Hungry for Truth getting started in Arizona

I look forward to getting this event going. It's time we push this issue into the media whether they want it or not, and whether McCain wants it or not. I know that many thousands of people are also hungry to know the truth about September 11, 2001 and the conspiracy of silence is choking our Republic. Only when citizens rise up and speak truth to power can we ever hope to stand against these same corporate powers which seem to control far too much of our daily lives and profit from these unjust wars.


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McCain Is Now On Record Receiving 9/11 Truth Information

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I gave Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin information about 9/11 on two occasions. I visited his office in DC and left some information. I also met him in person at one of his listening sessions in Grafton, Wisconsin and I have a Youtube of that interaction. My interaction was a little more heated due to the way I was treated. We need to confront and record the steps we take to inform our congressional representatives. I commend you for doing what your doing to inform Senator McCain. He is now on record receiving this information. Good Luck with your hunger strike Blair. Here's the Youtube:

Take Care Matt

Here's another Youtube of Senator Russ Feingold being confronted about 9/11 from another Truther

With you 100%

I am with you 100%! good on you for getting this started...

We have been brainstorming the idea of having a hunger strike at Parliament Hill here in Canada with our scheduled action for 9-11-8:

Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes. I can be contacted at onehistory(at)

I am a strong believe in Gandhi style non-violent non-cooperation. Hunger strikes worked back then, and I believe they can work now. Remember though that PUBLICITY is the most important thing. Make sure every media outlet knows what you are doing and that your action is unavoidable. Remember the Chicago Self-Immolation? If not, its because no one else did either since this guy never told anyone about it ant the tape was never released. Let's learn from his mistake and make our actions get noticed!!

Unfortunately, not everyone is impressed....

Michael Herzog, who is also in Arizona, came down hard on Blair in his Friday webcast.
Link to Herzog comments on Hunger Strike

While Herzog was overly harsh in his criticism, laughing while delivering his comments, his view of McCain as a creature of the system who deserves little more than contempt is quite accurate. Herzog describing McCain as a "sell out". Blair provides McCain with far too much respect in his statements.

I still believe, firmly, any effort that attracts attention to an issue is well worth it! Blair prove Herzog wrong that the authorities' attitude since 9/11 is one of complete indifference.

...don't believe them!