Vancouver attendance

I enjoyed myself immensely at the 9-11 Truth Conference in Vancouver B.C. in June. I don't believe, I would ever have met anyone by the name of Sahara Exodus if I hadn't taken in the event? She is a member of the Free Thinkers Society of Vancouver. It seems almost alien to someone from Nebraska. At least, I'm unaware of anything approaching that kind of freedom in the midwestern city of Omaha?

I had read much of the 9-11 story but still was exposed for the first time to new authorities such as Will Thomas, Peter Dale Scott and Alfred Webre. I learned a lot!

I had previously been impressed by Barbara Honegger's Pentagon Attack Papers and had the pleasure of meeting her. I snapped this pix below.

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Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman
I too got turned on by the good folks who put together the Vancouver 911Truth conference. My favorites were Robin Hordon, Steven E. Jones, Barrie Zwicker and the organizers of this historical event. I enjoyed Mr Tarpley but don't always support his tactics...Dr Kevin Barrett too is a champion for 911 truth , we have so much to be thankful for all these brave people.