Howard Stern Outreach Continued

I recently put out a call to reach out to the Howard Stern Show after Jesse Ventura's appearance on the Howard Stern Show. I would like to renew that call following Rosie O'Donnel's interview.

Rosie asked Howard to have William Rodriguez on his show and he said he would. Let's hold him to his word!

Please call the Stern show at 1-888-927-7465, or email them at or Ask Howard to be true to his word and have William Rodriguez on the show.

Pass this along!!!

Called to request

Phone line unavailable.

NORAD and the 9/11 Lie

William Rodriguez heard an explosion (and felt the shock wave) 5-7 seconds before Flight 11 impacted the building. When Flight 11 impacted, that is when he heard the SECOND explosion and felt the SECOND shock wave.

DNotice (org) has an article on NORAD’s mission before 9/11. It cites actual articles (with two from the government; one American, the other Canadian) published before 9/11 that show that General Richard Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, lied to the 9/11 Commission when he said NORAD was “looking outward”. Pass this article on. Not even David Lee Griffin has provided this type of documentation proving that NORAD monitored AND controlled American (and Canadian) airspace on and before 9/11.

Done! (emailed)









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William Rodriguez

Should be the title of everyones email. They more than likely do not read every message, but probably almost every title.


North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

does howard have a fax?

email sent in the meantime. come on everybody!

I’ve been listening to

I’ve been listening to the show for many years now and from what I understand, Fred is the one who manages the e-mails for the most part. Unfortunately for us, he’s also the most adamant about dismissing alternative theories about almost everything ranging from 9/11 to JFK. He did mention the other day that he had received a lot of e-mails from people who tried to correct him about 9/11. That’s when he said that people tend to invent such theories because they just can’t grasp the shocking reality of traumatic historical events. I really despise flimsy arguments like that which seek to avoid confronting actual details. For one, if you were going to invent such a theory because you were uncomfortable dealing with the event, why would you choose a worst-case scenario like a government plotted inside job? That’s even worse in my opinion. Also, a large number of alternative theorists had originally believed the official version of 9/11 until learning more about it. That disproves that it’s some sort of deluded defense mechanism as Fred had suggested.

Another thing that pissed me off is that with all of the e-mails that we’ve sent them, Howard decided to read one from a debunker instead. It was another one of those absurd, “The fire proofing got knocked off the steel beams and that’s what allowed the steel to melt” type deals. Stern and crew of course ate it right up. And how about Robin the other day having the nerve to question Rosie’s expertise on the subject by asking if she was a physicist. Last time I checked, none of the Stern people have an architectural, engineering or physics background and yet that hasn’t stopped them from confidently espousing their views on what happened. Gary said that he was given a book called Debunked (or something of that nature) that he plans on reading which he said refutes all of the 9/11 conspiracy theories. They absolutely refuse to be objective and explore both sides of the issue before reaching a conclusion. I think it would be a grand miracle if they actually decided to take a day off from discussing lesbians, farts and vaginas to interview William Rodriguez. All that we can do is try.

Howard’s obsessed with money and new subscribers. I read one poster who stated that they’d subscribe to Sirius just to hear such an interview. That might be an effective angle to use in persuading him to book Rodriguez?

Maybe an online petition

Maybe an online petition with enough signatures would prove the demand?

Be sure to

cc JD's email so this way if Fred decides to censor it maybe JD will be more receptive. Also, if you can call in that is extremely effective. Together we can get Willy on the show, which would be a huge success.

Thank you everyone who reached out.