Week of Truth (includes Fourteen Points plug/link, other commentary) - by Carol Brouillet


April 16th through April 22nd has been designated the Week of Truth in a concerted effort to break 9/11 Truth into the mainstream dialogue by pushing a book, The Shell Game, by Steve Alten, to the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. Simultaneously, truth is breaking out in other places, the movement, and truth are on the upswing.

April 16th-22nd was designated the ”“Week of Truth” in a concerted grassroots campaign by 9/11 Truth activists to break 9/11 Truth into the national dialogue by pushing a compelling work of fiction, The Shell Game to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list and get the author, Steve Alten, back on national television and radio shows. It might be easier to herd cats than to get a large, diverse, growing movement to focus on any one particular action. The movement is not monolithic and there are distinct disagreements on many aspects of 9/11, although even government officials are finally beginning to come to the consensus that the official 9/11 Report was a massive lie or cover-up and that, there has yet to be a genuine investigation into the crime of the attacks that took place on September 11th 2001.

By happy synchronicity, one of the best spokespeople of the 9/11 Truth Movement, Dr. David Ray Griffin, has also recently published a book- 9/11 Contradictions- An Open Letter to Congress and the Press. The book has been sent to Congressional Representatives, as well as to Senators and succinctly outlines 25 major contradictions within the official story, which together demonstrate that, by definition, a story with so many internal contradictions is an “outrageous” conspiracy theory, which should not be tolerated by honest journalists or public servants. As The Shell Game has moved up on Amazon charts, so has 9/11 Contradictions.

In a peer reviewed Journal on Civil Engineering, an excellent article entitled “Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction” by Steven E. Jones, Frank M. Legge, Kevin R. Ryan, Anthony F. Szamboti, James R. Gourley was just published. The article notes surprising areas of agreement between the NIST and FEMA Reports and their critics and counters popular myths about the destruction of the buildings.

Today, an article came out in the New York Times, entitled “Message Machine- Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand- A Pentagon Campaign Retired officers have been used to shape terrorism coverage from inside the TV and radio networks” by David Barstow detailing, in part, a concerted effort by the Pentagon to woo military analysts/pundits to gain support for the war on Iraq. While the article detailed how many of the analysts were also financially benefiting from military contractors and the companies that they worked for, there was no mention of the New York Times blatant cheerleading for the war or the false and buried stories which shaped public opinion. Spin has crashed on the hard rock of reality. The smoke and mirrors used to create the illusion of a legitimate, benevolent government are wearing thin.

Steve Alten has written bestsellers before and specializes in the “horror” genre. He believes The Shell Game is the scariest book that he has ever written. The story opens with the plotting of a nuclear 9/11 at the highest levels within the US government. The fast moving plot witnesses a dramatic transformation of multiple players who try to avert World War III, through various means, including media, messaging and moving money from criminal accounts into a Presidential campaign promising an end to America’s oil addiction. At the beginning of each chapter, there are damning quotes from 9/11 Truth researchers and authors. The book champions the power of the individual to make a significant difference in a complex, challenging world. It encourages personal integrity, and heroism when extraordinary circumstances demand them from ordinary people.

Many fear that the current government might try to orchestrate or provoke an incident to expand the war into Iran, or to further the aims of the Security and Prosperity Partnership between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico to create a North American Union. Opposition to the war and against the SPP continues to grow.

Truth seems to be the greatest threat to the powers that be. Fear of a “Cyberterrorist Attack” is the cover for vast collusion between government and corporations to monitor and control cyber-space, the last refuge of free speech (besides the streets) since the corporate colonization of the major broadcast media- radio, television, and newspapers. As the corporate media loses its credibility, many are jumping ship, and new media, in the public interest are being born. We have a window of opportunity in these challenging times to courageously speak out and champion our issues and causes, as all social movements are inextricably linked.

I became an activist because of a Hollywood flick, which prompted me to research the C.I.A.. I championed 9/11 Truth because I thought if we could expose it as a false flag operation, we could put an end to false flag terrorism and wars. I hope that those who read this article will check out the books and articles that are mentioned and, if possible support the Truth Movement. When the Truth Movement is fully integrated with the Peace and Justice Movement, we will succeed.


"The Shell Game" is ranked 148 on Amazon now

...yesterday it was 73 or something. "Week of Truth" seemed like a hare-brained effort to me. Was I wrong?
What's the latest?


We now have a Month of TRUTH on Air America. At the very least- five hours of TRUTH on mainstream Radio speaking to a lot of people
who already get it as well as a whole lot more who are on the verge.

I think we should get the "Fourteen Points's" authors on one week.

Nothing wrong with Jones' paper...

...I'm glad to see it published. I thought the paper tactically brilliant too because it's so hard to disparage. What are the defenders of the official story going to say against it when all its points are shared with or originated by the official investigating agencies? I'm glad to see David Ray Griffin's latest book, "911 Contradictions" published as well - that too a tactically brilliant book.

However, I bought two copies of "The Shell Game" in advance of its release and on the advice of someone who had read an advance copy. I couldn't wait for them to arrive but when they did, and I began reading, I realized what an awful piece of utter pulp "The Shell Game" was. It just doesn't stand up on its own merits, not IMO anyway.Terrible writing, Terrible plot. As far pulp fiction goes, it was BAD pulp fiction!

It was silly to try to push a piece of shit like that up high on Amazon rankings - making us like a bunch of Scientologists trying to make L. Ron Hubbard appear popular. It just ain't so!

The 911/Peak Oil version of events is fascinating (even if you might not agree with it) and relevant, given the War in Iraq, "enduring" military bases of giant proportions being constructed there, the soaring price of oil, etc.

Alten's book simply fell flat in telling this story in drama-form. His book just didn't work. It sucked!

