"Super Tuesday" or "Stupor Tuesday" - The Property Party Wins Again...

Peter Dale Scott addresses the Santa Cruz Media Strategy Summit, January 26, 2008.

In the above video, Peter Dale Scott talks about the futility of engaging with a system that offers no real choice, referencing Gore Vidal, who has said, in various ways, "We only have one political party in the U.S., and that is the property party, which essentially is corporate America, which has two right wings, one called Republican and one called Democrat. I can't say I like either of them."

In his book, (which he quotes from in the video), The Road to 9/11, Scott points out that real change in this country is not going to come from the top down. In other words, substituting one representative of the Property Party for another is not going to change anything. Real change in this country will come from the bottom-up, through the networking efforts of grass-roots activists and media activism that currently has its home on the internet. A real, workable coalition is needed, engaging the divided voting public. Scott writes that what we need "is a movement, like that of Solidarity in Poland, that unites the various elements in civil society instead of setting them against each other. I suspect that left and right, by discarding preconceptions and learning more about those whom they presume to be adversaries, could discover that they may have more in common than they believe." (The Road to 9/11, p.250)

Yesterday, on DemocracyNow!, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney talked about the disenchantment of the voter who can see through the false paradigm presented to voters by the Property Party;

AMY GOODMAN: How did you go from Democratic Party to Green Party?

CYNTHIA McKINNEY: It’s a very good question, and of course, you know, I have now been to twenty-two states across our country, and I ask people who come to my events to hear me, what exactly was your tipping point? And so, I’ve learned that there ... is a community of people who have found that life is possible outside of the two-party paradigm. They have searched for resolution of issues that are of grave concern to them, and they have not found it within the two-party-system. But that has sometimes meant that they would withdraw from ... the electoral process altogether.

And so, we have a whole huge swath of the potential electorate who don’t even vote at all. And starting in 1968, many of them have said that the treatment (by) the Democratic Party of people, their children basically, who were outside of the Democratic National Convention and who wanted only to express their opposition to the Vietnam War, that was a tipping point for them. Others have ... said that 9/11 truth is a tipping point for them. The failure of the Democratic Party to support impeachment, which is really the ultimate form of accountability in our system, is a tipping point for them. And then, of course, we have this huge population of the African American community that has decided to withdraw itself completely from the electoral process. And Hurricane Katrina was like the last straw.

And so, what we now want to do is to bring those people back in and to demonstrate to them that it is possible for us once again to have this community of conscience of people who are willing to participate in the process and to make that participation based on shared values. And our values are, first and foremost, peace. The values that we have to express are ending the disparities, the glaring disparities based on race and class that exist in our country.

Scoop columnist Michael Collins explores the issue of the Property Party, but calls it the "Money Party" in a four-part series at Scoop;

The Money Party is a small group of enterprises and individuals who have most of the money in this country. They use that money to make more money. Controlling who gets elected to public office is the key to more money for them and less for us. As 2008 approaches, The Money Party is working hard to maintain its perfect record.

It is not about Republicans versus Democrats. Right now, the Republicans do a better job taking money than the Democrats. But The Money Party is an equal opportunity employer. They have no permanent friends or enemies, just permanent interests. Democrats are as welcome as Republicans to this party. It’s all good when you’re on the take and the take is legal. Links to parts 2, 3, and 4.

(Collins continues his critique in a semi-satirical piece called, The Massive Multiplayer Political Game (MMPG).)

Perhaps we should call it "Stupor Tuesday", as millions of Americans will be casting votes today, convinced that it means something.

But those are the citizens lucky enough to cast a properly tallied vote. At Mark Crispin Miller's blog, you can read about the theft of the New Hampshire primary, and the perils of easily manipulated electronic voting, lots of problems today across the country on digital machines, but you'd never know it from the Property Party's Press.

Unless you are a die hard conservative voting for Ron Paul, voting Republican is akin to a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. On the other hand, voting for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is also difficult to fathom. OilEmpire.us has a good selection of articles laying bare the paucity of real difference between the two candidates.

It's too bad Willie Nelson isn't running for President.

(Peter Dale Scott video courtesy 911tv.org.)

Show "Peter Dale Scott is a clear seeing HERO !!" by BillDouglas

Anyone else a little tired

Anyone else a little tired of Bills endless plugging of this book ? Bill why dont you go to the same lengths to plug DRG's books and Peter Scott's for that matter ?

