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Is it More than Politics with Wesley Clark?
Jack Lesser / WeAreChangeSeattle.org

LAKE FOREST PARK, Washington - Time makes for experience and lessons learned, knowledge gained. Wesley Clark served in the United States Army for thirty - four years and rose to the rank of four -star general as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. On his most recent book tour stop for A TIME TO LEAD, We Are Change Seattle talked with Wesley Clark about his book, 9/11, Iraq and Iran.

Only politics and posturing for an 08 position could challenge the integrity of someone who has shown the amount of courage, leadership and military achievements as Clark. Growing up in segregated Arkansas, later at West Point, and Vietnam Clark is no stranger to adversity. His views on the challenges America faces today and those on the horizon should certainly be considered but are his answers here complete?

In his book, Clark makes reference to the Gulf of Tonkin as a “supposed attack” but balks when asked whether or not the possibility of a false flag operation could be used to justify war with Iran. Clark states “l don’t know anything about that”,” …the current administration is looking to find a way and a reason to attack Iran.” Someone with Clarks experience and intellect is certainly aware of the history of false flag operations and his response teeters the line into double think.
Clark has mentioned in several interviews that he feels the investigation into 9/11 is incomplete, having issues with the way intelligence was used for the Iraq war and echos those same concerns here. It is refreshing hearing him talk, a strain of sanity. I say strain simply because of the political undertones. Wesley Clark recently endorsed Hillary Clinton earlier this week which speaks louder than all the military decorations. Yes, We Are Change Wesley, but we want more than the other side of the coin, it is A TIME TO LEAD.

Perfect Style

This is the way all of the memebers of the movement have to approach people form the publi sphere. Intelligent, sensitive, informed questioning.
Luke, and all the other guys, take a lesson.

The Truth is an Offense.

All non-violent techniques have their place and are valuable to this movement. Luke's style is nothing to be ashamed of or in need of any lessons.

And We Are Change Seattle. Good on you. Great interview. Thanks for allowing us to see it.

Take a Lesson?

Please, you sound pompous. WeAreChange first got an answer from Wesley Clark on 9/11 Truth weeks ago. We also were very polite.

Figure it out guy, sometimes with a person like Wesley Clark, a guy who has a notorious past and a suspected War Criminal in Kosovo, yet, who appears to have no direct association to the massacre of 9/11, you give him the benefit of doubt and can be addressed with some civility. However, if a WeAreChange member comes across a one of the main suspects like Larry Silverstein or Rudy or others and there is a fleeting moment and no opportunity to have a proper sit down interview, rules of proper conversation need to go out the window. Shout out at him/her to let them know we are out here with the Truth and also so that others in the vicinity get to hear a bit of 9/11 Truth.

In other words, hardmizzen2, take a lesson.


Great job WeAreChange Seattle!


Great job WeAreChange Seattle!

I agree



We Are Change Seattle is on the forefront of the movement. Your work is invaluable.

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern to bow!

Caption all videos

Approx. 28 million Americans have a hearing impairment,

so , I say; put English captions on as many videos as possible. especially the short ones, it doesn't take long time and that should increase hits.

Here's free captioning software:


Here is the Oregon Truth Alliance take on General Clark

Video: http://blip.tv/file/get/OregonTruthAlliance-GenClarkOnGulfOfTonkinIranPr...
The video starts out when a questioner, a young outspoken member of the Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, asks "I wonder if you could tell everybody here if the Gulf of Tonkin incident actually happened....that got you into the Vietnam War?" Clark seems not to know that the Gulf of Tonkin incident didn't even happen. Clark then moves to a question about Iran and states we are going into Iran as if the Democrats can do nothing to stop this insanity. Note Truther Barry Ball in the scene with Clark wearing an "Inside Job" banner for the benefit of a standing room only crowd. About six other Truthers were there. The security guard would not allow signs and would not even allow members to wear small signs taped to their shirts and hats. I succeeded in wearing a "9/11 Truth.Org Demand Justice" T-shirt. I asked the guy if he was going to demand that I take my shirt off. He said no and I immediately challenged him as to what was the difference? He had no logic, and just demanded Tim take the signs off his shirt and hat. I was hoping that when he took the sign off his hat and it said "Beavers" underneath that he was going to insist that Tim put the sign back on but that didn't work either! Sorry, a little Duck humor there. Anyway, it was an interesting display of partial 9/11 understanding by Clark. I seriously wonder if he should be listed at the "Patriots Question 9/11" site. He doesn't seem to understand false flag terrorism if he doesn't even "get" the Gulf of Tonkin yet.

The Internationally owned

The Internationally owned corporate media dictating information to Americans often squeezes in a little truth only to manipulate and frame the information as to be beneficial to their cause of keeping the American public misinformed of the larger truth (that the conglomerate of the global military industrial complex and banking syndicate and energy monopolists are trying to maintain their world domination primarily by deciet). If it helps people to feel more comfortable and confident to question 9/11 because they see General Clark expressing his concerns about 9/11 Truth, I say leave it be. "To track and kill the wolf you have to think like a wolf" ... Chief Loco Moco

little soft eh

sure we don't have to bullhorn from a foot away, but this interview was played like slow pitch softball. I mean, where are the tough questions?


Uhm yeah, Wesley Clark is a war criminal.

Uhm yeah, Wesley Clark is a war criminal. Don't forget that he led the interventionist war into Bosnia, which used BIn Laden and Al Qaeda involvement with the KLA as a pretext.


Clark led the NATO intervention in Kosovo in '99, and to say that the bin Laden and Al Qaeda links of the KLA were the 'pretext' for the intervention makes it sound as if the U.S. and NATO went in there ostensibly to fight them--when in fact it's not disputed by anyone that they went in there as allies of the KLA, against the Serbs and the government of Yugoslavia. The pretext was an alleged 'genocide' of Kosovar Albanians by the Serbs-- allegations that panned out about as well as the claims re WMD in Iraq (but you'll be hard-pressed to find an anti-Iraq War liberal acknowledge that: 'Yugoslavia? But that was humanitarian intervention!').

Clark is absolutely a war

Clark is absolutely a war criminal. just put Wesley Clark,war criminal into Google and get to reading. even if he wasnt at Waco(there is evidence to suggest he was in fact there and in charge)theres still plenty of evidence to prove hes a war criminal.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Excellent job We Are Change

Excellent job We Are Change Seattle!!!!!