Air America, yes

lobby your favorite media to interview these 9/11 nut jobs (kidding) who can get published in a mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific journal- blogs, radio, TV, print,

The Top 40

Yes, you were.

As a result of the "Week Of Truth", Air America is now devoting a month to 9/11 debates. As a result of the "Week Of Truth", we have shown that the willingness to work together as a movement is there (for the most part). During the first "Week Of Truth", we have learned from any mistakes we may have made so as to make the next "Week Of Truth" even better. As a result of the "Week Of Truth", we managed to bring Steve Alten's book up to #62 (at one time) on Amazon, which is neck and neck with the current NYTimes Best Seller's list. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment I think, and something we should be proud of. Even if he doesn't get on the NYTimes Best Seller's list.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

One last push...

If you haven't purchased your two copies of the "Shell Game", please do. He's currently at #158 overall, #35 in Literature & Fiction overall, #1 in L&F/War, #6 in L&F/United States, and #8 in L&F/World Literature. The current #1 in Hardcore Fiction, which is what "The Shell Game" would fall into, is at #50 on Amazon overall. We did manage to get "The Shell Game" up to #62 overall at one point.

Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

Better posting...

I've been very busy and I wrote this very late at night with lots of links- that failed for some reason or another. This morning, I worked on it some more and tried to post it to other indymedia.org sites with some success and some failures. The article at Portland media- portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/04/374818.shtml has photos and functional links and a bit more info on the SPP...

Carol Brouillet


I posted this, I thought, at Portland, DC, Colorado, NYC, and others but it doesn't seem to have appeared- tech issues?

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

It seems to have stuck on these:

Someone else got it here:

and quotes more Chomsky:
9-11: Institutional Analysis vs. Conspiracy Theory

The Top 40

Indymedia and 9/11 Truth

NYC filters articles with 9/11 in them and these are automatically hidden, you can get around it by changing it to "nine eleven" or something but then it'll probably get manually hidden -- it's basically not worth posting 9/11 truth article there, it doesn't help win them over.

I hope it's OK to make some constructive criticism...

Regarding these reposts, the introduction doesn't read that well since it was written for 911Blogger and it's been posted as plain text rather than HTML, some IMC sites allow HTML, for others you need to construct a plain text version. For a plain text versions the footnote numbers need to be put into brackets, eg [1] so they stand out. Also some of the URL's in the footnotes are truncated ones and these don't work.

My view is that if you are going to repost something to a Indymedia site please write an original introduction and don't rush it, it's better to do a few posts really well than a lot in a rushed manner if you want to be taken seriously...

Perhaps the UK repost is a good example of how to do it: Peer-reviewed paper on the structural failure of the 3 skyscrapers on 9/11, where as the Philly one is an example of how to make it unreadable....

See also this audio: Truth Revolution Radio: Indymedia and 9/11 truth.

good points, thanx for the tips

I'm fairly new to blogging, will remember for next time

Yes, whoever posted the UK version did a good job

The Top 40

I hate to inject a note of cynicism here,

but I just can't resist.

No member of Congress is interested in David Ray Griffin's latest 9/11 book. It might end up being quietly read by a few Congressional staffers if it's lucky.

Here's what my Congresswoman did after a certain prominent 9/11 scholar met with a couple of her staffers:


OK, she did nothing..... yet.

What if instead of assuming it's just a canned brush-off we take her remarks at face value? " I value your input ...I will keep your thoughts in mind....I hope that you will continue to inform me of your concerns."

It takes time to change a mind. Most of my converts took years.

I appreciate your open-mindedness,

but I worked as an aide to some members of the California legislature during the '80s. I think I know a legislator's brush-off when I see one.

I even had occasion to ghostwrite a few. Indeed, ghosting brush-offs is a normal part of the job for most legislative aides. My best surmise is that after one of her staffers started to report to her on Gage's visit, Tauscher waved this off, indicating to just send the normal sort of polite acknowledgment routinely sent to thoughtful private citizens who imagine their elected representatives care what they have to say.

Congress Critters

I understand your cynicism. I tried to get my Congresswoman to champion truth, but she so rapidly caved into and supported Bush in the aftermath of 9/11 that I realized she was pretty darned hopeless. She co-authored the Intelligence Transformation Act- expanding the National Security State to the Global Police State. She's best friends with Pelosi and won't touch impeachment. She thinks the Commission Report was bipartisan and thorough and that the families want the Commissions recommendations enacted (she hasn't read it- and probably hasn't even heard of Building #7). She hasn't looked at any of the books or DVDs that I have given her. She's buddy/buddy with the NSA now and pushing for a new cyber-terrorist czar- saying cyberterrorism is the big threat...

That is why I am running against her for her Congressional seat in CA District 14- to be able to challenge her publicly on these issues and to raise them in the public forums. Admittedly, I'm not a politician nor a full-time campaigner- I am an organizer and most of my time/energy is going into my weekly radio show. Media tends to ignore candidates- unless they pay big bucks for advertising, but we do get some free tv time and internet visibility. I don't think we can condemn Congress completely without offering some alternative, some vision. I wish grassroots candidates challenging Congress on all the major issues of our time would rise up and speak out in every Congressional District. Any Congress person who is not for Impeachment should clearly be ousted.

I also know that we can't trust the voting processes which can be manipulated- and that elections have been stolen for decades with little scrutiny. We need to wake up the public and have greater vigilance over all the processes of "governance."

Since they are so blatantly violent and use lies, deception, fear to rule, control, manipulate- I have chose to simply be non-violent, speak truth, show courage, to empower and nurture social movements.

Strategically, maybe I haven't correctly accessed where we are, but I have posted what I believe to be the best strategy for the truth movement here: www.communitycurrency.org/plenary.html

Carol Brouillet