9/11 Truth at the SF Impeach on the Beach Event

Yesterday's (9/15/07) San Francisco Impeach on the Beach event was a complete success!
The World Can't Wait, Code Pink, and I am sure many other individuals and organizations all stepped up to the plate and made a show at Crissy field. Some local 9/11 Truthers also joined in to send an "IMPEACH! REASON? TREASON!" message to Congress. 659 people went online and registered for the event. The 4th seat (The "Pelosi Seat") on the helicopter was auctioned off for $355 on EBAY.



If you would like to see the Video, which was filmed from the Helicopter...you can find it here:


Nice way to spend a beautiful day with an amazing group of people!

Nice job! It looks COLD up

Nice job!

It looks COLD up there!

"Our country's founders cherished liberty, not democracy."
-Ron Paul

Video on 9/11-Truth

Video on 9/11-Truth demonstration in Brussel on 9/9/07:

WOW DUDE !!!! Where did all them people come from :-{)

This should be in a BLOG all by itself, AMAZING turnout !!!

You could hear French, English, German, Dutch etc ALL coming together with the same MESSAGE...

So many thanks....

*** ADMINS *** Need to story and frontpage this, superb

Thank You for adding the Video

Seeing people around the globe speaking out for TRUTH fills me with hope for positive change. Thanks for submitting the video.

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