Organizing and Orchestrating the Rise of People Power and the "Fall" of 2007

Being that 'our' Congress has now shown its full hand about its willful impotence in dealing with treasonous war criminals complicit in mass murder, it is now clearly all about the power and avenues for strategic action of We the People. After Congressman Conyers chose to arrest some of our great patriots in this country, rather than push forth the process of impeachment which was laid out by the Founders to be used, regularly if necessary, in the case of mismanagement, conflicts of interest, unbecoming behavior and general ineptitude, it should give us serious pause in thinking about our strategic way forward. The entire administration is a conflict of interests. George Bush and Dick Cheney are the biggest racketeering corporatists in history. Mussolini could not have been prouder. But, I guess the Democratic Party is more interested in playing politics (stupidly and impotently I might add) than saving the Constitution of our Republic and the lives of our soldiers, the Iraqi people, the Iranian people and all the people who will soon be consumed in the total war of terror if we dont pull the plug quickly. Se La Vi, especially in what has become an all out District of Criminality. So what are we gonna do, give up and die?!

Of course not. Many if not most of us in the 9-11 Truth and Justice movement never had much if any confidence in our current crop of politicos in the first place. The 9-11 Truth and Justice Movement is a profound example of a people power movement, from the underground books that sell like crazy and the blogger armies, to the monthly street actions around the world and the guerilla infowar confrontational specialists. With much work to do between now and then, especially so we don't get false-flagged again, September 11th IS a big day, both symbolically and practically, for the movement. From the calls for a General Strike to the massive gathering planned that entire week for NYC, we can make that day the beginning of the coming "Fall" of 2007. There is resonance in fairly recent history for the rise of people power to bring down tyrannical regimes in the fall. In the fall of '89 two peaceful revolutions were thrown in totalitarian communist Eastern Europe:

1) The "Peaceful" revolution over the course of the month of October that brought down the Berlin Wall and the remains of totalitarian communism in Germany-
2) The "Velvet" or "Gentle" revolution in former Czechoslavakia (now Czech Republic)-This one took about a month and a half. There were flowers in guns and the whole thing-

Our situation is different in that most of us in the 9-11 Truth and Justice Movement seek a rejuvenation of people power in our form of government not an overthrow of the government. This should make things click if we proceed with deftness, discipline and joy. We have rights, responsibilities and methods given to us by all those that struggled for freedom before us in this nation. There are many possibilities for this fall. The institutional peace movement led by ANSWER et al is planning a march on and occupation of congress starting on September 15th in DC. We with 9-11 Truth and Justice can help bring the fierceness and potency of having identified the Achilles Heal of the Oligarchs to the mass mobilization of the peace movement. I will address a couple of specific pathways and tactics in my next blog entry: "Truthtowns and Treason Trials."

for now, here are 2 additional resources and sources of inspiration:

1) In the Phillipines, where people were willing warriors against colonialist Spain and US for decades, they settled their overthrow of tyranny in about 4 overwhelmingly peaceful days in what was called the "Rosary Revolution." About a month ago, I met a Phillipina shaman woman down at the empty lot where the South Central Farm used to be in the physical and still is in the spiritual who helped organize that revolution. And she was one of the people at the US Social Forum who I am sure helped to pass the bridge 9-11 Truth resolution. So, she is out there and on our side, know this.

2) read "From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation" (which is one of the top 3 books under 100 pages ever written) by Gene Sharp who is friends with David Slesinger at for free online @

u forgot

if u do nothing about the corrupt media (jail time for traitorous propaganda spreading) u are ripe for round two!
free press is not reading off prepared C.I.A statements!!!!!!
we have them on our hard drives time and time again earning there under the counter dirty payments!

David Rockefeller, At the Bilderbergers meeting 1991:
"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."

after impeachment U MUST HAVE A FREE PRESS!

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.

Dear able

..........I agree. They should be convicted of treason with all the rest.

I can't agre more Shumonik .

I just want to say that sept. 11 07 will be too late. The bomb will be launch on americain soil before that, 9-11-01 will be an old history and martial law will be in place with no possibility for manifestations in any street of the country. Cheney don't want USA to see the last Loose Change. They will act before 9-11-07.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

I also agree....

