Please contact me if you live near Paris

Herblay FRANCE
Friday 1 June 2007

Bonjour ,

Since two weeks on this blog, I have been trying to find some Americans or others living in Paris or near by, to join up with me in organising a 911 truth gathing in the centre of Paris ( jardins de Tuileries ) once a month on the 11th day. For the moment no one has replied.

However some one on this blog did give me the good link to
which helped me to see that we are six citoyens who want to meet up to denonce the Bush lies in Paris. I joined up straight away and I am trying to contact the other five.

I found on
the suggestion that
is the most efficient way to act for the 911 truth. For the moment I do not see how this web site will help me to meet up with others in Paris.

I cannot believe that I am the only French guy on so please contact me if you are living near Paris.



I posted this on your last

I posted this on your last blog entry and I saw members from France:

You should join some major forums and post in the new members section and wait.

That all I have for now.

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Any luck yet?

Any luck yet?

Another idea I have:

I've been watching a few Sarkozy clips on YT and I believe I noticed some french truthers. You may want to contact a few through GooTube.


BTW, what does this translate into:

"Quand je dis y'a des racailles"

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Action every 11th of the month : "Onze bouge" Paris 11th June

Herblay FRANCE

Thanks for the link which permitted me to arrange a meeting in the heart of Paris with ten other people. Julie came all the way from Switzerland to be with us.

I have put up a photo of the event on this at

Put my email and adress for France in meetup but it seem that I will have to pay if I want to create a group for 911truth

Yours John