"Investigate 9/11" signs on HBO show "John From Cincinnati"

First off-- I didn't see it firsthand, but a friend of mine just told me that in the most recent episode (#5) of "John From Cincinnati" on HBO, there's a street scene and in the background there are a couple 9/11 Truthers holding "Investigate 9/11" signs! Has anybody seen this episode, and/or the scene she's talking about?? My friend is not a truther, so the fact that they were prominent enough in the scene to come to her attention was what got me.

Here's the official site:

And here are some mentions of it in the show's forum:
"Lots of placed symbols including "Investigate 911, Jesus, and an odd symbol on a guy's baseball cap."

"...during the crowd scenes in this episode, someone was holding a sign reading "Investigate 9/11." Probably someone from the Bill Maher forum."

"Yes, I froze the frame to see it clearly, the sign said "Investigate 9/11"

"There were people there with 9/11 signs. There were probably some pretty radical people there."

I don't have HBO, or cable, or anything close.. so I can't provide any kind of screen capture or anything, but maybe someone will read this and be able to..?


I saw it. Glad someone else did too. Let's hope someone can get a screen shot of it or a short clip to post with it. Keep on truckin'.

The creators of JFC also....

....are the same people behind HBO's "Deadwood". I've mentioned this here before but, IMO, the last season of that series flirted with 9/11 allusions, if you knew what to look for. Garish holes put in buildings, false-flag terror, lust for resources by powerful elites, etc.

This reminds me

of the 9/11 Truth sign I saw in the new Neil Young dvd "living with war".