9/11 was the FIRST LIE TO WAR

That Scott McLellan writes a book asking "How did this happen...", and admits publicly that there was an ethos of lying and manipulation during the Bush Crime Family's [Malloy] tenure at the White House, exposes nothing to the average 9/11 Truth Seeker. However, from my own perspective of activism of over 40 years, my observations of corrupt US governments [most] and with my understandings of the events of 9/11 from my FAA air traffic controller-NORAD-piloting background, McLellan's book is desperately trying to set the brackets for dissecting the Bush Administration's track record. NOTHING happens in the reign of Karl Rove, (still the executor of electoral and other malfeasances), without a purpose that will serve all of that corrupt cabal down the road as they get exposed and perhaps indicted. They know that the cat is out of the bag, and believe it or not, McLellan's book is bracketing DAMAGE CONTROL and not any new admissions. This is because it's all been discovered already. What little Scotty is trying to do is to keep the investigations AWAY FROM 9/11.

9/11 is the biggest CRIME committed by the Bush Regime and it has not been as protected with clever wording and inside power actions that will enable the Bushies to squirm off the hook for going to war and violating everything. They really screwed up on this one. If we think that these thugs will get nailed for the violations and possible crimes that Scotty boy is hollering about, we will again be naive, and most likely dissapointed. Of course, then again, there is 9/11 Truth.

After I saw David Ray Griffin on C-SPAN, and then after Vanity Fair and Bronner came out with all their DISINFO, including the movie UA93, that were all designed to make the "world" look downstream or, "at later times in the day" regarding the timining of the events of the morning of 9/11, I knew that it was time for me to speak. I saw that the Pentagon, through their mouthpiece Bronner, was obviously trying to get the "world" to accept that NORAD was out of play until after all the buildings were struck, and after UA93 went down. I knew that the opposite was the truth and that some expository truths were residing in the "First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th, 2001." Jeremy Baker wrote an article, and eventually David Ray Griffin saw the benefits of reassessing these first fifteen minutes of 9/11 attacks, and brought them out to the public in his writings. Looking EARLIER in time is a good thing to do! We cannot accept Scotty's bracketing.

Eventually, once the 9/11TM pushes earlier and earlier into the Bush Regime's complicity into the events of 9/11, we will come to learn that Cheney was indeed holding some "terrorist meetings" once in office. Its just that they were NOT "anti-terrorist" meetings, they were the opposite. The way that I see it, that's when the secretive planning really ramped up, and where the military and intel community skids were greased for noteable changes such as the June change to scramble protocol preferences and all the blockages to intel were established. And PLEASE, never forget Burlingame and the earlier planning scenarios for a Pentagon attack by a hijacked airliner...this puppy will hunt some day! [We even have eerie pictures of the inside ring...]

McLellan'sbook provides the 9/11 Truth Movement with both an opportunity and a significant responsibility that will require all of us to keep the "world" looking at the events BEFORE the Bush Regime used the events of 9/11 to go to war. He used 9/11 as another False-Flag-Attack to manipulate this country to go to war.

Now, isn't THAT a nice place to start, with the planning of the events of 9/11? Hey, somebody had to do it because this country, as usual, wasn't at all interested in going too yet another unpopular war and the technology in Afghani caves was a bit behind the times. How could OBL interrupt radar signals from Tora Bora? I just don't know. Anyway, the Bushies simply had to make going to yet another uncalled for war into a popular idea. Thankfully for the neocons, the US military had long ago developed the "psy-ops" experience and skill sets to be able accomplish this. [ ...along with some PR and legal firms in WDC...see "Sir! No Sir"...and then apply what we Truthers have learned about psy-ops...and the entire picture of the effectiveness of the 60s-70s protest movements changes dramatically. The HI PERPS still want us to be undproductive with our centralized "gatherings".]

So, what to do?

I strongly suggest that we consider emphasizing that the events of 9/11/2001 were just another in a long seris of "False-Flag Attacks" against this country that have been used historically to motivate, coerce and justify the USofA's engagement in, or ramping up of, a series of wars that the citizens had no interest in executing.

There is much more to be gained by changing the black-anarchistic leaning clothing, the screaming at "sheeple", the standard signs and worn out mantras of: "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" and "REINVESTIGATE 9/11" with: "9/11 WAS ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK"...and take the softer presence and more open respectful conversations from there. This change will build bridges to the people of peace that have not been compromised by the leadership of the peace movements, and it will create a very important and positive discussion, and hopefully, some education with and amongst the USofA's populace.

I also suggest that our think tanks get their caps on and somehow come up with a phrase that enunciates that "9/11 WAS THE FIRST LIE". The timing is perfect for this positioning.

[I understand the Supreme Court thing, so please do not nit-pick here..I'm talking marketing and changing our public face.]

So, Scotty McLellan asks "What Happened", and begins to expose the truth...HMMM..sounds like a TRUTHER...but he is not. He is just as guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors as are Cheney, Rummy, Meyers and other high ranking Generals in the Pentagon, Bush and all the neocons...

Should an average "overloaded citizen" ask what they should do, or how they can help, I suggest that if they don't have the time to really dig in, that they work on some simple stuff like:

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...or, for them to do something more this year than they did last year in running our own governance...

Finally, I believe that we are responsible to try to help prevent another False Flag Attack that will affect the governance of the USofA. Its my position that the best way to accomplish this is by promulgating a national dialogue about False Flag Attacks. Please join me on our street corners and elsewhere...we still have some educating to do!

Robin Hordon


i really liked your saying...."9/11 WAS THE FIRST LIE" It would also seem to me that more people are becoming aware of this, and although more truth actions are taking place throughout the country, and more shows like Air America are pushing for the truth. Their needs to be unity. A massive week long gathering so F**KING big it cannot be ignored. Where video's of all three controlled demolitions play all day on giant big screens.
All the experts ,celebrities, firemen, and family members will be there as well.

Great idea for an aerial

Great idea for an aerial plane banner . . . .






talk radio

lets work the airwaves especially as Scotty is on the TV right now. The airwaves are buzzing about the new book and the revellations therein. This is another great opportunity to remind people that corruption and criminal behavior didn't just start after 9/11. It was present on election day, Supreme court decision, during and after 9/11.