Time is not our allie. 6 yrs is bullsh**t.

I believe they cannot act

I believe they cannot act ....

They have over-stretched credulity already, the next false flag terror-event will be resisted by some brave journalists... and that they cannot risk.

Why should they worry? The financiers couldn't be happier with the status quo.

- the media is mute
- the military busget is gigantic
- private corporations have more power than ever
- public institutions are weaker than ever
- the iraq bloodbath keeps people frightened
- all adversaries have decided to cooperate
- 911 worked so well, its like 365days of christmas for them

This is in line with history! Here is a fairly accurate account of it:

So what would drive them to fake another attack??
Please name the reason(s).

WRONG. NOW Is the time to Act!

While I love the sentiment of this well-written entry and the much-needed hope that it inspires, I must say that we can't wait for a Fall Rally. We must expose these latest Executive Orders-- Presidential Directive 51, whereby the President can effectively declare martial law and establish a dictatorship, and the recent July 17th Executive Order "Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts In Iraq" NOW!

While we all look forward to a big September with the Anniversary Rallies and Planned LCFC release, we must get through the Summer first. This last week of July is critical for our movement. We need to get out in front of the possible "false flag" on the USS Enterprise as soon as August 5th in the Persian Gulf now in order to preempt it. This will be blamed on Iran. We need to get in front of a Cheney/Cherftoff prediction of a nuclear bomb going off in an American City NOW-- not Sept.
And most importantly we need to bombard Congress, the media, our online sources, etc. about these sickening Presidential Orders and hope people will give a shit. It is unreal how Americans and politicians can be so in the dark about Executive Orders. Even groups like the ACLU, who raise hell about habeas corpus (and rightly so) seem oblivious to EOs
that gut the republic and set the stage for the police state. We need to shine the light!! And we need to do so NOW. In July.

Wake up and act to end the nightmare, NOW.

Along with RL McGee, above, the original posting caught my eye and held my attention for its thoughtful remarks and hopeful sentiments... but I'm afraid the world can't wait. We must get out the word about these National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directives; we must force them into the light of day. I am stunned, outraged and frankly scared to death by what these documents state, what they promise, and what they will deliver upon us and our country if they aren't quickly exposed and voided.
How can anyone here - here of all places - believe that the people who orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and everything that's followed... how can we believe that they'll simply surrender power in January '09? Has not "Attorney-gate" revealed itself to be an obvious preemptive effort to install Republican loyalists in the event of anticipated charges of election fraud in key states following an '08 election? That effort hit a snag. For any other administration it would already have resulted in articles of impeachment, just as scores of other illegal acts by the current administration would have done, but we here should know better what's going on by now. There isn't any need for fixing the elections, and there aren't going to be any articles of impeachment. The real question is not who will win the elections next year, but when those elections will be suspended and how many Americans will be killed in the process?
Given these Presidential Directives and the unraveling secret history of this administration's corporate-financed criminal enterprise, its orgasmic dreams of global hegemony and our complacent and complicit media... what is left for them to do but stage the cataclysmic event that even Brezinski flatly told congress he feared would propel us into war with Iran, and that would surely result in the police state that's codified and delineated in the Directives?
The clock is ticking. What possible basis is there for believing that these traitors will go quietly into the night, hoping someday to regain the powers they now have comfortably in hand? I pray I'm wrong. I gladly welcome the ridicule of being proven wrong... but we're all familiar with connecting the dots that those entrusted with our government failed so tragically to do before. The clock is running down... Wake up and act to end the nightmare.

"The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master." Thomas Pynchon

Brilliant article.. solid

Brilliant article.. solid logic

But people will not take to the streets unless they are hungry for freedom.

The freedom-junk-message in the USA has stuffed people up.

For a revolution I can recommend to all of you kids to take GREAT CARE to become more solid in your logic-base!! The shortest and most painless way to learn it is to listen repeatedly to a great thinker, on your ipod (mp3) and quote from the transcript:

The current USA reminds me a lot of the East German regime in its last days.
The trouble is that East Germans were a lot better informed politically. The protest-movement there was always accompanied, if not carried by learned intellectuals.