9/11 Truth Hits Melbourne

Thanks Melbourne

The people of the United States cannot wake up on their own. When the rest of the world tells us the OTC is a lie, then the giant will wake up.

Beautiful words, aayers... too true makes tears.

When it is back down to cleaning our own house, we can not rely upon anyone else. That would not be fair, and would not be just, and would not be lasting.

Thank you, Melbourne.

Well Done 911 OZ!

Excellent Video!

This is well produced and very informative.


Our Friends in Australia & Canada are doing a Great Job.

Keep it up!

Also from an Australian Production Company.

Feature Documentary
80 min & 52 min

Director/Producer: Gillian Norman
Associate Producer: Ian Woods

9/11, Islamic extremism and terrorism are now all synonymous. But what if that horrific act of terrorism was not the work of Arab extremists?

Could it be that 9/11 was a covert operation - perhaps the greatest deception in world history?

Presenting experts from Russia, Germany, France, Britain, USA and Canada, SHADOWPLAY will intrigue, challenge and shock audiences as it investigates the question that few dare ask: could the American government have carried out a false flag attack as a pretext for igniting wars to advance prior blueprints for global domination and control of strategic resources?

That prospect may seem outrageous, yet some dare call it treason

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it.

That was great!

That was great!

Thanks 911oz

The production values do not get much better! I'm very impressed 911oz! They state the case succinctly, "it's all B.S. and lies, rubbish on TV." They are on top of it and I've added 911oz to my favorites. Thanks!

...don't believe them!

Thanks For Your Support

A Special thanks to somebigguy for posting this video here, i have been run off my feet and did not get around to it.

We are gearing up for a solid truth action here in Sydney this thursday 11th October - see you there!

(: Hereward