Marc Cooper Attacks Cynthia McKinney -- Please Respond

Trying to attack McKinney via Obama with exaggerated distortions is, in some ways, a very good sign -- they are that concerned about her candidacy.

It appears that they need to turn people away from her before anyone can hear what she has to say, especially potential Obama voters. There will be more to come, but we need to respond.

Marc Cooper is a writer for the Nation, a publication that does their best to trash anyone who asks too many questions and defend most official version of events, no matter how transparently. For example the Nation published an attack article on The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin, authored by CIA agent, Robert Baer, that started with the line: "Conspiracy theories are hard to kill," and went downhill from there. This is what the Nation and it's writers are about -- defending the official version of events and working hard to take down anyone who asks too many questions through distortion, smears and innuendo.

(Interestingly, just as an aside, there are a number of parallels in this article to a recent on by Horowitz's "Front Page" publication, by Eric Dondero, almost to the point of plagarizing, it seems. Check out the paragraph starting with "The former six-term Democrat Congresswoman . . . " which is almost identical to the one in this story.)

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McKinney’s shenanigans sent the party further into irrelevance
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - 2:58 pm

HERE’S SOME NEWS YOU MIGHT USE about Barack Obama. Did you know he was, in reality, a government plant, a sort of Manchurian Candidate activated by Big Brother to confuse black people?

That’s the political gospel according to the recently self-proclaimed Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney as she launched her national campaign this week from Houston. When asked by someone in the small audience at Texas Southern University about Obama, McKinney responded: “Look at the Colin Powells, the Condoleezza Rices, the Ward Connerlys... We have to be careful with the black people who are put before us by the media.” She then segued right into a monologue about the 1960s FBI COINTELPRO program, noting that it had included a plan to replace Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a more moderate voice. Which, we can only conclude, pretty much sums up Obama’s sinister role in the scheme of things — or, at least, in the jumble that occupies the space between McKinney’s ears: He’s a government stooge.

Nothing really new here from the sad Ms. McKinney. You’ll recall that during her six terms as Democratic congresswoman from Atlanta, a post from which she was ousted a second time in 2006, she staged several similar outbursts. Though a champion, at least for a while, of liberal Democrats, McKinney rolled around in the usual sort of mud piles that surround Capitol Hill and at one point had to publicly apologize for using taxpayer money to fly Isaac Hayes around to perform at her fund-raisers.

But it was her bizarre public behavior and outrageous political positions more than her shady ethics that finally eroded her support. Apart from taking a haymaker swing at a Capitol Hill cop and beyond her solicitation of $10 million in social contributions from a Saudi prince, she was one of the first high-profile adherents of the official wack-job “9/11 Truth” movement, directly implicating the U.S. government in the staging of the attack on the Twin Towers. She made the charge — surprise, surprise — on Berkeley’s Pacifica Radio station, and then repeated it during a 2002 speech to the Congressional Black Caucus. After winning back her congressional seat in 2004, she put her signature on a “call for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur.”

The conspiracy charge hardly came out of the blue, as the McKinney family has established a rich tradition of public scapegoating. In the immediate aftermath of her defeat in the 2002 primary, her dad told reporters: “Jews have bought everybody... J-E-W-S.” Somehow she was re-elected to office in 2004, but was finally defeated again in 2006 by Hank Thompson, an African-American county commissioner who ran on a platform of, well, sanity.

So now the publicity-hungry McKinney is back, all dressed up as a presidential candidate, albeit of a third party, and being trundled around by the likes of Cindy Sheehan and other activists who have clearly gone ’round the bend. Anyone with even vaguely progressive inclinations ought to toss tomatoes at a charlatan like McKinney rather than applaud her. She’s an embarrassment and a fraud.

I’d say it’s a pity that the Greens are adopting her if it were not so predictable they would. There are some places in the world, like Germany, where the Green Party actually has some reality and some real influence (the Greens were part of the governing coalition there for much of the last decade). And at a time when consciousness about climate change and the environment in general is rapidly growing, the moment seems ripe for a movement or a party based on sustainable alternatives. But not the U.S. Greens.

I readily admit to having signed a public letter of endorsement of Green candidate Ralph Nader in 2000 and have never regretted it, though I was disappointed in the campaign he ran. He took criticism at the time from some fringies for not being lefty enough during his run, but I thought he pandered too much to the fragmented sects around him and didn’t run strongly enough as Ralph Nader the consumer advocate the country had admired for decades. His rerun in 2004, unfortunately, descended into farce. And if McKinney becomes the Green candidate this year, the party will have reached the level of shame and total irrelevance.


Edit: I never thought I'd see the day. When you do a google search for "Jonathan Gold, 9/11" sometimes a food critic by the name of "Jonathan Gold" comes up. As far as I know, this is the first time we've been on the same page together.


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Jon Gold's evil twin

The really interesting thing about (food critic) Jonathan Gold at the LA Weekly is that he is MARRIED to the Editor-in-Chief, which is one reason why he gets promoted so much.

So... call him too, and tell him to discuss 9-11 Truth with his wife at the dinner table, which obviously will be at one of LA's hottest taco stands!

V for Visibility!

Wow - reads like a CIA Press

Wow - reads like a CIA Press Release

Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

Makes you wonder how long this was in the works

Say, maybe she was supposed to be set up sooner, --say the end of summer?--but dodged that bullet--somehow?


yeah - seems like plan

ditto..... Done

Can't help but despise gate-keeping shills for the government. The includes the entire pseudo-left-'progressive' rag, 'The Nation'.
"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Done !

This woman stands up for America, and all Americans ! It's only right that we stand up for her !


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Thanks all! One thing I'm

Thanks all!