Similar to the Da Vinci Code, the Shell Game is a work of fiction - just as the Da Vinci Code has not lead to the downfall of the Catholic Church, I very much doubt the Shell Game will have a positive effect on 911 Truth. I can only see it placing 911 truth further into the fiction catagory in the minds of an already skeptical public

You might like this book


English professor Curtis White says Da Vinci Code and the movie Office Space both hold at the possibility of an alternative then snatch it back. He might say the same about Shell Game, which I think overall ends up justfying 9/11.

You can read it here, in Chapter 1, but pages are missing:


Dwight I have no interest in

Dwight I have no interest in that book - what relevance does it have to this issue ?


Thought you might like it, but I can see how you'd think I wasted your time. You mentioned Da Vinci Code. Your point is simple. Fiction has no place. That's a valid point. I'm just saying that Shell Game has a bad message, like Da Vinci Code, which the author says does not show how to bring down the Catholic Church that it criticizes, like how Office Space doesn't have a positive message in the end for dealing with corporate dehumanization.

Property Party VP/Spokesman Warren Buffet..

http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0401/p03s01-usju.html top insurance company as the new Enron?

An accounting probe at AIG worries Wall Street, and involves some of America's richest men.

By Ron Scherer | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

NEW YORK – American business is facing yet another major scandal involving more accounting shenanigans.
But, this scandal has the potential to cause tsunami-sized damage: It involves a highly respected insurance company, American International Group (AIG) - which is part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average - which has now admitted to $1.7 billion in improper accounting. And, it has enveloped some legends in the financial arena: Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, forced out as chairman of AIG, and Warren Buffet, the Omaha stock market guru, who will be questioned about his possible involvement.

OK, this is uninformed speculation

and probably laughably wrong, especially since I don't know how this case turned out. But I've often wondered where the money came from that made the insurance companies willing to pay out on the WTC when criminal involvement of the insured would void the contract. I can see no way that the insurance companies could not have known that the NIST report did not explain the damage. For the amount involved, of course the insurance companies would have contested, just like AllState would send a fire investigator to look at your house if it burned down.


For 15 months fire marshals say Samuel White got away with arson, until these light bulbs unraveled his whole plan.

Sr. Fire Investigator Dustin Deutsch said, "Everything you could do wrong he did wrong. Everything you shouldn't do, he did do."

On October 11, 2005 the home White had owned for five years caught fire. When the fire was out, investigators found racial slurs spray painted on 14 walls. They thought it was a hate crime.

"It actually brings a spotlight to a house -- a crime that shouldn't be there," Deutsch said.

But when you look a little closer -- the slurs are misspelled and the swastikas are backwards. So maybe the perpetrator wasn't a good student of hate -- or maybe it wasn't a hate crime at all.

Deutsch explained, "It's a textbook case of homeowner involved insurance arson scheme."


Insurance Companies Launder Money Through Claims

Attorney Eric Moebius uncovered insurance company supported arson cases involving money laundering. Insurance companies support fraudulent claims for money laundering purposes. This may have played a key role in 9/11.

My name is Russell Hallberg. I reject hereditary crime.

Parties pretty much the same....

Only one would turn away while people drowned in order to make people understand that the Government wasn't going to protect them.

At all.


Any more.

Every man for himself from now on.

Let the seas rise.

The rich will survive.

And the poor will perish.

Ask Alex Jones.

Only one party likes to make a point by killing a lot of people during a National Catastrophe.

It's not my party.

Tune in to Tarpley on activist approach to elections

Amazingly perceptive analysis of the primaries by Tarpley, who convinces Jeff Rense that Hitlery Clinton is the lesser of three evil options -
the other two being Obama with Dr. Zbig Strangelove's war on Russia program in foreign policy and hyper-reactionary social agenda
and the GOP ticket of psychotic McCain with foreign agent Lieberman
The clou is where he shows that Obama is unelectable because he appeals only to a tiny group of wealthy liberal Democrats
That's the worst thing about Obama - he will give the White House back to the fascist Republican party
This all fits in with Tarpley's paradigm of the 36 or 40 year party realignment cycle which is now upon us
With Hitlery, this will realign away from the horrible southern strategy that has ruined the US since Nixon
It will be a new alignment of a "bi-coastal, urban southwestern coalition" which will be a much more positive force for the next cycle.
With McCain we go into another fascist cycle.
The US has alternated between positive and negative 40 year cycles. We've never had two bad ones in a row.
So another bad cycle could be catastrophic (like the one we are in isn't already!)
Tune in to become an astute political scientist in one easy lesson!
You can also try and record shows off GCN.

