We Need to Support 9/11 Activists

I don't have the answer, but I know the question:

How can we support 9/11 activists who have really done some good work and need help because of it?

For example:

- The head of one of the best 9/11 truth groups has been harassed and threatened with physical violence

- One of the best 9/11 writers and one of the best 9/11 filmmakers are each going broke because they have spent so much time spreading the truth that they haven't put in much time for paying work

- Many activists feel alone, cut off, and depressed, since they feel like it is them against the world

I'm not advocating becoming hippies (I'm as much as a conservative as I am a liberal). But in the 60's, alot of people got involved in the anti-imperial movement because there was alot of SUPPORT. People didn't feel alone or cut off. They felt like people were supporting each other's activism. (They also had alot of fun, which is why alot of them got involved. As a side note, we have to find ways to have alot more fun doing activism than we are now so that we sustain our efforts without burning out and attract more people to the truth movement, but in a more mature way)

In the 80's, activist groups figured out how to sustain their work long-time by raising money through door-to-door canvassing, selling informative magazines or calendars, and getting donations.

In the African-American community, one of the main outcomes of the "Million Man March" in 1995 was for these folks to pledge to patronize each others' businesses, so as to keep money flowing in the "community", in order to empower that community and not to patronize people who would oppress them. (I'm not black, I'm getting all of this second-hand, and I apologize if this is inaccurate).

And legal defense of activists has been a long-honored tradition.

Can we raise money for front-line activists who are doing good work? Can we coordinate efforts to report to police threats against activists and stand together to defend them (or will this just embolden the bullies who are trying to intimidate us)? Can we get off the net and meet up in a social way so that people don't feel so cut off and alone?

I don't have the answer, but I want to start the discussion. How do we support 9/11 activists?

By the way, a prominent 9/11 activist who's physical safety has been threatened many times suggests that every one of us consult an attorney about potential threats against us. That way, if we are threatened with violence in a serious way, we'll already know who to call.

This makes some sense. But it might make more sense to all chip in and hire a single lawyer who can receive all such calls, so as to be able to present evidence of a coordinated campaign of harassment against 9/11 activists and to be able to more effectively help people if they are threatened.

Such a lawyer should specialize in civil torts such as harassment, emotional distress, defamation, etc., as well as criminal areas such as felony threat, assault and battery, etc.

Best might be a former prosecutor who now is in civil practice, who has experience in these areas, and who has a demonstrated track record and commitment to protecting people who speak truth about unpopular political issues.

Great info/post!

Everyone join, no obligations, meetup if you can.

Now Lucas is broke unfortunately. I have often heard similar stories on http://MikeMalloy.com and http://ThomHartmann.com Show.
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i'm a big believer in

i'm a big believer in creating a 9/11 economy that allows people to "vote with their dollars" by dealing with businesses who operate from a 9/11 Truth reality. as such, one thing i am working on is an ad network that would reward 9/11 publishers, help businesses reach the rapidly growing 9/11 Truth community, and help Truthers find quality products and services.

i think creating a 9/11 economy is one of the best things we can do to support each other.


Sounds a lot like BuyBlue.org which I was a big supporter of. List and support businesses that are friendly to 9/11 Truth. Although that leaves the opportunity for those few numbskulls in our country to then boycott these same businesses, but I'd take that risk anyday. Economy is a great place to voice political concerns. Great suggestion.

I'd also like to see a networking site of 9/11 Truthers, where people can check in on each other and make sure no one has "disappeared" etc. That is always a concern as our movement grows and it would be nice to have a place where we could all check in and notify others if something goes wrong.

Peace and Concerned.

I keep hoping

I'll win the lottery so I can donate a million dollars, or something, to grassroots organizations and activists.

Realistically, it would be nice if someone like "Cut & Run Jimmy" Walter ( http://www.911blogger.com/node/10755 ), and others like him, would start some kind of a super fund that could give activist grants to people and groups. (that's one of the many things I would do if I had money)

I also keep hoping that no one is "getting rich" off of selling merchandise and the like (like some anti-9/11 Truth people claim), and I don't think they are, but you never know. If anyone is making some good money, I hope they have a Share the Wealth card in their pockets. (but I think we all know how that usually goes)

People need to be as supportive as possible to people who are doing good things, especially if they are selling some product. (so some of these people who need money need to set up some type of an online shop where they are at least selling one item that people might like — and 9/11 activist-artists also need to step up and donate some of their skillz to the cause, as well, and I don't think we've seen anywhere near enough of that, yet)

If you could get people to not be political assbites, it would be nice to have an award event set up, like PETA's "Proggy" awards (and others), which could, ideally, have a monetary amount with them. http://www.peta.org/feat/proggy/2004/winners.html (kind of like a MacArthur award or the Nobel and others) That could also be accompanied by a suggestion for people to donate to the winners of their choice as additional support.

As usual, there are no easy answers. But they aren't that hard, either. And there are others of varying degrees of difficulty.

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Good Post George

Thanks for calling attention to this. I've gone out on the financial limb myself, carrying most of the costs of TruthBurn up to this point. We do it because we are profoundly committed to the truth and 911 truth.
It would be great to call either an online or physical meeting of 911 activists to brainstorm over this issue. I believe that great wealth is good thing when it is applied to good things like the work we are doing. None of us should have to suffer because of this dedication.



Thank You GW and I will be back

and mad as hell when I can get some cash rolling in and get out of this situation. I will NEVER stop fighting these SOBs. I just have to step away for a while until I look out for myself. I have spent so much time worrying about everyone else I have left myself completely destitute.

Thank you

DataRS could use help ASAP!

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not in anyway to negate anything here

But part of the lesson here, in addition to helping each other is staying in balance. Part of our "job" as activists, so to speak, is to do what needs to be done to stay taken care of and provide for our mental, spiritual, emotional and financial health. This is already a long haul and no real signs that that won't continue. So, it's unlikely that one person's blood sweat and tears to add their bit is going to be the final straw that breaks the camel's back. Sure, one of them's got to (we hope), but what are the odds that if you bust yourself and burn yourself out financially that it will be yours? Not high, I would say. I sent off a couple of "care packages" this AM, so like I say I'm not devaluing what's been suggested, just adding another piece to look at. Daniels (from the old LC forum) wrote a piece called Balance which I think is worth everyone's time to read (and reread if you find yourself out of balance or headed that way).