Jack Layton says historical analysis of 9/11 is unimportant to NDP policy.

YouTube - Jack Layton says historical analysis of 9/11 unimportant

Questioned by members of Montreal 9/11 Truth, Jack Layton says historical analysis of 9/11 is unimportant to NDP policy.

Nice backbone Jack.

WOW Unbe f*cking lievable.
I don't know what's worse. Bill (there is no conspiracy) Clinton, or Jack (there is a conspiracy but I really don't give a sh!t) Layton.
Hey Jack, here's you in 1938.
'Nuff said.

Nice work by the way Mike. You do Canadians proud. And nice to hear applause to the questioners question.

Not my work

The questioning was not by my, I'm in Victoria. I just reposted the link . The questioning was done by someone from Ottawa I suppose.

Mike Zimmer

Sorry, I meant Montreal, not Ottawa.

Sorry, I meant Montreal, not Ottawa.

we know he has the info

It's all in the question.

flat out ask him if he believes the official story or not. we already know he has the info....and asking him what he's going to do about what others have done, leaves it open to answer the way he does. To someone who isn't awake, the way this went down, he looks like he's doing something about it. "we're working with the party to bring the troops home because we shouldn't have joined the war....."

of course this is just my opinion and y'all can tell me to f-off...but I would frame it like this...

I have a couple short questions sir...

1. With Barrie Zwicker being a close friend, do you believe the official story of how the world trade center buildings came down?

with that we either get an awesome sound bite of him saying he doesn't believe it, or (by him saying he's seen the info and is a good friend of Barrie) he'll be putting his foot in his mouth by saying yes.

if he says no ask #2....if yes, ask #3
2. If 9/11 was the excuse for war and both you and Barrie know the official story is a lie, why aren't you publicly saying that's why we shouldn't have joined war?

that will get some footage of him putting his foot in his mouth trying to justify his silence

3. Through Barrie's work you know that 24 Canadians died on 9/11 and we haven't had an investigation into the crime...... Do you not think we should have an investigation into these 24 Canadian deaths...and if so, why haven't you asked for one? The troops aren't coming home until we point out to Canadians the real reason why we shouldn't have joined the war sir.

that will get footage of him agreeing on a formal investigation or footage of him putting his foot in his mouth again

that's all that's needed.... and we need to hammer every member of the house until we get one that will stand up for truth on the record like Mr Fujita.....or better yet, one that will put forward a motion of non confidence to bring down the gov......and it must include the Liberal's part in all this as well....

IMO of course......cheers and thanks for the vid!!!

also: he didn't say "9/11

also: he didn't say "9/11 was unimportant"

you're putting words in his mouth

Words in his mouth?

Well I didn't put the title on the video, but in fact Jack does a nice little politician's tap dance around the issue, using the question as an opportunity to segue to Afghanistan. This is pretty typical of a seasoned politician, and Layton is smooth.

Thank you so much Montreal 9/11 truth...

This was really amazing. At least he had the decency to admit to it instead of meekly dodging my questions like Libby Davies.

Layton you goddamn coward! Speak up if you love your country!

Also... if you happen to be in the Vancouver area April 19th, go see Richard Gage speak live... check out www.vancouver911truth.org for more information.

ask zwicker

i think its safe to say layton knows the truth if zwicker is a close friend

however, for someone in his position its political (and perhaps literal) suicide to come out for 911 truth

he should still do it though, even though it would only be a symbolic gesture

he hasn't got the power to force it into the mainstream, the media would just use it to delegitamize him and the ndp

someone should ask zwicker what he thinks of layton's statement--is it true that they're that close? has zwicker spoken to him about 9/11?

Calgary 9/11 Truth Meets Jack

I think it's important to watch this meeting with Nathan of Calgary 9/11 Truth and Mr. Layton to get a better sense of how he feels about 9/11. In this meeting, Jack commends the truth movement for the questions and topics we are raising...

This was put online just a day or so before the Montreal one...

Canada Wants The Truth


in this interview he is a little more sympathetic to the Truth Movement. He acknowledges their benefit but only for their support of issues he supports. He as much as admits he knows the truth but intentionally avoids taking a stand for Truth and Justice.
For this he is a coward and deserves to be branded as such.

Fellow Canucks. Here's a suggestion for confronting Harper and other pols.
"Since Jack Layton has taken the cowards position on this issue. My question is, 'Do you support a United Nations independent investigation into the crimes of 9/11?
Their instinct will be to look better than a coward but I don't doubt they will find a way to squirm out of answering.
I say UN only because it's an organization that has credibility in the publics eyes.

Once again, Nice work Calgary


Being a social democratic -type Canadian - Jack is pathetic.
Barry - show up and say it !!
I'm ashamed of these poor excuses of J S Woodsworth.
I know from sources Judy Wash - Alphabet has been completely filled in. So Pat Martin must know as well.
As far as I'm concerned - these people are complicit.
Over twenty Canadians were murdered - and even the so called 'lefties' in Canada don't give a shit.
Jesse Ventura - we need you up here in Canuckistan !
What a total joke the NDP has become !!!!

