911TruthCoalition.org, com, net & info Up for Renewal June 12

just got the renewal notice- I've been sitting on these domain names and haven't organized a coalition; i'd be happy to donate 1 or all of these over to a person or group with a track record of integrity in truth activism that wants to build a transparent and accountable coalition around the idea of 9/11 Truth and Justice- i think it would be great if the many diverse nodes of the 9/11 Truth Movement could lend our collective support to certain issues/ideas/actions that we can all agree on, and also build bridges with other progressive/constitutional-true conservative orgs- for instance, afterdowningstreet.org, democrats.com and progressive democrats of america have promoted 9/11 Press for Truth, and 81% think the Bush Administration is "mostly lying" or "hiding something". 51% support investigating the Bush Administration for 9/11. SaveTheInternet.com was instrumental in killing the anti-net neutrality bill in 2006.

Dear Erik Larson,

The following domain name(s) are set to automatically renew on the expiration date(s) listed:

911TRUTHCOALITION.COM - Jun. 12, 2008
911TRUTHCOALITION.INFO - Jun. 12, 2008
911TRUTHCOALITION.NET - Jun. 12, 2008
911TRUTHCOALITION.ORG - Jun. 12, 2008

911 Truth Coalition

Great! I have had a Yahoo discussion group since Oct. 2006 by the same name: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/911truthcoalition .

I'd be glad for you to use this as the (or a) forum for the new website(s). The membership list is excellent (67, some notables), and there is not much traffic (a fact we might be able to change!).

The idea is incontestably worthy: UNITY UNITY UNITY!!

Please join and contribute. I do not moderate except when necessary. There has been only one such case in the last two years. I approve all applications for membership, but approval is necessary to keep out spam.

Michael Morrissey

polling shows broad support for certain things

I haven’t kept up with the list; has a consensus emerged on things like issues, ideas, evidence, strategy, etc. to build a coalition around? Polling shows 81% are skeptical and suspect a cover up or worse- 51% support Cheney and Bush being investigated. 67% thought the 9/11 Commission should’ve investigated WTC 7. Clearly, majorities, if not super-majorities, are together on these issues.

There are many orgs working on issues that are directly or indirectly related to 9/11 Truth, that are working to create a more just world, with more accountable government and business- Election integrity/voter support, campaign finance, ballot access reform & media reform/restrict corporate & special interest influence, Federal Reserve/monetary reform, ban DU, peace/anti-war, SOA Watch, Amnesty International, Democrats.com, PDA, Ron Paul supporters, McKinney supporters, Obama supporters, true conservatives, etc., etc. and many others I forget right now are those represented in the above stats, and should be able to lend their name/support to calling for full investigations with subpoena power, public hearings, all whistleblowers and persons of interest testifying under oath, etc., etc..

A coalition also needs to be designed to create transparency and accountability (trust), in order attract broad support among 9/11 Truth activists and orgs, as well as the People and orgs of the US and the world. It needs to be designed so that no one person can screw it up and that it can’t be hijacked by neocointelpro- a charter and board of directors and legal advice would be appropriate.

9/11 Family Steering Committee Review of the 9/11 Commission Report:

Complete 9/11 Timeline


No consensus

Incredibly enough, people on my list started squabbling immediately about our one and only project, which was to put an Impeach Bush banner on all the sites. Many did, but a significant faction thought it would be "useless." Craig Hill proceeded to chastise them for that, whereupon one or two left, then he disappeared as well. There has been virtually no activity since then (after the 2006 election), although I don't monitor except to screen/block Dick Eastman, who is hardly a unifier. It's still there, though, ready and waiting to be used, so I wish you luck with the websites and as I say (whoever you are) you're welcome to join the group and post. (Don't see a "loose nuke" in the membership list.)