Tarpley will be on http://www.gcnlive.com/listenlive.htm today at 4-5 pm Eastern with Dr. Deagle, Nutrimedical Report, Network 4
or catch it later on http://www.gcnlive.com/On_Demand/Nutrimedical.htm

Tarpley is calling to spread the word to warn against the Zbig-Obama and to field our own 911 truth candidates rather than running after Ron Paul or Kucinich.

Peter Dale Scott perhaps the movement's greatest asset?

If you've only got a quarter of an hour, you can receive the solution from Peter Dale Scott. The above video clip is just great! Although I've read the book, you receive more of the spirit intended by the words when listening to him speak. Scott recommends a second level solution, a mass movement to oust a phony system!

Scott's also comforting in reminding us the fasicsts in our government can't control even the Republican party! I would counter, though, this may be true politically? The government and the alphabet agencies are controlling everything in real time, however! It's just a soft form of fascism or corporatism, at the moment, which may change at any time?

Perhaps, Peter Dale Scott's dissection of the nine o'clock hour in the Pentagon on 9/11, his belief that Cheney needs to be questioned under oath, are the greatest assets of the 9/11 movement!

Peter Dale Scott...
...please believe him!

something's missing

1/2 of one percent of the U.S. population owns almost everything, the U.S. population is about 301 million... then there's therefor only about 150,000 people in the U.S. ruling class.
Is it really just lack of information (i.e. the truth via the Internet) that's keeping us from taking them?

re: something's missing?

"Is it really just lack of information (i.e. the truth via the Internet) that's keeping us from taking them?"

Adam, I agree with your rhetorical remark, wholeheartedly. Your rhetorical question is not PC, however? We have been conditioned to be proper for at least 2 decades. With the Bush Administration, the mask of civility has been removed by the oligarchs to expose the face of raw power and aggression! It does seem, simple math should be able to provide a solution, if only the spark were there?

What are you proposing? You imply "by taking them" by the sheer fact of large numbers we should be able to overwhelm this ruling minority and have them removed? If you attempted it, you would join our very large prision population! Or, you may possibly be tasered or shot! Also, your wndow of opportunity is closing fast for such an act with the emergence of private armies of the ilk of Blackwater! Many people will do almost anything for personal gain and if you removed the present entrenched oligarchs, you may just get a worse lot in a dangerous game of musical chairs!

It's a good question but a dangerous one! Your remark, "something's missing,' is a good one. What's missing? A plan that would succeed even if the spark were there? The real trick is to turn this around with a peaceful movement by making an outmoded phoney regime seem irrelevant! It turns the tables on government who must then seek relevant issues to gain back the public's interest and support! It's something akin to ignoring a misbehaving child, who then seeks attention in a more positive manner.

Peace is the only path for a solution that won't degenerate quickly into bloodshed and imprisonment. It's an odd dance and psychological game that doesn't come naturally to me, but you must admit we cannot confront a ruling minority holding sway over the greatest military power on the planet? It does sound less stupid now why the 1/2 of one percent remains in ownership.

Further, you need to also consider chem trails and HAARP and all the sources of resonant tones that engulf our environment as having much to do with our present pacified country as does TV and Sports! I believe, these pacifying technologies account for a seeming lack of initiative in our populace and provides an answer, at least, partially to your "something's missing," comment that you seek?

...don't believe them!

The fraction was

......1/10 of one %.....Sucks does'nt it? Let the countries of the world have their governments. He who owns the gold rules the world.

And again I say

There IS at least ONE real choice......THE GREEN PARTY! and the candidate for president is a full blown unwavering 9/11 truther.

Stop voting for the same old shit and hoping for a different outcome.

The fact remains......

we have the best politicians money can buy.

