Fantastic '911 Truth' handout and method... 0.33 cent per handout!

I have been handing out great '911 Truth' info for less than 1/3 cent per handout!! 5,500 handouts for $17.50. First, I copied the following 11 times on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper and made 500 copies at 3.5 cent per sheet $17.50: USA's Constitution and currency are being destroyed from within. Free on America: Freedom to Fascism 2h *911 Justice, 18m * Clinton Chronicles , 1h * Barack Obama CFR info ,8m*One Nation Under Siege* Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement,2 h * Terrorstorm: A History of False Flag Terror, 2 h * 911 Mysteries, 2 hr* Creature from Jekyll Island, 1h*Orwell Rolls in His Grave, 2h* War on Democracy* Energy Non-Crisis*Iraq for Sale* Zeitgeist*Ring of Power, 5h*Bush link to JFK*The Century of the Self* Loose Change ,2e& Final*All John Pilger vids* Money Masters,3h*Global Warming or Global Governance * Great Global Warming Swindle *End of Nations* Washington, You're Fired *Blackwater: America's Private Army *Esoteric Agenda *Beyond Treason* Jim Condit,142m********* The copy center offered to cut each sheet into 11 slips of paper for $15, but so far I have been doing this myself, a bit of a hassle... I have been going to a nearby busy sidewalk in NYC and saying "free movies", and a high percentage of people will grab a list of movies!! Highly recommended!! Take Care, Jeff