WeAreChange Confronts Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton

MN CHANGE Confronts Mitt Romney February 2, 2008


Rhode Island CHANGE confronts Hillary Clinton


Mission Accomplished...

"You're everywhere, aren't you?" Mitt Romney.

Romney has the civility to at least respond to the questions, which is more than Hillary.

Thanks for a job well done.

...don't believe them!

Controlled Managers Of Populations Who Just Dont Care

These people are not independent leaders selected by us.

Instead, they are controlled managers participating in a rigged game.

These people simply implement policies that are created by others behind the scenes.

Each election cycle, different faces discuss the same recycled themes.

Nothing will change until the game is replaced.

QUESTION: "Excuse me, Hillary....

Do you believe that the CIA obstructed the 9/11 Commission?"

(If 'yes'... Then do you support a new investigation?) (If no... or any hesitation...)

"I ask you because the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission say they were obstructed by the agency:" Quote: "The CIA made a conscious decision to impede the panel's inquiry."

I have video footage of Hillary's visit to the RGV

Both the first and the second. It's pretty interesting, I think. I couldn't reach her the first time, so I gave my copy of "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" to Representative Aaron Pena to give to her (I have footage of that). During the entire rally, I held up high D911D and "The Commission" by Philip Shenon. It came out in the news, although barely. I've tried to find out if Hillary got my copy but so far no go. But, at the second rally, I just assumed that she did and was very vocal when she came near where I was standing. If she didn't get the book, I think she got my 9/11 truth message as I was pretty clear and loud (I've got video of that too). BTW, though I don't agree with her policies and am voting for Ron Paul, I really do admire Hillary Clinton.

I'll try one more call to Aaron Pena's office. And then I'll post the video in about a day or two.

EDIT: Just got back from the Bill Clinton speaking engagement for Hillary Clinton at University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) and one member of our group was able to hold up an "INSIDE JOB?" sign for Bill to see. I'm sure he is at least confused as the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is Hillary country and I'm sure he never expected that there would be 9/11 truthers there. This footage is a bit shorter, so I should have it posted no later than this evening.

Regarding Hillary

Regarding Hillary Clinton.

The Death of Vincent Foster :Evidence Of A Cover-up




Jorge Cabrera is a convicted drug dealer and friend of Fidel Castro.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


Great stuff! These "We Are Change" confrontation videos just get funnier and funnier.

And that's what we need: To hold up these criminal phonies to the light of mockery, rather than us coming across as sour-faced fanatics.