smear campaigns

Call for investigation of Left HATEKeepers (and Right HATEKeepers, too)

Probably most people who have studied unofficial 911 literature are familiar with the idea of a left gatekeeper. If you don't, remember that Google is your friend.

However, I see recurring evidence of what amounts to HATEKeeping. By this I mean, smear type of rhetoric, broadly applied to an entire group, that paints them as hateful. The net effect of this is that it serves to divide the public, by encouraging primitive, emotional, tribablistic 'thinking' about the evil other. It thus inhibit real communication, which could lead to united political action (say, e.g., against the clear and present danger of plutocracy).

I'm sorry that I don't have the time to develop this idea, more. I will make a few more points, and hope that I inspire somebody to look more carefully into this.


1) Imputing hatred to others is just one way to generate hatred for the others. There's also speaking of the others in a contemptuous tone of voice. This is certainly done a great deal on the radio, by right-wing gasbags such as Rush Limbaugh, and a misanthrope I've heard in the NYC area called Bob Grant.

Marc Cooper Attacks Cynthia McKinney -- Please Respond

Trying to attack McKinney via Obama with exaggerated distortions is, in some ways, a very good sign -- they are that concerned about her candidacy.

It appears that they need to turn people away from her before anyone can hear what she has to say, especially potential Obama voters. There will be more to come, but we need to respond.

Marc Cooper is a writer for the Nation, a publication that does their best to trash anyone who asks too many questions and defend most official version of events, no matter how transparently. For example the Nation published an attack article on The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin, authored by CIA agent, Robert Baer, that started with the line: "Conspiracy theories are hard to kill," and went downhill from there. This is what the Nation and it's writers are about -- defending the official version of events and working hard to take down anyone who asks too many questions through distortion, smears and innuendo.

No Paranoia Intended, But Could We Be Set-up?

What is going on here, is this just slander or something worse;

O'REILLY: "Now let me make a prediction here. Driven by crazy websites, the far left in this country is so out-of-control that somebody's going to get hurt. No American has a right to intrude on church services, television programs, or any other private gathering. If authorities don't wise up fast, bad things are going to happen. Wait and see."

Glenn Beck: This is the kind of group that ‘a Timothy McVeigh’ would come from.”

Dave Nalle from "Blog critics": "It's easy to laugh at the conspiracists, but it's a grim truth that someone protesting Bill Maher this week might be the next Timothy MacVeigh or Ted Kasinski a few frustrated and ignored years down the road."

John Albanese to appear on Visibility 9/11 with Michael Woolsey

The broadcast time of this interview is still to be announced.

"...Ashcroft has revived the FBI's totally discredited COINTELPRO program, which flourished from 1956 to 1971, during the anti-war and civil rights movements."

John Ashcroft On Trial
Turning Justice On Its Head
by Nat Hentoff
January 11, 2002

This week, Visibility 9-11 visits the topic of COINTELPRO in what hopes to be a new series on issues facing the 9-11 Truth Movement. "Left gatekeepers", dis-information specialists, agent provocateurs, and internet "trolls" all work to distract and/or discredit the fine work of literally thousands of good and caring Americans involved in 9-11 Truth. It is important to recognize the history of things our government has done which has violated every tenet of a free society.

John Albanese will be discussing his upcoming film "Disinformation in the Information Age" and the rash of disruptions that have taken place within the 911 Truth movement over the last several years.

Subjects to be discussed:

- Cointelpro today - this is not your father's Oldsmobile - is it legal under the constitution?
- Is all research created equal?