Big Talk from Michael Moore..

CANNES, France - Michael Moore said on Friday the new film would cover topics so "toxic" he probably should not make it. "It's something I shouldn't make, something that is dangerous," he said [speaking of his sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11].

"Our biggest enemy that we should have been afraid of during these last eight years was perhaps an internal one, and I don't mean ourselves," Moore said. "I mean people that were up to absolutely no good when it came to what was best for this country and best for the world."

"I think there should be a perp-walk coming out of the West Wing. The crimes that these people have committed go far beyond — and I'm not saying it on any kind of an emotional level or what my feelings are about Bush or whatever. I think there are very specific things that need to be looked at in terms of what they've done."

"What I'm going to say in this film is what probably 70 percent of them (audiences) don't want to hear," Moore said.

Associated Press Interview ~
Reuters Interview ~

see above Amy Goodman post.

see above Amy Goodman post. She's had Michael on will she again?

At some point

the fear of not covering the story will be greater than the fear of covering the story.

I have always held that Michael Moore would release a huge 9/11 Truth movie at a time of his choosing and make a godzillion dollars.

It is not fair, but then as my father used to tell me until I screamed, "Life is not fair".


Would you rather have Murdoch continue to make a godzilion $ putting everybody to sleep ?
One of the things with Michael Moore's films is that everything presented as "fact" is sourced, checked
and double-checked, making it impossible to debunk . That actually costs time/money ..
I would imagine that Moore also needs to spend some money on security .
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya


I'm excited about the prospect of a kick ass Michael Moore film. He is an excellent film maker and communicator.

Loose Change Final Cut was sourced and extensively fact checked and is largely invisible . . . no Reuters press release.

That's really my point and saying "its not fair" is sarcastic. Perhaps the other fine works will find success on Moore's coat tails.

It would be nice

If he took a few minutes in the film to reference some of the other fine 911 documentaries....
Together in Truth!

What 70% don't

.........want to hear? Hummmm? Yes, the truth hurts sometimes.
Ok Michael, let's see if you're all talk on this one.
You have the chance to make a very big difference in our country. Do the right thing.

Michael Moore

The fat bastard will never come out with 911 truth.He is promoting his film,,,get the suckers curious to make big box office.
He´s already said the Saudis wot dun it gov!

No, he's been slowly changing his tune

I think he is feeling safer because the Dems are probably going to win the White House.

We'll see.

Contact Him...

I've emailed him a bunch of times

in the last few years. I've asked him to support 9/11 Truth, including asking him to add 9/11 Truth websites to his list of weblinks that he has on his website. I've never gotton a response or seen much evidence that he is reading these comments.

Kudos metallus2

Don't worry, I'm sure he has staff reading the comments. Maybe he has been studying this quetly and has followed up on the laughing Israelis and has obtained the pentagon footage.

On the other hand, his comments from Cannes could just be marketing hype.

Are we sure this is a 9/11

Are we sure this is a 9/11 truth film? not just about iraq and oil? I mean is this serious Building 7 type stuff? I unfortunatly cannot see that it is very in depth unless Steven Jones and Richard Gage have been involved or at least interviewed- I mean is Michael Moore just gonna produce a bunch of new experts that the 9/11 truth movement has never heard off?

I will not be getting my hopes up on this without more information- I mean who remembers the hype around Morgan Spurlok's " Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden" and the Holy Grail comments from the producers- what a load of rubbish that turned out to be.

Dont get me wrong, I think Michael Moore is amazing, just I dont think this will be a 9/11 truth film, just and Iraq war/ Torture/ Gitmo/ Oil film.

Anymore info on this, the release date and who is involved?

Good Questions.

I don't know any more than you, but I have the same reservations about the film. I just saw some pretty good quotes and being in an optimistic mood thought others would find it interesting. I'm hoping we get another break in the movement because we could really use it.

Most definitely....

Most definatly, and as AJfan wrote eariler in the thread:

"At some point the fear of not covering the story will be greater than the fear of covering the story."

I definitely believe that.

I read both of the articles linked, and the film is due for release in about a year, so if this isnt a 9/11 truth film, we need to try our hardest to get him to make a 9/11 truth film.

Does anyone have any links to him? surely if he is researching we could arrange a meeting for him with Steven Jones and Richard Gage.

If anything- I think this an opportunity people, maybe some one from Scholars, or AE 9/11 truth could reach out to him?

One year??

If the film is going to be released in a year, it means a lot of the research must already be done. You can ask Enigs, but it's my guess that it takes a little longer than 1 year to produce something of quality.
Does that mean he has already been doing research and editing on the sly?
I know it is speculative but it seems like a tight timeline.

I think

he's been working on it for some time already.


A year is a long time to wait too. I just want the avalanche of truth to start soon. Hoping these comments will spur on some other comments from some other people and spur on some questions and speculation and investigation from the still sleeping population. If nothing else.