One thing I'm seeing as McKinney's campaign moves forward is that some Greens are not aware of the 9/11 truth issues at all, and have an automatic response to reject the "9/11 truth movement," of which they also know almost nothing.

When the hardcore belligerent attacks like this come out, it's not for nothing . . . they are specifically going to try to take her down on 9/11 and divide the Greens over this issue. Given that this attempt to divide the party is ramping up, I took a few minutes and collected some of the national responses from the Green Party to 9/11 over the years. The position of the party itself is clear, even as some within the party will be afraid or disagree. This is what's important because the majority of the party will side with Cynthia, as they have always agreed with her on these issue.

On the 5th Anniversary of 9/11, Greens Call for a New Probe of Unanswered Questions
SEPTEMBER 11, 2006

September 11, 2004

July 29, 2004

Greens Call 9/11 Commission Deeply Flawed, Call for An Independent Probe Led By Surviving Family Members.
April 28, 2004

Greens Call for Investigation and Prosecution of EPA, NSC, White House Officials Who Lied About the Quality of Air Near the 9/11 Site in New York City
August 27, 2003

Green Party Calls for a New Democratic Direction in U.S. Policy on the Anniversary of September 11
September 10, 2002

Greens Demand an Investigation into Bush's Prior Knowledge of the September 11 Attacks
Sunday, May 19, 2002

European Greens Support International Cooperation in Response to September 11th Attacks.
December 13, 2001

Green Party of the United States
October 4th Statement on the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001
Endorsed on October 16th by the Miljoepartiet de Groena (Sweden) and on October 17th by the Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico (Mexico)


Greens fully support the right and obligation of the U.S. to seek justice. The complete disregard for the sanctity of human life displayed by the perpetrators of these atrocities must be countered by a just and lawful response. Justice is the goal and mark of a civilized society. Thus, we call on the United States Government to exercise caution and restraint as we form a response to these attacks. Indiscriminate military actions and acts of vengeance would only escalate violence and generate additional hatred.

Furthermore, a unilateral and indiscriminate military response, especially on the Afghan or Arab peoples, can easily be misperceived as an attack on Islam. This would undermine international support for the US, further fanaticism and terrorism and ultimately imperil the possibility of peace in the future.

Therefore, we believe that the September 11, 2001 attacks on innocent civilians should, in accordance with domestic and international law, be characterized as an international crime against humanity, not a war. A full investigation, undertaken with international cooperation, must take place before the President and Congress attempt to bring those responsible to justice. Accordingly, the identification of any perpetrator of these offenses and their supporters must be based on solid and credible evidence not by innuendo or conviction in the media.

Raging Shills

The Nation has an OVERT CIA connection: Max Holland. Max Holland has been an editor there the same time he has been an editor of the CIA's website.

Holland has put forth the absurd bit of bullshit that it was the KGB (Soviet intelligence) who made America believe that the CIA could have been involved in the Kennedy assassination. Blame the Russians!

He's written about this for decades. He has a track record of direct disinformation on behalf of CIA, ... and he edits The Nation magazine.

Cooper has long been suspected of fulfilling the same role.

Marc Cooper needs to be challenged and discredited for the foundation bought shill scumbag he is.

Typical Cooper, typical Nation

Not to mention the magazine is a sop to the Democratic party, i.e., no friend to the Greens or any independent political organizing. To be attacked by them is a sing you're probably on the right track.

It is, instead, The Nation which is reeling towards irrelevance.

I sent this to all three locations above!!

Dear Marc Cooper,

Regarding your comments on, Green Party Presidential Candidate, Cynthia McKinney's concerns of how cointel pro has attempted to manipulate black culture . . . it speaks more to your ignorance than to McKinney.

What she said about FBI cointel was true. Do your homework. You are a journalist. Murrow would be ashamed of you, I'm afraid I must say.

William E. Douglas, Jr.

David Corn another writer infamous for disinfo at The Nation.

I don't need to repeat any of the nonsense David Corn has put out there. Google "David Corn" and "conspiracy" if you need a reminder.

"The Nation" ought to just change it's name to "Those Nutty Conspiracy Theorists" Never mind the fact that HIS favorite conspiracy theory claims that 19 poorly trained religious zealots defeated the Pentagon's trillion dollar air-defense system an hour after the US completely understood it was under attack. THAT'S supposedly rational.


By the way... has anyone started looking at the US Naval assets that were in Norfork VA or just off the shore Norfolk VA on 9/11? AEGIS guided missile cruisers based in Norfolk on 9/11 were armed with SM-2 missiles that have a 100 mile+ range. They can fire from their dock in Norfolk and hit any inbound threat on the Pentagon from NOB.

Katrina Vandenhooval

I know . . . I can't spell . . .but I believe Katrina is a member of the CFR . . . . the Nation is an instrument of the false opposition.

great post.

Thanks for the alert about attack on Cynthia McKinney. A battle worth fighting here.


Marc Cooper is a very good writer and his posts about the dysfunction of repressive governments in South America are excellent, so it is with sadness that I read this hateful attack on McKinney and the 911 Truth movement. During the 1999 struggle of Pacifica Radio against a corporate takeover, Cooper and a thug who accompanied him in LA were threatening a labor activist and friend of mine. He shows two sides. One intelligent, the other, not much different from the bullies and thugs he so rightly exposes in his columns. As a fan of The Nation, I am deeply troubled by its lack of scholarship especially on what I would refer to as the academic wing of the 911 truth movement. As I've stated before in older posts, this lack of journalistic investigative courage will come back to bite The Nation, Democracy Now! , Norman Solomon, The Progressive Magazine and all other progressive outlets that share the same unwillingness to penetrate the growing unease that is the unfolding nature of 9/11 truths.