Old videos new to me and probably others. They speak for themselves.

WTC7 Collapse showing minimal fires, free fall collapse, inward falling supports walls, and one helluva pyroclastic flow. The audio is quite interesting as well..

Deal for OBL in FEB, 2001..

"We just heard another explosion" 8:40 a.m. 9/11/2001

Video number #1...

How did that guy know it was going to come down? Any thoughts?

By watching the teevee

He was probably watching Jane Stanley's BBC report 23 minutes earlier ... lol.

Thanks for these. I appreciate it.

Thanks. These tidbits which I had missed are always good to see.

If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.


I'm leery of any "new" videos never before seen suddenly showing up. In addition, I don't like the fact that the video (#1) looks as if it jumps or was just turned back on again before the building fell. Why? It looks like it was messed with. As far as I can tell this video shows nothing we don't already know.

Interesting hypothesis

Yeah, I wonder if someone "created" that video as a debunking tool.


of what exactly? It provides some real-time audio of the WTC7 implosion. The person filming possibly turned his camera back on after hearing something like this...

Explosions At Ground Zero AFTER Twin Towers Collapse Near WTC 7. - Watch more amazing videos here

anyone know if it is possible for a very large explosion to cause en electronic "hiccup" in a videocamera?"

Video Clip #1 doesn't debunk--it clearly indicts!

I don't see how video clip #1 can be viewed as a debunking tool?

The most significant thing about this video is the comment, "that's why they didn't try to put out the fires," at the moment Building 7 implodes! It's a clear case of foreknowledge!

It's possible, like AboveAverageAmerican, the jump in footage is an attempt to remove unmistakable blasts!

Video Clip #1 is worth watching! Clipped frames draw one's interest!

...don't believe them!

Vid #1 needs to be saved.

Can anyone extrapolate this vid to their computer for archival purposes? They may try and take it out.