Mike Palecek's Cost of Freedom Tour in Tucson

Author and former Federal prisoner for peace, Mike Palecek spoke to an appreciative audience of about 70 last night in the Tucson stop of his Cost of Freedom Tour. Mike is promoting his two latest book projects: as co-editor of [Cost of Freedom - The Anthology of Peace and Activism] and as author of [Iowa Terror] - a novel based on the official lies of 9/11. Mike was joined on stage for readings by a distinguished group of poets, writers and photo-artists who made contributions to the Cost of Freedom project including Lilvia Soto, Nora Nickerson, David Ray, Michael Gregory Joe Rebholz and Michael Rattee. Palecek's next stop is Las Vegas, NV - see www.mikepalecek.com for tour details. The tentative Cost of Freedom tour schedule appears at: http://www.911blogger.com/node/14410.

Serious Civil Disobediance....

It's a great interview. Palecek is more interesting than first thought? He puts big XXXXs on his income tax return and submits it that way! He's also spent an appreciable amount of time in Federal prison for his protests. He could probably add quite a bit to any discussion?

...don't believe them!