lets do it". Neither of us like to sit back and watch the world go by, so he was on the horn right away to get Gage up to the great white north. Believing in nothing on a small scale, the plan escalated to bringing in Barrie Zwicker and inviting all the local journalists to a round table discussion on the media silence. Bam! Dr. Joe hooks up Barrie Zwicker to come in and host the discussion. Hey, since all the teachers at the university got a dvd or 2, let’s get both Zwicker and Gage to speak at the university. More phone calls and the university was booked.

But where do we get the $ to promote this properly?

In comes a local activist who has been wanting to give to something that would really wake up a lot of people at once. Thank you John!!!

Seeing this movement develop over the years and watching how the public reacts to the information being shown to them, I wanted to take a different approach with promoting Mr Gage's crucial lecture. If the public automatically adds the word "theory" when they hear the word "conspiracy", then logically, we should stay away from anything the public equates with conspiracy theories. It was time to hit the powers that be and the public with a dose of reality. No 9/11 truth slogans or anything that would make the person think they didn't know something that we know. People are too cool these days and they know it all....so when talking about it, I figure no talk about anything other than the physics of the collapse of all 3 towers. We'll try and do what the evil bastards have done so successfully, keep repeating it and act like it is, and it will be. Especially with the truth behind it.

Having hand delivered about 20,000 dvd's to prominent members of the community, Dr Hawkins has a few contacts and the balls to walk up to them with some facts. He has already given the physics to some folks at the Manitoba Architects Association and decided now would be a good time to contact them and see how they felt about a San Francisco architect coming in to speak on how the 3 towers fell. After seeing the obvious, the Architects Association accredited Mr Gage, agreed to pass out the information on the lecture to their members and is giving Con Ed Credit for attending Mr Gage’s lecture.

“Hmmm..do you think the Engineers Association would bite too?” …Yep. After bringing to their attention some simple physics and that the Architects Association had accredited Mr Gage, they agreed to send out the info on the event to their members as well.

The planets are aligning.

Boy, I can't wait to see the town's reaction to the storm this is going to cause.

A call goes out to a few more close 9/11 activist friends and we got a street team plastering posters, burning dvd’s and handing out flyer's for the event all over town. Thanks to the generous donation, we were able to approach local tv and radio for advertising of the event. I stayed up all night and made a commercial I thought would make a few people go “hmmmmm” and maybe come out to the lecture.

I banged off a 30 second radio commercial that I thought was going to make any talk show host look like an idiot if it was played on their show and they didn’t discuss it. http://stoplying.ca/cos/rg.mp3

They’re both airing and the event draws near. It’s 2:50am and the local paper has just published their online version of tomorrow’s paper. Looky what we have here http://winnipegsun.com/News/Winnipeg/2007/05/28/4213690-sun.html

My my….this week is going to be one hell of a wake up call…

Stay tuned for the Richard Gage DVD. You might want to drop a copy off at your local Architect Association.

More local coverage

tv calling

Richard Gage, Barrie Zwicker and Dr Joe Hawkins have been scheduled to appear on Breakfast Television tomorrow morning.

I will have video asap

Today's Weather Brought To You By

Today's Weather Brought To You By "How The Towers Fell"...... http://stoplying.ca/cos/cjob.mp3

Fire Houses and the appropriate DVD to give to them.

We need to get a DVD of this event that we can hand out to all our local fire stations. I'm sure they sit around a lot during the day and have time to put a DVD in their DVD player and watch some TV. HOpefully. This speech sounds just tailored for this type of activism.

Congradulations! Ready for Next Project?

Kudos to StopLying and your band of Canadian activists! I have another project for you once you've concluded this one. Canadians may be the only ones that can pull this off. The US is hopelessly lost--witness the continued funding of the endless occupation of Iraq. Just another day in the empire. The project is described in last pages of David Ray Griffin's latest book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking". He is calling for international commission to conduct a trial. Maybe you can help with that--to be held in Winnipeg of course! Thank you Canada for helping to bring truth to light!