City TV News' "WebNation" interviews Dylan Avery

Canadian television station City TV in Toronto hosts a show called WebNation with smoking hot host Amber MacArthur. On September 13, 2007, Amber interviewed Dylan Avery. If you don't want to watch the entire episode, you can skip to about the 9:30 mark, where coverage of Loose Change begins. Dylan does mention a few details about the final cut. I must say, despite my wariness of Loose Change in the past, that it sounds like Dylan has matured and the final cut will be a marked improvement over version 2.

Here is Amber's video blog:

Maybe drop her a line of thanks for covering 9/11 Truth (but please don't drool):

Wow are Canadians ever good

Wow are Canadians ever good looking!!!!

All Canadians?

It must be all those beaver tails they eat;-)

We're fairly attractive as a

We're fairly attractive as a rule but tend to have fewer teeth than our American counterparts. Not sure why...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Ron Paul

I saw Ron Paul in Chicago today. Lots of energy surrounding the guy. I wore my 9/11 gear and stood around . . . people were asking me questions . . . no one had a problem with it . . . . even the guy from the John Birch society wanted to talk about flight 93.

Nice group of people there.

my friend and i were there

ron paul, when asked, said that mossad involvement in 9/11 should be investigated. this ain't a joke. maybe i'll see you at the hollywood grill.

The teeth thing...

It must be all those 20 onces steak Americans eat ;-)

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Beaver tails and hockey pucks eh?

Beaver tails and hockey pucks eh?


Nice interview, but the question remains.......
Just asking because we are all anxious.

Loose Change:FInal Cut will be available

November 11th on the internet. - the upside of Mark Cuban leaving the project.

DVD's should be available by the end of December...

You should also expect to see an official trailer and website up in 7-10 days.

The film won't be shown in theaters... at least not in American theaters.

Abject failure.

Ok, LCFC will be released 14 months after the originally promised date. No theatres, no Charlie Sheen, and no budget for marketing. Just another Johnny come very, very, lately internet amateur video.

Time has passed Loose Change by. Another internet film by those guys won't have any impact. 911Mysteries is already available as a DVD from all the major retailers. Improbable collapse and Richard Gage are out there too. What will LCFC offer other than urban music that is like kryptonite to anyone over age 25?

Forget LCFC, it is time to move on.

I'm surprised they didn't

I'm surprised they didn't have some type of contract with Mark Cuban for its distribution before they started promoting it that way. If they had some type of penalty for pulling out of the agreement, they'd have a whole lot of money to find another venue for distribution. Regardless, it sounds like the production quality of the film is high, and I can't wait to see it.

Show "Bitch bitch bitch." by enigs


I do look forward to viewing an Air tight Loose change...

One where when they give an interview about they cannot use the same sound bite about the pentagon twice.

Loose Change

Suggestions from a relative Newbie -
- Prove one thing wrong and the whole story goes.
Why try to say you know everything ? You'll make mistakes ! Why ?
Believe me the CIA etc. have things you've never heard about.
(I've been comment)
Is Richard Gage in Final Cut ? If not - fold your tent.
To be honest - no one over 30 wants to hear some young punk telling him/her what's going on in the world.
That's just the way it is.
People like Richard Gage are saving this movement.
Do you want to listen to a experienced architect or some young guy who looks like he's still in High School ? (no offense Dylan etc) ?
....But Dylan is the guy who keeps being interviewed ... Where's Rich ?

- Mega point 2 is don't argue with the shills . They just try to fudge things and then go on repeat..
On YouTube etc. refer the shills to the architects and engineers for 9-11 Truth site. Or Pilots For 9-11 Truth etc. to answer their questions.
Don't ramble on why you're an expert.
They are Shills. Quit talking to them.Spam them by telling them where their 'insightful' questions should go.
They can inform the experts'.... and what did they say ? ....Then they can talk.'
There's too much repetitive chat that is ... ........based..
Wake up.

Things have repeatedly been

Things have repeatedly been proven wrong, they just change the story to fit to the new argument and that's it. Insiders like Sibel Edmonds are gagged!

Gage should be promoted, I agree!

Conclusion:use as many techniques as possible for reaching the goal (new independent investigation)

Dont forget Steven Jones- I

Dont forget Steven Jones- I always found his edivence very compelling.

Thats messed up that the cinema release fell through! Why was that?

Because we live in a Fascist Police State

maybe you forgot that.
The entire MSM is complicit in the crime and the cover up.
I never thought for 1 second that LCFC was ever going to be shown in American Theaters in anyway except just small theaters with private showings.

I understood that it was

I understood that it was gonna get an international release through Guy Richies 'Revolver' distrubution company, it was on their website advertising the release.

