Poll: Should Rudy speak at 9/11 ceremony?


So far, it's about 70% No.

Should be higher. Please vote.

Giuliani at 9-11 ceremony

For those of you who haven't read it, Webster Tarpley's book "9-11 Synthetic Terror" details Giuliani's trashing of the NYFD and expedited scrubbing of the WTC site.

"Giuliani’s rush to eradicate the crime scene without regard to the preservation of human
remains thus served two important goals. He was able to destroy much pertinent
evidence, and he succeeded in throwing the firefighters on the defensive and playing
them off against the police, the construction workers, and other groups. He was able to
split the firefighters themselves. The firefighters were tied into knots emotionally, and
were left with no time or energy to pursue the issue of justice for their heroic fallen
comrades, which could only have been served by directly raising the issue of the
indications of controlled demolition in numerous points of the World Trade Center
complex. Nor was the cynical oligarchical strategy limited to Giuliani: at the 9/11
commission’s last set of hearings in New York City, the FDNY, NYPD, and other line
departments of the city were mercilessly baited by the likes of former Navy Secretary
John Lehman, who told them that their operational coordination was inferior to that of a
Boy Scout troop. So far the firefighters have not been able to mount a challenge to the
9/11 myth, which necessarily portrays them as incompetent, in spite of their heroism and
huge losses. Only by demolishing the myth, only by unearthing the story of controlled
demolition, can the immense historical merits of the firefighters be duly recognized."

From Ch. 6


"An odd remnant of the core

"An odd remnant of the core of the north tower remained standing for about 15 seconds after the main collapse, then seemed to abruptly disintegrate into a narrow column of dust where huge steel box columns had been..."

Do you still propose that the remains of the towers turned to 'dust' and disintergrated?
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips
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Just voted

no's are up tp 86.6%

Dracula at the Red Cross Opening

I hope he shows up and I hope the wearechange.org folks show up with the families and I hope its on the national news that evening.

89% now

I voted no, but on the other hand everytime this bastard appears on stage provides a new opportunity for him to be heckled, proving that he can't appear anywhere publicly without feeling the pressure of our movement. We need to extend that pressure to the corporate media as well, and more aggressively than we have been.

The only public statements Giuliani should be making about 9/11

should be at his arraignment hearing and trial.

Anyone who has seen the live interview, or read the transcript, between Mayor Giuliani and Peter Jennings on 9/11/01 has to ask why can't the media even pay attention to itself?

All law enforcement officials have sworn an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They need to be reminded of this every day.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

he is a zero

The sick thing is that his campaign is focused on him being the 911 hero and the reality is he is a zero

he is a zero

The sick thing is that his campaign is focused on him being the 911 hero and the reality is he is a zero

Fuck no.

Sorry. Bit carried away there.

Where's this poll? ;-P

let this enemy of freedom speak

let him be shamed when the hundreds in attendance turn their backs until he leaves the podium