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John McCain confronted in Arizona

John McWAR gave a Talk to Republicans in central Phoenix on 4-14-09 his straight talk was little more than fear mongering and hypocrisy, stay tuned to the end of the video for a up close confrontation by WeAreChange AZ activists.



Deja vu, Freeway blogging frowned upon in Arizona

Join us next time, 9-11.meetup.com/350


Jesse Ventura helps waken the people of Phoenix to the truth

Jesse Ventura after action Report, Video of Jesse's Talk on 9-11-2008, coming soon @ WeAreChangeArizona.com

Jesse Ventura - Speaking in Phoenix - 9/11/08

Day 17Just 4 short days until former Governor Jesse Ventura will speak on and about the events of 9/11. The news here in Arizona is already gearing up to cover (or cover up) the former Navy seals appearance. The Mesa convention center where Jesse Ventura will give his talk and lecture will be abel to hold upwards of 1700 people, attendance is expected to be over 800 as of now. Activist all over the state are hard at work promoting this event in any and every way we can think of. Thanks to there hard work this event will be a success but any last minute help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated! Lets make this an event never to forget!

More information, flyer downloads and social networking links @ WeAreChangeArizona.com

from the Arizona Republic:

Jesse Ventura - Speaking in Phoenix - 9/11/08

Day 17Best selling author and former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura will be speaking on Thursday, September 11th at the Mesa Convention Center 7pm. The address there is 263 N. Center St. Mesa, AZ. Main Hall / Bldg. C. This event will be MC'd by Charles Goyette. Suggested donation of $10.

Jesse will be at Changing Hands Bookstore for a book signing on Wednesday Sept. 10th @ 7pm. Located at 6428 S. McClintock / SW corner of McClintock & Guadalupe.

Friday Sept. 12th he will be at Barnes & Noble for another book signing. The address for that is 21001 N. Tatum Blvd. / NE corner of Tatum and Loop 101.

Info @ WeAreChangeArizona.com

The Tucson 911Truth Group is planing on renting a van or bus to help us all get up to Mesa.
More details coming soon. Please RSVP on @ MeetUp, MySpace or FaceBook If you can join us for a historic evening of Truth!

A note from Blair Gadsby...the thin man!!

From Blair Gadsby:

What a ride! The “Hungry for 9/11 Truth” hunger strike has ended and I am on the mend. Time has come to finalize my thoughts on the event and to comment upon what I believe we have accomplished.

As of today, Monday June 16, I have had four full days of recovery and my weight has increased to 136lbs from a low of 124lbs when my fast ended. The first two days of post-fast were rough. I was in no shape to communicate with anyone and I stayed under the constant observation of my dear wife and nurse.

I went to my doctor on Thursday, June 12 and received the results of my lab work, which was obtained on Day 11 of the strike. He was surprised at some of the changes in values since my pre-fast lab work-up, and confirmed that indeed my body was responding to a lack of nutrition. I will be going in for follow-up labs in another couple of weeks. He warned me of some permanent side effects that could result from the fast, most especially in my kidney and liver functions; however, I am once again feeling very healthy and expect a full recovery.

Let me state that I owe a deep debt of gratitude to all those who stood with me, those near and those far away, through the seventeen days of “camping out” at Senator McCain’s Phoenix office. Special mention needs to be made to three outstanding men: John, Larry, and Rick. These fellows saw to it that I was never alone in my vigil. They each stood-up to the plate and committed themselves to my well-being and safety. Each sat for untallied hours with me, and I could not have asked for better company…you guys are the best!

Hungry For Truth - Day 17 - (Blair's Last Day on Strike.)

