ZERO : the 9/11 Truth debate in the European Parliament - part 2

Here is the second part of the European Parliament debate. In this clip the Italian Parlementarian addresses the question from the audience as to why none of the mainstream media journalist showed up.

More videos will follow.

Wow, this is disappointing!

One should try to find out why no journalists showed up.
Did they receive threats? Or other hints?

My impression

is that that most of them have learned from their editors that this is nothing that will get any coverage in print or broadcast, and that there have long been hints from their editors that 9/11 truth is to be taken as forbidden territory, and for a journalist to even show interest in the subject disserves one's career. (Bear in mind that, a little like show business, journalism is a very competitive line of work, and there are plenty of qualified applicants for those positions just waiting in the wings.)

Those are the lowlier reporters I'm talking about, mostly for local news outlets. The big shots of journalism -- the ones who appear on air for the BBC, for example, or European correspondents for The New York Times, are mostly directly working for the CIA, or for the closely allied Her Majesty's Secret Service, or at minimum have gotten to where they are in considerable part because they cheerfully submit to and comply with the expectations, both explicit and implicit, of their superiors. Part of why they're so successful in the competitive world of journalism is because they have a knack for knowing exactly what their superiors expect, even when it would be too embarrassing for their superiors to spell it all out in great detail. To put a negative spin on that, you might say they're great suck-ups to power.

An example of an extremely transparent suck-up to power in the PBS interviewer Charlie Rose. There are countless suck-ups to power in the news business, but generally the successful ones are clever enough to not be patently obvious even to the casual viewer. But Rose gleefully revels in being a suck-up. I have no idea whether the CIA pays Rose for his services, but if it does it's wasting its money, because Rose clearly would delighted to do Project Mockingbird's bidding for free because it's his calling in life to bask in the glow of Establishment power.

A question begged

Chiesa notes that the power of the U.S. is so great that only a half dozen EU parliamentarians showed up for this event.

But since Chiesa and these few others did show, an interesting question for all of them is: What pressure did they experience to not attend? Of course, it's a bit different perhaps with Chiesa himself, since he was the main organizer. But what of the others? If we could learn what they went through, we'd be better able to know exactly what forces are at work to deter Europeans politicians from openly exploring 9/11, and how those forces operate behind the scenes.

Excellent question

Yes. Who were they? Has anyone interviewed them?

Your analysis of the suck-up mentality of most journalists today HAS to be correct, because there is no other explanation.

We have to extend this explanation, unfortunately, to people like Greg Palast and Amy Goodman as well, and to the left (and right, of course) "gatekeepers" in general.

How many movies have been made on the theme that in the end, the heroic journalists save us from the evils of bad government, e.g., the Watergate myth ("myth" because I think the CIA did Nixon in for their own reasons)? Isn't it time we attacked these media gatekeepers directly? They are not only not doing their job, they are betraying us and are complicit with the evil-doers. They are also, one would think, more vulnerable to attack. Why should a pig like O'Reilly get away with what he does, or Fox?

We should know by now that Congress will not help us. Nor will the mainstream press. But since it is the latter who protect the former, let's focus more on the press.

Having made this grand suggestion, I admit I have no specific tactics to recommend, other than everybody is doing already. But maybe it will be easier to go after individual reporters than politicians.

Chiesa tells it like it is, "US controls everything."

...or at least, the U.S. attempts to direct geopolitics.

...I believe, Chiesa uttered what everyone knows but unwilling to admit!

It must be added, the U.S. gets its fair share of direction from the U.K,. London is the other pole of the Anglo-American financial empire.

I wonder how long before we can view Zero with English subtitles?

...don't believe them!


the video we saw was in fact subtitles and narrated in English, so no worries. Not sure when the DVD will be availble though.
Chiesa and his crew are still working on that.

To 9/11 Belgium

As disappointing as this is, it is important that you have tried, and your efforts were successful in this sense. I think we all need to hear Representative Chiesa's difficult admonition, if only to realize that, at the official level, Europe appear as cowardly and culpable in terms of the 9/11 cover-up as the government and media in the US are. There are no easy answers, and we must simply keep pushing and struggling internationally, realizing that the answer to 9/11 Truth will not be a "top-down" one anywhere.

Of course we remain grateful for such exceptions to officialdom's general fecklessness as Representative Chiesa and Japanese Parliamentarian Fujita.

And at least there are Europeans at the grassroots level who see, and are willing to challenge, what is going on. That matters a GREAT deal. I'm sure I speak for others when I offer you the gratitude and blessings of your New York City (and broader USA) brothers and sisters in truth.

Tom Breidenbach

Video of Event

Here is a video of nearly the entire event (except the screening of the documentary "Zero"):

2 parts:

Note, if you want to skip to the parts in English:
Mr. Fujita speaks starting at 11:09 (part 1)
Dr. Griffin speaks starting at 19:10 (part 1)
Part 2 is almost all in English.

Thanks Tom

Tom, your kind words are much appreaciated.

Very interesting

From the sociological point of view. Especially the "Zero journalists". It realy looks like the influence of the fear of "something" is overwhelming. Psychologicaly anyway most of them would probably be unable to bear something like this morally - to see the evidences and indicies and still do not inform about - so I suppose many of them already must know what is it all about or many just don't hear, see and speak.
The "ZERO journalists attendance" is critical. This absolute media blackout is very indicative - if theoreticaly some marginal media arrive to launch then a staged litigation, where the MSM would then "win" - to show "they don't fear the topic", it would make sense - but this absolute blackout looks like they must be already scared to death attend something like this - anyone. I don't think this is a result of "power of the US" - directly - it is more the result of the fear induced by the international corporate oligarchy and both clandestine networks and MSM they control.
They also most probably fear that the Zero would be even more difficult to "debunk" than previous such films.
I remember this kind of induced fear from times of the totalitarian socialism in our country - almost everybody was scared to go public with the critical oppinions or just meet some disent people - but almost everybody knew that the real totalitarian socialism they live in doesn't work much for the people. It is qute scary, that this fear so overwhelmingly crossed the Atlantic, even maybe amplified, because in most of the European countries there is nothing like 1st Amendment. Because I remember the fear - it always remind me it when I see that poor Ron Paul scared to discuss the 9/11 ...fleeing to hypocrisy - It's sad for me to see it - so many radical and consistent ideas about where to move the US economy and politics, but literally scared to death by 9/11 issue...

"Intelligence services"-controlled media

The unanimity of the European media blackout speaks volumes. Even if 9/11 revisionism was obviously wrong and nutty (which those of us who've spent much time looking into the matter know it obviously isn't), the very fact that some EU parliamentarians were staging this event in the Parliament building would in of itself be newsworthy. If you have enough nuttiness in a grand enough venue, that's newsworthy.

If, say, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair became schizophrenic and insisted he was Napoleon and ended up straightjacketed away in an insane asylum, of course the MSM would trip over itself covering this. They wouldn't think, "Oh, this is just crazy stuff. We shouldn't waste our journalists' time and take up MSM space reporting about it, because it's not about sensible matters."