We need to get ourselves that break

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." -Gandhi

Moore needs to undo some of the damaged he did in

reinforcing the 9/11 incompetence theory in his Fahrenheit 911.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Michael Moore is of Irish descent ..

Let's just say that Morgan Spurlock is not ! .. and he has a nasty way of turning everything in to a joke .

I have no doubt that Micael Moore will go wherever the facts lead him.

Steven Jones would be fine as long as he doesn't try to prove Christ has visited America and that he looks into
what caused "the molten steel" shortly before the collapse. Sometimes "UPS" doesn't mean "United Parcel Service" .
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya


The easiest thing he could create that is toxic and a follow-up to F911 is likely about torture. 9-11 was used to justify everything and all previous limits went out the window in the Iraq war. So I would expect that's what he will focus on.

Speaking of Amy Goodman, an excellent and chilling interview on DemNow the other day was with Adrienne Kinne, a former Army sergeant who worked in military intelligence and who listened in on phone calls all throughout Iraq. She talks about how before the Iraq war their job in intelligence was well defined, but once that started, there were no more limits on what they could and couldn't do -- no one was exempt anymore from being listened to. So they listened to everyone. It's fascinating to hear the actual justifications given to the workers who are objecting . . . questioning. But one phrase she says is key to understanding the 9/11 ops -- "Everything is so compartmentalized that you don’t really know necessarily what the person next to you is doing, let alone in a different room in a different building in a different location." That's how crimes can be committed from within and no one knows.

AMY GOODMAN: I also, Adrienne Kinne, wanted to go back to this point of eavesdropping on international aid organizations, on NGOs. Can you explicitly say what you heard and why you were listening to these conversations?

ADRIENNE KINNE: Definitely. During that one conversation between a British aid worker and the American aid worker that I was talking about previously, the British aid worker basically told the American, “Be careful what you say, because the Americans are listening to us.” And they weren’t talking about anything that would have warranted their concern. There was—it was just kind of mundane office goings-on. And so, the American actually responded and said, “They can’t listen to me. I’m an American citizen. I’m protected by USSID 18.” And USSID 18 is basically a directive which is given out to military intelligence which bars the collection on American citizens, to include allies of other countries who we’ve signed binding agreements with. And when I heard that transmission and that conversation, I—kind of it caused me to raise my eyebrow, because here we were, we were listening to Americans, and we were collecting on them.

And so, I brought that particular intercept to the attention of my officer in charge. And actually, rather than be concerned that we were actually spying on Americans and violating the law and the Constitution, he was actually outraged that an American would reference USSID 18 to a non-American, and as if this American was somehow betraying some classified information that Americans have a right not to be spied upon.

And it was shortly thereafter that we were given a verbal waiver that we could listen to Americans and other ally citizens of allied countries for whatever—from whatever organizations, humanitarian aid organizations, journalists, NGOs, because—and then we were given two reasons that we could listen to Americans and these ally citizens. One was that they were eyes on the ground, and they could stumble upon the location of weapons of mass destruction, and if they should pass the location on over the phone to co-workers or what have you, that we would have to be listening in order to find out where the weapons of mass destruction were located, and we could pass that location on to higher-ups. The other rationale that we were given in order to kind of justify spying on Americans was that the organization or the individual could lose their satellite phone, and a terrorist could pick it up and then start using it. And we would have to monitor all these phones in order to make sure that if that took place, we could be there to listen to the terrorists.

And, you know, when this was going on, I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the rest of the military intelligence, the rest of our government. Everything is so compartmentalized that you don’t really know necessarily what the person next to you is doing, let alone in a different room in a different building in a different location. And so, it really wasn’t until the New York Times piece came out about the NSA’s domestic wiretapping that I really began to think about what we were doing and my mission and that we were collecting on Americans. And we were doing so for the flimsiest of reasons.

Awesome post...

...Victronix thanks.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government." -The Declaration of Independence

Though its is a possibility is not sufficent

to meet the "70% dont want to hear" part. Everyone in the USA knows about "Torture USA" - recently 2 mainstream movies were made on the subject.

The "70% dont want to hear" part is the definitive clue as to the subject matter. That is the a rough estimate of the people not part of the 9/11 Truth Movement or have yet to break the congitive dissodence over the event.

Who's next?

If Moore turns up hanging in his toolshed, he didn't commit suicide.

Sad Stories.

Here's a strange suicide surrounding a recent controversy..

Here's my recent email to Moore:


I've heard you are making a sequel.

You must be aware that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. The evidence is now *overwhelming*. Millions of Americans know it, too.

Please do something to help the other, unknowing Americans realize this. You've helped in so many ways, but this time it could be YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WORK, ever.

Thanks, Mike, for Fahrenheit 9/11. It started me towards 9/11 Truth. But, with your next movie, please lead the others there too. Our beloved USA is at stake.

"Ultimately, silence is betrayal."