I mean releasing Loose Change final cut on the internet will achieve nothing that the previous version has not already. It needs to reach the mainstream.

I wish those guys would let us know what is going on- potientially this could be the most important moment for the movement getting a mainstream release and the tipping point of public opinion.

Ever watched "Orwell Rolls in his Grave"?

If not then give it a look. Until we the people take back our Media and stop all this lying propaganda then we have ZERO chance to get any further.

test screening LCFC

I viewed a test screening of LCFC in NYC 10 Sept. The theatre was packed, and the cut received roars of approval. Believe me, it is cogent. I merely hope they find a narrator whose voice carries more gravity.

It is a tremendous pity that mainstream media's blackout is so thorough, but I am confident that LCFC will go viral across the worldwide web, huger than any previous 9/11 video, thus further dooming MSM to irrelevancy

test screening LCFC

I viewed a test screening of LCFC in NYC 10 Sept. The theatre was packed, and the cut received roars of approval. Believe me, it is cogent. I merely hope they find a narrator whose voice carries more gravity.

It is a tremendous pity that mainstream media's blackout is so thorough, but I am confident that LCFC will go viral across the worldwide web, huger than any previous 9/11 video, thus further dooming MSM to irrelevancy

The Bottom Line.

The bottom line is Dylan Avery and the boys have pissed me off with all their secrecy and lack of updates to the people who have supported their asses from the beginning. They don't say a word. Secrecy ain't what this movement is about or what is going to make it succeed. Why the eff did they ever decide secrecy and lack of communication was the best policy to move forward with Loose Change. It is driven by the folks like us on the internet. Damn it. The most reason I'm so upset about it, is because I had my hopes up so much for it. With people like Charlie Sheen and Mark Cuban behind it I was thinking this was going to be the deal breaker. It sucks.

Hopefully Guy Ritchie finds it in himself to produce it and get it into theaters. As for the Narration. Anyone could do it. Charlie Sheen ain't that impressive as a voice. If Guy Ritchie gets behind it, I'm sure they could find someone credible to give a good narration. No offense Dylan. It's just that it would be good for publicity to get someone new to narrate the damn thing. If you guys are ever going to get it out.

LET US KNOW WTF IS UP. Man. It ain't going to hurt your new career as some blockbuster filmmaker.

The Bottom Bottom Line


Dude, you have NO IDEA what kind of year we've had. We've been through so many ups and downs and now all we want to do is just release the film.

My career? Blockbuster filmmaker?

Do you even KNOW me?

Do you realize that if the Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen thing had NEVER gotten leaked, it WOULD BE IN THEATERS RIGHT NOW?

Blame William Rodriguez for leaking that shit to the NY Post.

I'm sick of you fucking armchair quarterbacks hurling insults at us and judging every move we make instead of getting out there and being the change you demand to see in us.

Maybe if the movement was comprised of more people like Luke Rudowski and less people like you, we would have accomplished something by now. But, no, it's easier to sit online and bitch about how terrible LC and its makers are. Genius.

You think you're pissed off? How do you think I feel? Busting my ass day in and day out to finish this movie and get it out, and this is the kind of thanks and response I get?

Why the F is this being voted down?

What are you people thinking? Dylan deserves a voice here at 911blogger.

Dylan, I think the frustration shown by some here is commensurate with their hopes for your film. Perhaps that is our fault, placing too much pressure on one film to make all the difference.

For my part, I disagreed with some of the features of version 2; however, it sounds from your interviews like you have used some advice from fans and others to revise the final cut into an admirable film. All the buzz is good. At this point, people are just very anxious to see it. Maybe sometimes too anxious.

Do you mind me asking what

Do you mind me asking what happened with Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen in the end? also what is the dilly with revolver distribution?

It the film complete with all of the CGI graphics you need to illustrate your points, as this is an area I may be able to help with if you need it?

We're on your side

I wish you guys all the best.
You've informed thousands - I guess it may be millions - of people of the problems with 9-11.
Make no mistake - you are heroes.
I think much of the frustration is the MSM's lack of coverage of 9-11 Truth.
When and ,if it finally hits the airwaves - it's Loose Change - 'just a hobby of a few college kids in Upper State New York.' Etc. It's more than that...
Others on board are ignored. Loose Change takes over the debate. It's not your doing.
I think you guys are great - it's just frustration you're the only guys covered lately.

William Rodriguez

PS - Don't blame William Rodriguez for anything.

Blame Sheen and Cuban. Oh - sorry - I guess Cuban's too busy dancing...


time to back off. chill. i am heartened by all the young people who have been turned on to the truth movement and have become activists. LC has been key.