Day 17
Day 17 of Blair's hunger strike for 9/11 Truth came and went with dozens of citizens stopping by to give Blair their thanks and appreciation for a selfless act dedicated to the Truth about 9/11. Alex Jones interviewed Blair and Senator Johnson today as well as Mike Rivero of Whatreallyhappened.com and Jeff Farias from Nova M radio. Blair decided Day 17 would be his last day fasting for truth. His weight has dropped to 124 lbs from a normal of 155 lbs. Given the amount of press coverage, good or bad, generated from his hunger strike, the fantastic speech by Senator Johnson on the floor of the Arizona Senate and the apparent lack of concern by Senator McCain. Blair has decided that 17 days was enough. What better day than the 11th of the month? He has asked the staff of Senator McCain to forward any response from him to Blair's home address. What started out as an individual, sitting in a lawn chair, seeking a response from his elected representative in Washington D.C. ended with a positive response, not from the elected senator and not just from people in Phoenix, but from all over the world. People everywhere are hungry for the truth, and they are tired of being lied to. Email came from all over the country and globe. The people know about 9/11. The spell is wearing off. We may still be a silent majority, but we know. If anything is learned from this, it is the historical fact that one individual can make a difference and a contribution to better their city, their state and their world. Don't let anyone tell you differently. In my opinion Blair Gadsby has solidified that notion and he raised the bar a little in the process.
In the next few days Blair would like to issue a statement and as soon as he is ready we will post his words, and or video, here on 911 Blogger. Many thanks for everyone's support in this effort. Stay Hungry.

A personal thank you to "Charlie and the Human Tornado" of Tucson 9/11 Truth.

Tim King

Day 17

Hungry For Truth - Day 16


June 10, 2008 will be a moment in the 9/11 Truth movement we can all look back on and be extremely proud. For all of you who have spent countless hours reading books, watching DVD's, searching the internet, investigating what happened on 9/11, researching til 2, 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, knowing you had to get up soon to go to work but you couldn't pull yourself away from this. For all of you who have been ridiculed, laughed at and have been told that you are nuts. For all of you who decided that it's time to do something about the obvious lies and cover-up by our government and media. For all of you who have stood on a street corner holding a 9/11 Truth sign and have absorbed a middle finger or heard the voice of a sheeple yelling, " GET A JOB !! " For all of you who have sacrificed your time, energy and money to organize a speaking engagement in your home town, only to be completely ignored by the media. For all of you who have made phone calls to your local representatives, radio stations, television and print media urging them to look into 9/11. For all of you who have experienced sleepless nights because you know something is very wrong with our country, our press and our democracy. For all of you who have a voice, but at times go unheard or suppressed. For all of you who stand up when it's uncomfortable, when it's inconvenient or when it's down right hard to do so. For all of you who stood by Blair and cheered him on. For all of you who continue to ASK QUESTIONS AND DEMAND ANSWERS. For all of you who wish you had a State Senator who could be your voice for you. For all of you who know that there is only one Senator from Arizona who stands for the Truth and it's not John McCain. It's Karen Johnson !! For all of you who work to achieve accountability for the victims of 9/11 and their families and for all of you who know 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, this is for you.
Thanks for your support over the last 16 days. These days will always belong to all of us.

Click to Play. Hi Quality Speech w/ Extras

Hungry For Truth - Day 13

Day 13

Today is Day 13 of Blair's fast. It was 101 degrees in Phoenix today, and I can assure everyone that it was hot!! Blair is doing very well. He has lost 17 pounds total but still insists he's fine. As he says, he's not running any races, but he's still walking and conversing with all who come to see him. We had a lively discussion on theology for about an hour while I was there. Blair is as sharp as a tack and eager to debate!

Today a couple who live in San Diego drove to Phoenix on their way to the Grand Canyon and stopped to say hi to Blair. We all thought that was pretty nice of them. Members of the local 9/11 Truth group came and went all day long.
Day 13

It's gratifying to see all the support that Blair is getting.
The media continues to follow Blair. A TV station came by this morning and filmed for about 15 minutes. He has radio interviews scheduled for Monday morning and evening. Also, yesterday a plane flew overhead with a banner reading "Google Hunger strike for truth. Check for that on Hungry4Truth.com
Please continue to keep Blair in your thoghts. He is very appreciative of everyone and expresses his thanks for all of your supportive email messages and good wishes.

Hungry For Truth - Day 12

Day 12

Members of the Arizona truth movement meet for 45 minutes with John McCain's Arizona state director, Paul Hickman.