I admire Scott but

his evaluation of the Solidarity movement in Poland is weak, wrong, and conformist. That was one of the most successful CIA operations to date - involving the Papacy, AFL-CIA operatives like Irving Brown, and the world financial system that made credit conditional on recognition of the Solidarity "union". When is the last time the world banking system, Reaganite neo-cons and the CIA backed real unions ??
I have admired much of Scott's work since the 70's, when he published several studies of the 1965 US backed coup in Indonesia. It served to broaden the horizons of the anti-war movement fixated at the time on Viet Nam. His problem in my view, like Chomsky's and so many other left intellectuals, is that they could never break from their cold-war anti-communist conditioning (and corral).

"...like Chomsky's and so

"...like Chomsky's and so many other left intellectuals, is that they could never break from their cold-war anti-communist conditioning"

Michael Parenti is one exception to that.

About Poland you are all wrong! I’m sorry to disappoint you guys

I'm sorry to disappoint you Mr Scott but about Poland you are all wrong. All this transformation from communism to capitalism was planed long in advance by communists them self. Solidarity Movement was infiltrated by moles and all real opposition was moved a side so that in year 1989 at the round table there was no real negotiations because there was no real opposition. On both sides of the table were seating people loyal to the old system. Real dweal was made few days before near Warsaw in “Magdalenka”. Even word famous hero Lech Walensa it seams was a traitor – a coward loyal to the communist secret police. Dill was made. We transform to the capitalism but there will be no trials for crimes made by communist regime – all bad guys can go and find their place in new reality. And because these gays where only one who knew what is coming and saved money ( they've stolen) from inflation (they created) “they” fast become new masters. And Mr Michnik you mentioned was one of THEM. Mr Michnik who is now owner of one of the biggest daily paper in Poland where he glorify W. Bush and “War on Terrorism”. Michnik is most hated man in Poland. His paper all this years since transformation is protecting communist who are in control of the key positions in politic, police and economy. They sold for pennies national property and still are taking everything they can and Mr Michnik is making great effort to protect them from being exposed.
Situation is so bad that young people can’t see future in this country. Lot of my friends left Poland and went to England, Ireland, Spain… to work because since 18 years in this country nothing is changing. You can make money only if you are in mafia of you have friend in government. How you can start live on your own if your salary is 2 $/hour and cheap flat cost 2000$/m2?
So Please! Enough with this Solidarity and Walensa Myth. That all was another great scam made by Elites to robe east European people from property we made over hands. Walensa was an communist spy. Michnik is loyal to the NWO Elites – one of those who ridicule everyone questioning official story of what really happened on 9/11.

What is meant by Property Party?

What exactly is meant by Property Party? I believe private property rights to be a good thing. Respect for private property rights is one of the things that separates the traditional Anglo-American culture from much of the rest of the world. It is the fact that both political parties ignore the constitution that is the real problem. It is hard to describe Bush as being to right-wing when his domestic policy is similar to LBJ and his foreign policy idealism is similar to Woodrow Wilson.

I did read Peter Dale Scott's book "The Road to 9/11." The last chapters that dealt with Cheney's role in 9/11 were the best.

Tanabear - maybe I can help - the sacred right

of private property is what has led, inevitably, to the concentration of wealth and power in EVERY capitalist country without exception. Many capitalist countries have quite eloquently written and "democratic" constitutions. But the abstract freedoms, "checks and balances", and whatnot gueranteed in these documents do not trump the money card. How can you have authentic democracy when a half percent of the population controls nearly all the wealth ??

Not always

Inequality of wealth exists in all societies, whether or not they respect private property rights. In countries that do not respect the rule of law wealth usually goes to the most powerful and brutal. Saddam's Iraq would be an example of this. The only way the government can change the distribution of wealth if for it to destroy liberty. This is the road to tyranny. An important question to ask is why do some countries have a greater equality of wealth than others. Capitalism is not the reason. The reason is diversity. The more diverse(ethnically, culturally etc) a country is the greater its division of wealth. The countries of South America have the largest disparites of wealth. Countries like Japan, Poland, FInland are more equal. What is causing the growing gap between the rich in poor in America today? Immigration. If you wish to slow the divide between rich and poor then we need to stop third world immigration. The state with the greatest equality of wealth is also the most conservative state, Utah. It is important to understand why there is a growing gap between the rich and poor, before we attempt to do something that will not work.

Video cuts off at about 4 mins.

Has anyone else noticed that this Scott video is supposed to be 10 minutes long, but it cuts off at about 4 minutes? Is this Internet censorship?

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