The Trouble with WTC Asbestos

David Rockefeller and his brother, Nelson, originally conceived the twin towers as an urban renewal project to revitalize Lower Manhattan. In 1966, 164 buildings, including many electonics stores in seedy radio row, were demolished to create the WTC construction site.

But, with the realization of the Rockefellers' urban renewal dream came a nightmare: by the time the first tenants moved into the North Tower in December 1970, the World Trade Center was rife with asbestos...asbestos that 31 years later covered all of Lower Manhattan.

Exactly How Much Asbestos Did the WTC Contain?
Twin Tower Asbestos

Nobody seems to know exactly how much asbestos was in the WTC, but click on the image to the right and you'll get a pretty good idea: a lot!

The New York Port Authority originally planned to use 5,000 tons of asbestos fireproofing. The fireproofing, trademarked Blade-Shield, was manufactured by United States Mineral Products of Stanhope, N.J. It was 20% asbestos mixed with mineral wool -- a concrete-like substance made from melted rock.

By 1971, medical studies began to show the cancerous effects of asbestos, and New York City banned its use in construction -- but not before asbestos-containing Blade-Shield was sprayed on the beams and supports of the first 40 floors of the Twin Towers.

The Port Authority claims that over half of the applied asbestos-containing fireproofing had been removed by September 11, 2001.

So, how much asbestos remained in the Twin Towers?

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have enough physical evidence. Perhaps an over-adbundance. We should now be concentrating our efforts on outreach and justice. I see no more need to discuss asbestos outside of a courtroom.

Cold Case Files.

The basic premise of the show "Cold Case Files" is that a case will be re-opened and subsequently solved based on new evidence.
There is an "over-abundance" of physical evidence that justifies re-opening the investigation into the crimes of 9/11.
Where do we go from here? To whom do we present the evidence? Who is willing to represent our cause and who is willing to pay the legal fees?
Maybe we could take the evidence to Bill Kurtis?? (semi-sarcasm)

This is the intro on the website.
"Murders go unsolved. Killers slip through the cracks. With the passage of time, families lose hope and another unsolved homicide file settles into obscurity. The pattern is familiar, but changing—thanks to the efforts of a special breed of detectives. Cold Case Files® tells the story of their work.

These detectives are experts in the science of crime detection. They blow the dust off old homicide files, walk down the corridors of time, and set out on the hunt for a killer—a killer who thinks the search is off. Using new technology and old-fashioned police work, their methods offer a study in patience and perseverance. Cold Case Files takes you on a journey, step by step, through the methods used to catch the culprit.

The series examines each piece of forensic evidence, each witness, each possible lead, and each turn in the road that ultimately leads detectives to their killer. Cold Case Files is a pioneer in the nonfiction forensics genre. Episodes have been universally hailed by law enforcement agencies across the country and are regularly used as models for investigative technique in training seminars."

Continue With Physical Evidence as well...

Everything is Outreach

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10 False Flags that Changed the World

First of all

Radio Row was a cool place, full of historic buildings, which they destroyed to make way for a giant, six-year pit which was the foundation of the WTC towers. Radio Row was probably more economically viable than the towers, the construction of which put a lot of people out of business.

When buildings fail, they are often dumped into the hands of a patsy to sanitize them financially. This might have been Silverstein's role. The Port Authority has always been part of Rockefeller lore. David Rockefeller founded the "New York City Partnership," now called, I think, The Partnership for New York City or something like that. I think this guy Kylie, or whatever his name was, became executive director of the partnership after leaving the Port Authority, then he went to England to do something with the subways there. Sorry I can't remember the name. David somehow networks with the CEOs of major corporations in the New York area through this Partnership. Their headquarters was right downtown, very close to the World Trade Center, closer, I think, to Battery Park. They had a story on their web site about how the then executive director went out and helped people on that day, or something like that. The Partnership is worth looking into, because nothing of significance is done without their being involved. And remember, David is also chairman emeritus, or some such rot, of the Council on Foreign Relations.

I don't think so :-)

Silverstein the patsy seems unlikely, as if he were "setup" to ultimately gain several billion dollars to his net worth. LOL

and block any serious outside investigation into

who did it and how. Putting the WTC in Silverstein's name makes the investigation a private matter ?


Who says he gets to keep it all ? I doubt Lucky Larry is the "Mastermind" behind the whole scam .
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Larry the Scapegoat

Bearcat,the facts are that Silverstein's investment in the complex was heavily mortgaged and the payments he has received go towards his loans AND the rebuilding of the entire complex.He certainly didn't personally pocket billions just as he certainly never confessed to blowing up Building #7 in cahoots with the NYFD.Too much speculation with too little hard evidence is a real albatross for this movement and we need to do better than that.

speculation and evidence

Well, I am the one saying that there is no reason to speculate that he is a patsy, which is a very strong term. Certainly he worked with others, nobody in 9/11 Truth would say that this all happened to make money for Larry. The post I responded to was going on about David Rockefeller, when there is no evidence that I have ever seen to DIRECTLY implicate David in the events of 9/11. Are you aware that David Rockefeller was 86 years old when 9/11 happened?

Yes, David may be scum, his legacy may be trash, and the CFR, Bilderbergers, and Trilateral are made up of sick elitists and so forth, but trying to implicate Rockefeller while calling Silverstein a patsy is certainly an example of "too much speculation with too little hard evidence."

We pretty much know Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others within the United States government were involved. We have very strong evidence concerning involvement by Israeli-related factions. On this latter point, Larry just happens to have Sunday chats with Netanyahu every week. By contrast, we have no direct evidence pointing to David Rockefeller's involvement, although further investigation might turn up some interesting stuff.

I'm not assuming that I have a clear understanding of how the world works or what happened. For me, this is a mystery to be solved.


By the first century AD, Greeks and Romans had already observed, at least in passing, that slaves involved in the weaving of asbestos cloth were afflicted with a sickness of the lungs. Early concern in the modern era on the health effects of asbestos exposure can be found in several sources. Among the earliest were reports in Britain. The annual reports of the Chief Inspector of Factories reported as early as 1898 that asbestos had 'easily demonstrated' health risks.
At about the same time, what was probably the first study of mortality among asbestos workers was reported in France .
While the study describes the cause of death as chalicosis, a generalized pneumoconiosis, the circumstances of the employment of the fifty workers whose death prompted the study suggest that the root cause was asbestos or mixed asbestos-cotton dust exposure.

So it's not exactly news.. Shows how much Government cares about you doesn't it ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

for comparison the asbestos removal Montparnasse tower Paris

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
for comparison the asbestos removal of the Montparnasse tower center PARIS (56 storeys) ~1/2 the height of WTC 1 is estimated at 100 millions of euros.

Le désamiantage de la tour Montparnasse: travaux lourds jusqu'en 2009

yours John

This was a great blog entry

It was new material to me & that asbestos ad is eye-opening.

thanks for the quality information.

Marion Cotillard said computer network was out of date

Marion Cotillard also said that the computer network in the towers was out of date and would cost a lot to upgrade it

The former easter german "Palast der Republik"

five floors, costs 400 million Dollars at least in pre-demolition-renovation, estimated, as excact numbers weren't published.

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