This is not...

...a loss, this is a victory. Jack Layton shows tremendous potential for at least agreeing there should be a new 9/11 investigation and perhaps even speaking out demanding for one. He just needs to be approached some more, to ease him into the truth. He is a politician so in some ways he is establishment, but the NDP is kind of the anti-establishment party in Canada, a bit less than the Green Party , but still considered the realm of fringe politics and not mainstream politics like Stephen Harper or Paul Martin. Actually I am curious to see Stephane Dion's opinion about 9/11 but that is another topic. Jack Layton could be convinced about 9/11, he justs needs more approacing about the subject because the mainstream media will not do it for us. I believe with more approaching about the matter Jack Layton could be made to admit that 9/11 was not properly investigated and that a thorough, independent investigation is of the upmost importance. It is just a question of how we do it, what we ask him, how it is worded and delivered that will make it happen. I personally am encouraged by this video and cannot wait to catch up with Jack Layton on the campaign trail. Politicians in all countries should be speaking out to show the U.S. that this is just a basic process any government would have done immediately following 9/11 and indeed that your country did all throughout its existence up until 9/11. An immediate, thorough and impartial investigation should have been launched immediately following the attacks, and the fact that the Bush administration refused to do so and even went so far as to actively work to block an investigation should set off all kinds of alarm bells in Americans' heads.

I am no fan of Layton and

I am no fan of Layton and the NDP, and while his answer in Montreal was unacceptable, i urge everyone to stay calm and not "hammer" him as some others suggest.

He at least is acknowledging us at this stage, and the door seems to be open for greater dialogue with him on this, based upon the two videos. Let's not do anything that will see him slam the door on us before The March on Ottawa takes place in September 2008. We want to be well received there at least by the NDP, if no once else.

Write to him, and / or your NDP MP or candidate and stay on them, BUT keep it civil and diplomatic. Let's see if we can bring them around. If the NDP is beginning to look at 9/11, the Council of Canadians and Peace groups might also open up to it, and that will bring more pressure than we can mount on our own.



9/11 Truth ... it's the other War on Terrrorism ... silly!

Message from Barrie Zwicker

Message from Barrie Zwicker regarding Jack Layton in a multi-recipient e-mail:

"Within time, energy and other constraints, I’ve been working on the legislative front for 9/11Truth for going on four years. Finally we are seeing some movement. Ian and I met Yuki Fujita in Sydney , Australia last month; he said he will support those of us pressing legislators in any country to endorse the call for a new investigation of 9/11.

I’ll be contacting Jack again in the most positive and effective ways I can. I must say that I absolutely believe that in this particular case civility must be the order of the day.

Whatever our disappointments with the NDP (who doesn’t have some?), we must consider the spectrum of party policies in this country and be careful not to throw out any babies in a rush to get rid of all bathwater.

Both Jack and Connie IMO can – and should -- be supported, each appropriately. Each is in a different space, with different constituencies, different pressures and different opportunities. One size definitely does not fit all.

As Michael Parenti wrote of JFK’s policies opposed to the CIA and the Pentagon, his refusal to provide air coverage for the Bay of Pigs invasion, his overtures to Castro and Khruschev (and much more): “These things may not have been enough for some on the Left but they were far too much for many on the Right.”

Let us not devour those marching on a path much closer to our direction than the many forces of reaction.

I think there’s reasonable hope for the future, along with reasonable disappointment at how little legislators worldwide have done to date.

Thanks for listening."




(emphasis mine)

Thanks for this very important post, adanac!

Civility cannot be stressed enough, imo.

I've been fortunate enough to have spent some time with Mr. Zwicker and I always recommend his book to those new to 9/11 truth or looking for a greater understanding of it. He's a most enjoyable fellow.

Keep up the great work and please let us know what us yanks can do for our Canadian brothers and sisters.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Mea Culpa

I take back my less than productive comments. They were made in a fit of frustration after interpreting Jack's response as cowardly.
I agree with Barry that contact must be positive and civil.
adanac sknaht.

I have never been a

I have never been a supporter of the NDP, but if Jack and the NDP were to pick up the mantle of 9/11 Truth, then they would get my vote. I am sure that there are thousands of others out there who would do the same, especially if the topic were brought into the mainstream of political discussion. I realize that the Canadian Action Party has formally taken a position with respect to 9/11 Truth, but they are such a marginalized party, there is very little chance of them being successful in bringing this into the national debate.

Mr. Layton needs to be informed that discontent with the official 9/11 story is widespread within this country, and that there is a significant constituency who will be persuaded to vote for them if this becomes an issue within their platform.