European Activists/Parliamentarians Show Courage on the issue of 9/11 Truth, and Opposition to Totalitarian Power Grab in the EU

I just got a joyous email from a 9/11 Truth activist in Belgium who wrote about the upcoming-

Film showing with ATTAC on April 17th- 9/11 Zero with Mr Chiessa in Brussels

First time in 7 years globally that another kind of social movement dares touch the subject of 9/11. This is unprecedented. ATTAC is one of the major groups organizing against the World Economic Forum and corporate globalization.

Also, a very damning video entitled- Chicken Run in the EU Parliament (20.02.2008)

which basically looks at the crushing of the voices of dissent in a power grab taking place in the EU. There is popular opposition to the EU Police State that is under construction (much like the quiet machinations to form the NAU without pesky interference by citizens who would oppose the overriding of their national constitutions in favor of a supranational military state devoted to serving elite/corporate interests.)

There are additional videos posted at-

And Nigel Farage from UK on 20/2//08...

One reaction: "We are sleepwalking into a nightmare EU police State that is well on the way to become a dictatorship."
Please volunteer: Join,, Please come to Ireland to help us Vote No! on June 12.

We are the only ones to have a referendum.
The future of ½ billion people in the EU rests in the Irish peoples hands. We can defeat this but we need help. Thank you.


We are planning actions on 11th of the month in Brussel.

While the corporate media isn't covering this, the internet remains one of our best organizing tools and means to communicate between citizens worldwide on the criminal behavior of governments that are exceeding their authority and working on behalf of elite interests to the detriment of the countries that they are supposed to be serving.

In the US one of our battles is over the Future of the Internet.

The FCC will be holding hearings at Stanford University from noon to 7 pm on April 17th at Dinkelspiel Auditorium. Details posted at Our local politician is working closely with the NSA to counter the - Cyber-Terrorist threat (the free flow of information/the truth). We need to keep the channels of information open and work to prevent the surveillance and shutdowns of political activists on the internet, in defense of human rights everywhere.

That UKIP guy kicks ass,

That UKIP guy kicks ass, I've seen him own a bunch of NWO shills before in a debate, saying straight to their face that it's obvious what they want is a European Superstate.

"They are becoming totalitarian in their instincts,...

....they cannot abide, they cannot bear any opposition." This quote tells it all. It's a harbinger of a coming global corporate plantation where the many work to benefit the very very few.

...don't believe them!

Exactly, if that's how the

Exactly, if that's how the EU behaves just imagine a world government run by the same people.

Great work

Russ Hallberg
Getting another social movement into 9/11 truth. Makes the others look like controlled opposition, which many are. "Oops, we dropped the ball! Touchdown for the other team! "

Ireland has invested in real, effective higher education. The Irish are a force to be reckoned with.

Educate the Irish people to Vote NO on the Lisbon Treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty, which is just the same as the EU Constitution (German Chancellor Merkel admitted such) that was rejected by the French and Dutch, the elites are trying to get passed under the radar without any voting.


The Irish's judicial system is not as corrupt as those of the rest of Europe, so the Irish are going to be able to vote on the Lisbon Treaty.

If the Irish vote NO then the Lisbon Treaty fails to pass.

This would be an enormous victory against this regional monster called the EU.

The link below is a great video made by We Are Change Ireland ( Pass it around.

The Irish Referendum on June 12th has enormous consequences. A NO vote would set the Empire back a few years maybe never to recover.

The fellow in the video above at youtube gives an astounding speech against the Lisbon Treaty and its proponents in the final minutes of the google video below. He is an extremely honest and powerful speaker with enormous integrity.

The following google video also gives a very good overview of the monstrously tyrannical EU system.
The people who created the video were doing about ten other things at the same time to stop the Lisbon treaty, so excuse any imperfections that might be there. The content is there which is the only thing that really matters.

End of Nations - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty (this is the mother website of this video)

If the Irish people can be educated about the Lisbon Treaty in the next 6 weeks then the Lisbon Treaty can be defeated.

Go to Irish websites and try and insert information about how bad the EU is. Its basically a superstate where unelected bureacracies will rule completely selected by the some of the same elites who financed 911. There won't be any transparency at all in government.
The people will have no say at all.

in this case, an ounce of prevention (a NO vote by the Irish) is worth one hundred pounds of cure.


Less than a third of Irish people plan to vote for the new European Union treaty in a crunch June 12 referendum, although the vast majority remain undecided, a new poll showed Monday.

The survey, published in the Irish Sun newspaper, found 28 percent have decided to vote "Yes", 12 percent will vote "No" and 60 percent are still to make up their minds.

NAU same as EU

Forgot to add.

That if an American listens to the End of Nations video, he/she is probably getting some kind of idea about how the secret rulers want to create and run the North American Union also.

The same elites who are behind the creation of the EU are the same as those behind the creation of the NAU.

Thanks for posting. It's

Thanks for posting. It's good to know about.

Secret deal to persuade Ireland on EU treaty

Secret deal to persuade Ireland on EU treaty

'Two leaked memos suggest that the Irish government and Brussels are going to great lengths to suppress bad news that might encourage a No vote - a result that would delight Eurosceptics everywhere, since if Ireland does not ratify the treaty it cannot come into force anywhere in Europe.

An internal email from a British diplomat in Dublin let slip that the commission's vice-president, Margot Wallström, had promised the Irish government to "tone down or delay messages that might be unhelpful".'

Just how sensitive some issues can be became clear earlier this month when Christine Lagarde, Mr Sarkozy's finance minister, said Paris was "determined" to push for harmonised corporation taxes across Europe.

Her words sent a shiver through Ireland, where a low corporation tax - 12.5 per cent compared with 28 per cent in Britain - is one of the main factors credited with attracting the international companies that have helped create its "Celtic Tiger" economy.

Ireland must vote NO on the Lisbon Treaty to save the world from enormous grief ie. super tyranny.