Ron Paul on 911 Truth says the "investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up........"

Like him or not: Ron Paul's Meteoric Rise

911 Truth Activists pls contact him to put 911 as an election issue.

We need to engage Washinton D.C from many many angles. The Political Front is very important.

Even if you don't support his conservative viewpoints, he still has the support of some 911 Truth Activists, he has called the Official 911 Investigation a cover-up hence the opportunity for raising the issue of AN INDEPENDENT REINVESTIGATION is still viable. - see section on Ron Paul

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Just to vote this up after some doofus voted down the BEST 9/11 quote yet by any presidential candidate in the last two presidential election cycles.

Use this:

Congressman Ron Paul on a new independent investigation of 9/11: "Well, that would be nice to have. Unfortunately, we don't have that in place. It will be a little bit better now with the Democrats now in charge of oversight. But you know, for top level policy there's not a whole lot of difference between the two policies so a real investigation isn't going to happen. But I think we have to keep pushing for it. And like you and others, we see the investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up and no real explanation of what went on."

Ehh -- he's a fetus lover

Oh, get a sense of humor already.

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Ron Paul has had an AMAZING day of Fundraising...

I'm not 100% certain but I believe he has broken the record for the amount received in a single day...

When I looked yesterday it was 2.7 million, today it's already at...

Gotta respect the grass roots campaign at :

Ron Paul is the Six Million Dollar Man !!!


If you have a few bucks spare to help his campaign, then head on over to

This is gunna be hard for the media to ignore :-{) - History in the making !!!


Anyway, thought I'd let ya know...

Many thanks and best wishes

Over $3,800,000 raised. More than 35,000 total donations.

Is it possible to comprehend what we've done today? Earth-shattering, jaw-dropping... No matter which way you phrase it, Ron Paul is for real.

Over $3,800,000 raised.

More than 35,000 total donations.

1 message - and 1 candidate - unlike any other.

Can we keep our momentum going? The most successful fundraising day ever is John Kerry's $5.7 million. And that was on the day he accepted the Democratic nomination.

Let's do it:

Jonathan Bydlak
Fundraising Director
Ron Paul 2008
911 veritas and johndoraemi THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Also 911 Truth Activists pls provide his campaign with CREDIBLE 911 TRUTH / INFORMATION- for eg. to give hime some solid ground to reinvestigate 911.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


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