Blair was asked to brief Mr. Hickman on what his Hunger Strike is all about. Blair clearly communicated that John McCain has endorsed and written the foreward to a Book called “Debunking 9/11 Myths”. Blair explained that it is his belief that John McCain either knows that 9/11 was an inside job, or that he has been lied to about the evidence supporting the 9/11 Commission Report. Blair stated that he wanted a 2 hour meeting commitment some time in the future to meet with John McCain to present our side’s questions to the issue of 9/11 Truth. Richard Gage has agreed to meet with Senator McCain on a moments notice.

As we sat in his office we invited Mr. Hickman to view the collapse of WTC 7 on his computer and he cordially allowed us to pull-up the videos, he then viewed 3 different angled views of Building 7's collapse. He stated that he had never seen this footage, and when asked later what his thoughts and reaction to seeing the footage of the building collapse, he then stated “it is interesting”. He also asked us directly – “What was in building 7?” We of course answered the SEC, FBI, Secret Service, Gulliani’s Protective Bunker etc.

Mr. Hickman assured us that he would brief John McCain on our Hunger Strike, on the information that we had provided him including the WTC7 videos of the buildings collapse. We followed up by saying that time is of the essence, that our friend Blair was weakening and that a response today, tomorrow or Sunday would be preferable. We do not want Blair to tax his system any further. Mr. Hickman nodded in agreement that he understood.

Please keep Blair in your constant thoughts and prayers. He was visibly weakened as we left the office. This is Day 12 of Blair not eating.

Hungry For Truth - Day 11


Blair Gadsby went to the doctor on this day of his hunger strike for 911 Truth. 11 days with out food and the doctor gave him a clean bill of health! Blair is committed to seeing this thing through and will not compromise his request of two hours of McCains time. Good weather permitting a plane is scheduled to toe a 35 foot banner on friday between 5pm and 7pm, a rally of the movement here in Phoenix has been set for that time in front of McCain's office. The banner will read "Google Hunger Strike for 911 Truth" the plane will be over McCains office around 5pm for 15 to 20 minutes and then fly all over the valley. With the plane in the air now would be a good time to call local Radio and TV stations! Are you as hungry as we are?

Mike Palecek's Cost of Freedom Tour in Tucson

Author and former Federal prisoner for peace, Mike Palecek spoke to an appreciative audience of about 70 last night in the Tucson stop of his Cost of Freedom Tour. Mike is promoting his two latest book projects: as co-editor of [Cost of Freedom - The Anthology of Peace and Activism] and as author of [Iowa Terror] - a novel based on the official lies of 9/11. Mike was joined on stage for readings by a distinguished group of poets, writers and photo-artists who made contributions to the Cost of Freedom project including Lilvia Soto, Nora Nickerson, David Ray, Michael Gregory Joe Rebholz and Michael Rattee. Palecek's next stop is Las Vegas, NV - see www.mikepalecek.com for tour details. The tentative Cost of Freedom tour schedule appears at: http://www.911blogger.com/node/14410.

Tucson 9/11Truth, Peace and Justice Day, 2007

911TruthTucson held three street actions starting
at 7:00 AM and ending around 7:30 PM. We were joined
by representatives from the peace community
including Veterans for Peace, Raging Grannies, WILPF,
World Can't Wait and others. Supporters for Kucinich and Paul
helped us promote 9/11 truth. We counted 20 demonstrators
at our morning event, about 35 at noon and about 50
for the big finale in the late afternoon at which 911TruthTucson
joined Raging Grannies just two blocks from the largest PRO-WAR
demonstration ever seen in Tucson. The Tucson Citizen newspaper
covered our noon demonstration at the Main Public Library


Local TV Channels 11 and 13 covered
the noon and evening events.

The day was peaceful and orderly and we are grateful for
the kind and respectful support we had from the

The Time is now... Take Action, TruthAction.org

The time has come to stand with your brothers and sisters in the largest peoples movement of the last three decades, we are change is reclaiming the city of New York this september 11th and now is the time for you(are change) to get involve, join or start and Truth Action in your town or city and let the people in New York know you are listening and you will stand with them in this time of action and solidarity for the victims and first responders of 911. Its time to act on the call, TruthAction.org Every 11th of every month until we have Justice...

Get Involved, TruthAction.org