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'Truthers' are overlooking key point about 9/11: Human nature

"...Perhaps time and the enormity of the Kennedy assassination have conspired - a key word here - to make me believe I saw something that I did not.

There is a parallel here to certain beliefs people maintain about when the airplanes started plunging from the sky on Sept. 11, 2001.

So, let's make amends. Johnson isn't a crackpot. Her 9/11 theories are crackpot conspiracy fantasies. The people with whom she shares her crackpot theories include a great many smarter-than-you-ever-dreamed-of-being narcissists and social cynics. And basing a vote affecting public policy on such cynical vanity is wrong, in my book. Beyond that, I will say Karen Johnson is tough as well as lovely, and she probably has used critical Republic editorials to raise campaign fundsin her Mesa district.

Dozens of Johnson's fellow crack . . . er, conspiracy-believers, also have come to Johnson's defense. I've talked to several. Actually, I've been talked to by several.

"Truthers," as they are known, want to convince you. They have mountains of data. They have armies of experts. And they universally believe that those of us in the media who fail to see their truth are lazy goldbrickers or in league with the Great Satan, Bush.

But in all their mountains of data, there is a hole that the truthers themselves cannot explain. It is, simply, that the world is made of humans. And that includes governments.

For all their reams of analysis about the tensile strength and melting point of reinforced steel, the truthers are notoriously short of real people saying real things, like: "Yes, it was me. God help me for what I did, but I packed a thermite bomb under support girders at the World Trade Center."

Nobody has come forward to concede it was a drone flying into the side of the WTC, and that - heaven help me, too - I was the one directing it from the basement of the Pentagon. None of the hundreds of real humans who would have had to be involved in such a conspiracy has said boo. Not one has slobbered in a New York bar about the horror he committed. Not one has made a mistake.

The truthers, including the indisputably sincere Mrs. Johnson, know what really happened. They just don't grasp human nature..."


"crackpot conspiracy fantasies, crackpot theories, smarter-than-you-ever-dreamed-of-being narcissists and social cynics, cynical vanity, crack . . . er, conspiracy-believers..."


Why isn't Dick Cheney in prison?

As opposed to shallow,

As opposed to shallow, narrow minded, brainwashed, unimaginative believers of the government's dubious and deceitful propaganda?
Yeah, we can play that game too.


here at 9/11 blogger needs to send a respectful e mail to the editor. She deserves all our support.

What does everyone make of this guy's website? He called in to the Richard Greene show on Thursday night, I believe.

One of his relations, a member of the FDNY, was killed in the "Collapse", as he puts it, of the South Tower. His is the first reply at the Republic comments section.


Thanks for identifying this well organized and right-to-the-point site.

I like it. Very fact oriented.

I'd never heard of the site before, but his last name did ring a bell.

Too bad the sheeple in this country could care less about facts.

He should work on the physical layout of it, though.
It's not very easy to read.

I believe he was his nephew or his cousin's son

Vincent Princiotta wasn't his son. I believe he was his nephew or cousin's son.


You did great on Greene's show, BTW.

I know him.

He's a legal expert, very well spoken, recently has been heavily involved with, and we are greatful for the help and advice he provides.


Except for Micheal Mukasey who stated that the "phone call" could have tipped us off. or Donald Rumsfeld when he said "that missle that hit the Pentagon". Or President Bush when he said "of course we are looking for Saddam...I mean Usama.". Yeah, he's right; no one ever slips up.

So their "proof", in the

So their "proof", in the face of all the research and evidence that has been compliled for 7 years, by hardworking scientists and researchers, comes down to "but no-one has confessed yet, so the evidence must be wrong.". That's what they have to cling onto now huh? And believe it or not, that will work, for awhile. To cast us as narcisists and ego maniacs. I had a conversation where someone actually said that the "conspiracy" is "sexier" and that is why people like be believe it.

Enterestingly, they have managed to turn the possesion of and sharing of information about the event into a weakness. Like it is somehow more American or "sane" to be ignorant of the facts of the event.

That is an amazing feat.

Nobody confessed to

Nobody confessed to Operation Himmler or the Reichstag fire either, so the evidence must be wrong there as well.

I confess !!

It was ME, I am the mass-murdering traitor who helped the enemy attack my own country .
Please hang me now ..

This is so good, "truthers" are wrong because "nobody" has confessed ?.
I guess that also means JFK wasn't assassinated ? OJ didn't do it, he says so and no-one has confessed ..

And once again, all that "no-planes" BS is back to haunt us !
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

CIA Confession here.

I post this information with the warning that although well written, I believe it is a work of fiction.
It was posted recently at the Toronto 911 Truth site by someone whose personal info identified him as being from Ohio. When I challenged him on it he changed it to Guelph Ontario.
Here is the link. I am Arnie in this exchange. I was the original organizer of the group.
I am only posting here because it is an interesting scenario.

Who the hell is the author?

the author of the article needs to confess his name...

Author Doug MacEachern ?

or is Doug MacEachern the "editor"

(If I had to write that article) ...I wouldnt sign it either

That's him.


What is the problem...

... with this paper?!

It's a description of those governing us!

From the latest AZ hit piece:

"So, let's make amends. Johnson isn't a crackpot. Her 9/11 theories are crackpot conspiracy fantasies. The people with whom she shares her crackpot theories include a great many smarter-than-you-ever-dreamed-of-being narcissists and social cynics. And basing a vote affecting public policy on such cynical vanity is wrong, in my book. "

The only problem with attempting to write such tripe. at this point, our government has exposed itself as more narcisistic and vainly self-centered than possibly imagined. The argument simply falls flat. Trillions spent and gone missing by the likes of Bremer, Rumsfeld, Zakheim and Halliburton's Cheney!

