Calgary 911 Truth Rides with Santa

Thanks to Phaedrus for sending this in.

What Merry FUN!

You brought my holiday spirits up! Funny how everybody is so willing to take an info packet from Santa Claus. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

MP3 Audio Clip - We Are Change UK & Philly 9/11 Truth

Monday December 17, 2007
Alex Jones Speaks With We Are Change UK And 9/11 Truth Philly About Recent Actions

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Calgary 9/11 Truth rocks

Weren't you the guys who commandeered the Walmart intercom?

Nice work.

Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman
Um yeah, ah hem... merry Christmas...
sorry to be scrooge Nathan but...
What were you accomplishing in this video here below... for 911 truth?

Nathan Moulton vs Calgary Transit Officers

It seems the security people who were just doing there job were civil and yet you and your camera man took the path of un-civil.
Do you think this helps us in Canada regarding 911 truth with confrontations like this?

"F" for trying! re Transit Hit Piece (and on our military men and women Nov11/2007)

" F' Funny Wal-mart Video

"M" for Merry Christmas to Nathan Moulton Film Makers.

"b" bah-humbug

Richard D. Brinkman

Dressing up like Santa during the Holidays is a great way to get people to take free stuff from you....we went through about 500 DVDs in 30 mins. It was very successful. As far as new "un-civil" video... I was asking that Transit Officer simple questions about filming and what did he do? tells me to show him ID and says he is going to issue me a summons. For what? I know that running away was stupid and I wasn't sure if I should post the video, I knew that I would get some mixed feelings about it... But I did because I wanted to show what happened. I wasnt trying to accomplish anything for 9/11 truth. We are living in a police state when transit cops are going around arresting people and demanding ID for no reason. As far as November 11th, we just wanted to get the opinions of Canadian Soldiers about the war. As far as Wal-Mart, it was a good way to get peoples attention to the truth both in the store and online. As far as all the other tactics we use to spread the truth. They are working. Stop judging our ideas, we are trying to get the truth out with creativity. If you don't like the videos don't watch them. I shouldnt have to explain our reasons to you. We will spread the truth how we want, and you spread it how you want.


Show ""I wasnt trying to" by adanac

I didn't...

... get a chance to see the video, but I do agree with what you say. Every effort to spread truth is a good effort. Yes a do agree that we all need less negativity, but sometimes a little confrontation is the only way. I understand that right now the negative spin turned towards the truth movement has caused many to to be wary of giving any ammunition. Having said that, sometimes a tactic not favored by everyone is the only tactic there is.

I believe in individuality. I have respect for diversty. To lump us all into one little group with one set of guidelines is the very thing we're fighting right now. Individualism and cold hard truth will will this battle.

Do what you can. Do what you must. Do what feels right to you.

Bravo for the work this year. You guys are by far leading the pack in Canada. I know you've inspired me and I'm sure I'm not alone. Be safe out there.


Canada Wants 9/11 Truth

Richard D. Brinkman

Richard D. Brinkman

Thank you Nathan for taking the security confrontation with Calgary's LRT staff off YouTube. You could re edit it and remove 911truth at the start and end of the film so it dost look like it represents the 9/11 truth movement as a whole.

Would you please consider taking the one where you confronted and harassed the
Canadian Military on Remembrance day this past Nov 11/2007, or at least the part that shows them getting pissed off with you and your camera man?

Or better still, remove references of 911 truth cause it make us all look as if we disrespect our military here in Canada.

Thank you Doug


That was grea man - Keep

That was grea man - Keep being creative and getting past peoples defenses!
People are conditioned to take stuff from Fat men in white beards dressed in red clothing for some reason... :D
Truth Revolution: The Eleventh of Every Month

500 dvd's! way to go

500 dvd's! way to go,
I spent the 11th of Dec. in front of the Palm Beach county courthouse
handing out 9-11 DVD's.
thanks for sharing

Stellar work guys! Can't wait to see wha

Stellar work guys! Can't wait to see what you've got in store next 11th! (and inbetween)

Which DVDs were you giving away?

Which DVDs were you giving away?

Go Calgary!

It's a very creative video and rather impressive by the response. My thanks to you.

And, Merry Christmas, Calgary 9/11 Truth!

Even Santa Claus...

...doesn't believe them!