Sincerely, and best wishes,

Perfect letter, Kevin

Brief and succinct.

... although he says it's not going to be a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11



No links to Truth?

No links because

I feel sure that Moore is well-aware of 9/11 Truth, though he would never admit it publicly. For me, the real question is whether he has the *courage* to make the movie we'd hope for.


That's a fantastic letter! It's written in the exact tone we must choose when we approach people. I think, I'm gonna write a similar letter to him, so thank you for the inspiration!

I have always loved Michael Moore's movies and this could very well be a major breakthrough for the movement, if he's finally going to address the right things. But I fear for his life now, I must admit.

Show "Michael Moore is a sell-out." by babykitkat

"Universal health care"

"Moore also wants universal health care"

Finland has that. It is called welfare state. People are cared for, regardless of whether they can afford their treatment themselves. I think that is a civilized thing to do.


Sensible social service.

Canada has universal health care. It's not perfect but it's the least an affluent society can do for our fellow citizens. It's ironic that the people who complain the most are the beneficiaries, not the payees.
I wouldn't exactly term it a "welfare state," I think it's better described as a sensible social service.
Having lived here all my life I am consider it greedy and selfish to deny health care to everyone.

That's BS

Moore didn't do sicko to get rich. (ridiculous, absurd, ludicrous, asinine)

EVERY presidential hopeful (including Ron Paul) is a "global elitist"! (you do not get there without going there)

And "big government" is a fallacious asininity, especially when applied to things like "universal health care".

What do you do? Watch Faux News and then post psycho conservative republican propaganda talking points here?

I used to like Michael Moore....

....because he irritated the Bush Administration to no end. Michael was loathed at the White House.

In the intervening years, it seems, something has changed? Moore is not nearly as visible or outspoken as he was at one time? The Bush Administration proxies at Faux News even gave Sicko a good review? Hmm. Whatever has happened I don't like it!

...don't believe them!

Ill let you wants changed...

the political climate and free-speach in this country.

Dont be hard on Moore, I think he is a Founding Father

I have the strong feeling the Michael Moore is ready to expose the 9/11 False-flag operation. Please refer to my comment on the Amy Goodman blog for a more detailed analysis of what is happening here.

In short, the gap between Mr Moore's "self preservation instinct" and his moral integrity has once again been crossed. The 9/11 Truth Movement has grown sufficiently in strength that his high tolerance for risk has again been met. Just because others in the 9/11 Truth Movement have a VERY high tolerance for risk taking dont expect everyone on the planet to share that gift.

Given the 4th Reich atmosphere existing in this country right now, is should be very understandable that
only a relatively few people are willing to risk their lives for the Truth. Remember who the 9/11 Truth Movement is up against - mass-murder/a-social/a-moral narcisstic morons. These "people" will KILL without question if in their mind the killing serves their interests.

F911 was one of the most significant movies ever made - Moore made it with when things were not that bad and the 4th Reich had not solidly cemented their control over this country. He and he alone has made the only mainstream movie that evens mentions 9/11, that is very significant.

In fact the current state of the 9/11 Truth Movement owes much to that movie. As far as mass-marketed cinema is concerned, that movie and that movie alone associates 9/11, lies of our government and shady activites together.

I venture to guess that F911is one of the main forces in what gelled the 9/11 Truth Movement together. My personal example:

My odyssey:

I know personally, F911 planted the seed in my mind that lead me from "general" mistrust of this government to specific-pointed mistrust. I didnt have to wait until Iraq to know this goverment was up to no good.

Once i found Jim Hoffman's site my pointed mistrust became factually based mistrust.

Then I found Dr Jones site and my mistrust became scientifically backed factually based mistrust.

Then off to Alex Jones' area, the Venice Flying Circus and Dr Griffen's works. I started to put the peices together and to whom exactly my scientically backed, factually-based mistrust should be directed at was formed.

Continued observation of this site and the blogs posted here has continued to fill in the picture of what exactly happened, the probable method of its undertaking and the parties involved. George Washington's blogs are significant in understanding what are oppostion is upto.

This is a war over the direction of this country and the lives of a generation on this planet. This fight has not yet resorted to physical confontation and hopefully be proof of the adage that the "pen is mightier than the sword." That is yet to be decided. But what is certain, is that this war is as significant as WWII was in terms of lives and the well-being of this planet. For if this goverment is NOT toppled and exposed to the fullist extent, catastrophy will result. Winning this war peacefully will mean that yes, we have evolved beyond needing armed conflict to support individual liberties.

All adherents of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" should be welcomed. Each operates within THEIR capacity. Do not expect all adherents to have the same risk tolerences, intellect, scientific skills, or resources. We are individuals and should harness the talents presented to us, not expect cookie-cutter clones. A well-functioning machine is not made from the exact same part. The best functioning machines are thoses that utilties the abilities of its compent parts to the maximum.

Impeach, arrest, prosecute, punish...9/11 is the key!