How can this article offer such tripe to us?

Arizona Republic...
...don't believe them!

Nature Of Ad Hominem Attacks

When a writer/speaker uses ad hominem attacks, "crackpots", "narcissists" etc., they want to point the reader/listener away from the real issue or arguement.

By injecting such phrases many readers will then be diverted into an internal dialogue of: "well, I guess they could be crackpots, loonies, there are wackjobs out there so maybe that's what theses "truthers" are." The substance and factual basis of claims then is never seriously looked at.

It's the oldest device in the book, but it still works with much of the populace.

Of course the one sure way

Of course the one sure way to shut all the "crackpot truthers" up is to have a real, independent, transparent investigation; thereby quickly and decisively clearing up all the apparent contradictions, omissions, anomalous physics, apparent foreknowledge, etc., etc., etc., inherent to the "official truth"...thereby showing "truthers" to be the "crackpots" they obviously are...

Now, tell me again why we can't do that?


Another idiot from the AZ Republic on Sat, 5/10

Who you gonna believe?

May. 10, 2008 12:00 AM
State Sen. Karen Johnson's recent "My Turn" column suggesting the 9/11 attacks were somehow a conspiracy reminded me of the Marx Brothers classic movie Duck Soup ("We deserve the full truth about 9/11," Opinions, May 3).

In one scene, Chico Marx's obviously dubious credibility is questioned.

Chico, ever the shyster, retorts, "Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?"

Karen Johnson and the rest of the 9/11 conspiracy theorists suggest that we believe them, not our own eyes. It was funnier when Chico said it. - Curtice Mang, Phoenix

I sent a rebuttal, but they'll never print it. They never print pro-truth letters.
Just like Pravda...or Fox News

I do believe my own eyes-

I do believe my own eyes- and my own eyes didnt see what the commission report stated- so that stupid quote works both ways.

All these articles are so dumb, all they do is shoot the messanger, not try to disprove the message ( which they obviously cant)

By that standard...

...then Oswald didn't do it 'cause he didn't confess, right?

This is asinine. It's an argument for them that have no point.
Incredulous disbelief is not an argument.

(And Sirhan Sirhan never confessed to assassinating RFK)

Funny how PsyOps agents don't hold confessional news conferences.

Must be CIA, Certified Idiot A**hole

This guy is not for Real! This is psychological warfare tactics! Trying to brush off the inquire with the old someone would have talked crap! Well check out a new book by Larry Hancock " Someone would have talked" documented the assassination to kill John F. Kennedy and the conspiracy to mislead history. People did talk, lots of people, and people are talking now!


I get the pun..took me a while...i'm slow...but you say 'not for real', 'psychological warfare tactics'....
i agree as far as being a certified idiot asshole...
In fact maybe it's not even that much, but any random person are likely to think in this fashion as well. It's simply denial, trying to grasp at straws what explains away from taking seriously an idea that would otherwise make them very ill.
Saying CIA! or agent! or any of that just emboldens their stereotypical view of people who question such events.

Anyways, yes, it doesn't matter too much if people are talking. Even if we did have somebody come forward and say they were a part of the plan, it would still get swept under the rug..just as it did with Hunt.
We don't know if somebody hasn't slobbered into a bar talking about the horror they committed....but the likelihood isn't to be disbelieved as I could just stroll into a place and talk about how I was a part of the plan and nobody would take me seriously either. It would then be considered to 'never happened'...just like if somebody yells in the woods and nobody is around to hear it.
Even if I really was involved and somebody did take it seriously, and it did cause a scene to get onto the newspaper somewhere, it would later be blown off on some technicality of not having been able to entirely prove my involvement. The media simply could care less about hearing about confessors to the 9/11 plan if it's not fitting what the majority of government claims it to be.
Even if there were confessors aplenty and they do acknowledge the presence of confessors to the plan, they'll move the goalposts to some other topic of why it all fails in their mind.
Confessors or not, physics cannot be denied. Buildings don't crush themselves the same rate as the crushing object (the block of floors above failure area), even if itself wasn't disintegrating, was falling through air.
However, fewer places to put goalposts is obviously going to convince easier.
The same way the gaps religion have a foothold in are getting smaller as science expands.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosophe

"Human nature"

"In fact maybe it's not even that much, but any random person are likely to think in this fashion as well."

True. An engineer I know used the same argument: someone would have confessed... that's human nature... people can't keep secrets for long.

I don't understand that at all.

Hey! All comments on the AR site are positive! What is happening?


...Yup, the comments are overwhelmingly all for our side. I was going to write an angry response but then discovered all the responses put it better than I ever could.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

What I meant was:

I don't believe this guy at all. I don't think he's in denial. I think he's just blowing smoke to try to obscure the real facts. I don't trust him. While the perpetrators are not talking, others are: Norman Mineta, Seibel Edmonds, Willie Rodiguez, people have quit their jobs, left the commission, fireman have talked, etc. Nobody including this joker and the MSM are listening.

Sent my letter..

I support Karen Johnson.

Until the government can explain how the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 imploded in on itself in complete free fall speed on 9/11 without the use of explosives, I will continue to support a new investigation and those in office with the fortitude to ask legitimate questions about 9/11.
Here is a link to the youtube video of WTC7's collapse:
It should be an easy question to answer, but watch how no one does. If there are any investigative journalists at your paper, please have them look into this as well as Dr. Steve E. Jones' research.

The free-thinking world will thank you.

Re-Investigate 911- Google WTC7

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Joe that was fantastic!

One of the most effective efforts to reach many. You should post this as a blog all in itself. Thanx.


Amazing job!

This guy has questions about 9-11

This guy has questions about 9-11. Sounds like we need a new investigation.

With you in the struggle,